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What Learning Web Design has done for me.

March 9, 2014

stefan mischook


I built my first website in 1994 for my import/export business – I needed a cheap way to reach people in Europe and Asia. At the time, the Web was very new to most of the world … in fact, I had one of the first websites with photos!

Becoming a web designer and programmer:

By 1996 I was a full time web designer taking on web design contracts. In those days though, the Web was just really starting to heat up; I still remember having to go into meetings with prospective clients, having to explain to them what the Web was! A typical question I got:

“How is the Web thing going to help my business?”

Financial Freedom with Web Design:

Becoming a coder has had many major positive impacts in my life:

  • Improved my ability to think logically.
  • Taught me how to organize and create complex things.
  • Opened my mind to abstract ideas – I could understand things that once totally confused me.

… In many ways, learning code and programming, is like doing pushups for the brain! That said, I have to admit that the #1 thing that learning to code brought to the table, was financial freedom and choice.

You see, when you get over that learning hump that can scare so many people away from programming, you will unlock earning power that you probably never imagined.

In a nutshell:

Learning web design and programming almost guarantees high paying jobs and lots of work.

Thanks for reading,
Stefan Mischook