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Adobe Charges a Big Premium for the Same Products Outside of the USA!

May 7, 2013



Adobe has now announced that there will be no Adobe CS7 product release for Photoshop, Dreamweaver and the rest of their Creative Suite.

They are moving to a cloud based system where you have to be online to use their products and Adobe has control of the upgrades and updates.

… I wonder what might happen if Adobe releases a bug filled version and you can’t roll back to a working copy?

A New Way to Pay

Beyond that, Adobe has changed the way you pay to use their products, where now you ONLY have the option to pay by a subscription fee. For some people out there, that’s fine, while others (many others) seemed to not be too amused.

From what I am hearing, it seems that the cost of using Adobe products (for many) might as much as double under this new pricing scheme!

… Ouch!

Different Country, Different Price!

What’s getting people even more pissed-off, is that the price can be dramatically different depending on where in the world you live! This is amazing since everything is delivered via Internet … why the difference in price? A quote from the article:

It’s still cheaper to fly from here in Sydney to Los Angeles, buy [Adobe’s Creative Suite Master 6 Collection] there, and come home. By doing that I’d save $601, and I’d get Virgin Australia frequent flyer points, too.

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KillerSites Treats Everyone Equally

Unlike some companies we know …


… we here at believe it’s only fair that everyone has the same cost when it comes to any of our training packages and products.

We also believe that some people might prefer to take home and own the video training packages, so even though we have subscription based ‘cloud’ training services (Video Library & KillerSites University), we also offer our courses for purchase via download or even mailed to you on a USB key!

… Being flexible we think is a virtue.

Stefan Mischook