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What’s it like to clean up a 20yr old website?

January 22, 2016


Hi, will be officially 20 yrs old this March. This makes it one of the first web design, and code training sites on the Web!

What’s it like to clean up a 20yr old website?

Cleaning up a 20yr old web site, is like cleaning up your (recently deceased) 93yr old aunt’s attic – it’s full of old junk!

Since falls into that ‘dead old aunt’s attic’ category, whenever I do a cleanup, I just do what Microsoft does with each new version of Office, I just create a new layer on top.

… Why do you think Office has gone from a hundreds megs, to a few gigs?

This reminds us why using a CMS makes sense:

These days, for content heavy sites, I would never NOT use a CMS. Besides being able to easily add new content to your site, a CMS will make it MUCH easier to keep the look and the feel of the website up to date. Just change the visual template (WordPress calls these ‘themes’,) and your whole site has the new look, and any new header and footer text you need.

… CMS is short for: content management system.


Top 3 CMS’ in 2016?

There are many CMS apps out there, but by far the most popular are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal

Together, they power something like 35% of the world’s websites! WordPress thought, is by far the king in terms of market share. So this screams out to budding web designers and developers what to learn:

  1. WordPress
  2. WordPress theme building
  3. PHP

Since all three of the above CMS’ are built with PHP, it makes to learn PHP … if you want to get into the business of supporting and creating websites with WordPress.


Sadly, because Killersites was around for years before someone (smarter than me) invented a CMS, I have lots of old static and semi-static pages to deal with. But, they are now hidden down deep, where you are only likely to read my article on transparent gifs, only if you Google it by accident.

Stefan Mischook