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How to Value Domain Names

October 8, 2013



A lot of people still believe that a domain name has some sort of a great value in of itself – this is wrong, and so I keep writing about it.

Check out these domains:


These two domains seems very valuable (like some piece of real estate by the sea) … and a couple of suckers have paid huge money for them. Why do I call the people who paid millions for these domains suckers? Because these domains will bring you no extra traffic, no more than any other domain … the following names are arguably just as valuable:


When are domains ACTUALLY more valuable?

The only time to pay up for a domain, is when the underlying website (that sits on the domain) has a lot of traffic and/or makes good money. It’s kind of simple if you think about it!

Is there a difference in value between:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net

… etc. No difference really. Maybe .com domains are a touch/hair more valuable.

How to choose a good domain for your website?

That all said, it’s a good idea to choose a good domain – it can help. So what are the key factors of a good domain?

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Make sure it is easy to spell.
  3. If it can have some reference to what the site is about – that’s better, but not crucial.

Consider some of the biggest sites in the world:


… Do any of these names tell you anything about the underlying website? No. But, they are easy to remember and spell.

Stefan Mischook