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‘Ok Google: What’s a Slap on the Wrist?’

August 10, 2019

Google announced it would comply with U.S. government restrictions meant to punish the Chinese tech powerhouse.

Google suspended some of its business with Huawei by restricting access to Android updates. Huawei could lose its grip on the No. 2 ranking in worldwide cellphone sales but amidst espionage and technology theft accusations, that would be the least of their worries.
This article from the verge and this CBC article pretty much sum it up, as will any other online news article you search for (depending on your news outlet).

But what does this mean for developers in the field looking for work? Will this affect the number of jobs out there?

Nah. “I don’t think there’s much implications. That’s it, if you work in China, and then maybe work for Huawei or for the Chinese it’s not so good for you…”. In fact, “if you’re in North America or Europe it’s going to be good for you because they’re going to start moving things back here…” What will this mean for China, whose chief economic advantage was “cheap” labor? Well, it’s hard to say as the North America is also in massive debt to China and other countries but as with most things, only time will tell.

The VLOG offers more insight into the subject and some sweet drive-by scenery of Montreal towards the end.

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