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Blockchain Jobs in 2018

December 14, 2017

Given the big moves in the cryptocurrencies this year (Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin etc,) I figured there must some programmer / developer jobs in blockchain! So I checked out a job site to see what was out there, and what skills companies involved with blockchain are looking for.

Programming languages

In terms of programming languages, it’s not just C++. There is a demand for a whole slew of languages including:

… And others. So when looking for blockchain related jobs, knowing the core of programming, regardless of the language, is the key. This will make you a much more valuable asset if you know your fundamentals well, so you can jump in and learn whichever language that is needed to do the job.

Frameworks and other support technology

Besides the programming languages, when working with crytpocurrency based business, you will likely be needing to know some of the following:

…. Again, depending on the specific job.

What’s a budding crypto coder to do?

My advice is to be sure you have a firm understanding of the foundations of programming, once you have that, the rest comes easy. Then you can learn about blockchain and supporting tech depending on the job you are interested in.

The key is to get past the hurdle of learning the foundational concepts and techniques in programming.

Hope that helps,

Stefan Mischook