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How to end lower back pain – for web developers.

January 14, 2016



Coders can get lower back pain because:

  1. They sit all day.
  2. They don’t exercise.
  3. They don’t stretch.

How to end lower back pain:

First, do the opposite of what is listed above: don’t sit all day, take breaks, walk around, and do some hamstring stretches. Here’s the list of what to do to end lower back pain:

  1. Stand up and do light hamstring stretches many times a day. The tightening of the hamstrings puts pressure on the lower back. So it’s important that you keep the hams stretched.
  2. If you are generally in good shape and not overweight, you will have less pain overall. Get in shape.
  3. Strangely, I find drinking lots of water helps. Sometimes lower back pain can come from toxin build up. Water helps flush it. This though can take a month before you start feeling the effects.
  4. Stretching the calf muscles can help as well, since they can also be pulling on the hamstrings, which in turn pull on the wimpy lower back muscles. It’s all a chain of painful events.
  5. Short term relief can come with heat applied to the lower back. There are belts that can do that.
  6. Support belts: yes, you can buy lower back support belts at the drugstore. But you should be concentrating on healthy habits rather than belts and heat.
  7. Sit up straight … keep the spine straight.
  8. Get a good chair.

There are other things you can do, things like inversion tables and getting a handheld massager. But I find that regular daily stretching and being in reasonable shape, are the best long term solutions.

Hope that helps,

Stefan Mischook