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Niche Ai and Small Business

May 15, 2017

A little while back I talked about Ai and job prospects. I mistakenly said in that video, that you were likely going to be working for large organizations if you were interested in Ai work. As it turns out, I was wrong about that one!

In fact, Ai jobs can be found in small businesses too. I actually personally know two companies who are doing it!

One of my former employees and a mentee of mine, went off and cofounded an educational startup that is working hard to integrate Ai into their product. I can’t get into the details because they wouldn’t be too happy if I spilled the beans, but needless to say, it is some interesting stuff!

The other company that is leveraging Ai, is in a completely different field and they are much more advanced in their project. About 90% of the way there, already the app’s Ai implementation is impressive.

… My buddy was showing me demos that were pretty cool.

Here’s my mea culpa video on Ai:


Stefan Mischook