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The Complete Web Designer is HUGE!

February 11, 2013



Every so often we revamp our core video training packages with updated versions, so that they keep up with the technology changes.

For example, the current version of the Complete Web Designer, has brand new versions of the beginners web design course and our new Dreamweaver CS6 course too … among others.

New Video Courses means Higher Quality Videos

Our videos are now produced at a much higher resolution than they were just a few years ago; computers are much more powerful, so we now can produce our video courses at HD quality – they’ve never looked better!

… But, the cost to that is a much heavier video.

Heavier HD Videos Equal: Huge Packages!

With the recent updates to the Complete Web Designer, the total package now weights in at 14.54 gigs! Because the course packages are getting that big, we are now moving away from DVD delivery to USB key. So now when you buy a video course package from us, it also includes a reusable USB thumb drive. Not bad!


Stefan Mischook