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Do you need to buy expensive web design software to learn web design?

March 10, 2012

question about web design


I got a good question from someone wanting to learn web design:

… if I buy your videos on how to construct a website, do I not also have to purchase the software to actually make the website, such as DreamWeaver or some other software?

My answer:

Hi James,

To create web sites, you don’t have to buy the expensive commercial packages like Dreamweaver. There are many free alternatives that work great and in fact, we include one in this package:

Complete Web Designer

That said, we teach with the popular commercial products because they are popular. But once you learn to work with say Dreamweaver, any web design program you use will be easy because they are work in the same way.

.. Like driving a car, it doesn’t matter which car it is you are driving.

I hope that helps,