KillerSites Blog turns 19yrs old!

January 9, 2015



I can’t believe that has been teaching the web for 19 years! Back then, I had no white hair … if you can believe it!

A little Killersites history …

Killersites was originally created to support a best selling book on web design, Creating Killer Websites, by David D. Siegel. At the time, only contained articles and support material for the book.

In 2002-2003, I took over and started to expand what killersites’ offered – with new articles, podcasts and video training on web design and even development.

First video course on web design

In 2003, I decided to create my very first video course on web design. Not knowing how it would turn out, I was only willing to risk $5 on a $15 mic (on sale!) for the recording, and I used (by today’s standards) a pretty primitive screen capture app.

… In those days, of the few people who were doing video courses, many where using normal video cameras to record the screen over the author’s shoulder – they looked terrible!

That first web design course was simply called ‘Web Design 1’. Despite being a greenhorn video course creator, Web Design 1 was a success. I think my years of teaching martial arts, and the classes I took on learning theory at university, helped.

Killersites in 2015

So let’s fast forward to today; killersites is one of the originals in web education, and we are still around! But there have been years where I stepped away and let my content fall behind the times … I must admit.

Over the last few years though, I’ve rediscovered my inner-nerd, and I really get a kick out of code and development again. So I am (with the help of other major nerds,) coming out with new video courses, articles, podcasts and even a brand new book on web design and development. The book will be in stores in April 2015.

My latest projects include, a system designed to help teachers teach web design and development. And, a Netflix like subscription service, with a complete video curriculum on web design and development.

… And I am just getting started!

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook