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My Favorite Website for Royalty-Free Stock Video Footage

September 25, 2017


I produce videos almost daily for my vlog, and for my education videos. To spice things up, I would run around my city to try and take interesting video to splice in. I can get good video footage, but the time it takes is not worth it given how affordable is: only $149 for the entire year!

… And let’s face it, there are only so many interesting places close by to take video. Videoblocks has a huge selection for a simple (no hassles) yearly fee, and no worries about copyrights!  Some the highlights:

  • Get studio-quality stock for a fraction of the cost with VideoBlocks.
  • Download all the stock video your heart desires from their Member Library, including HD footage, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds, and more.
  • Plus, get exclusive discounts on millions of additional Marketplace clips, where you save 40% and the original artists take home 100% of the sale price.
  • All content is royalty-free so you can use it for commercial and personal projects.
  • New clips are added regularly so there’s always something fresh to download.
  • We’re giving away 7 days of free VideoBlocks so you can try it out and get access to these huge discounts on their massive video library

Try a 7 day free trial at (and if you like, sub up at 84% off!) … start downloading and get started today!

Check out my review video:

In interest of full transparency, this is a sponsored ad. But, I would not promote it if I didn’t think it was really good!