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When should you learn HTML 5 and CSS3?

February 22, 2011

question about web design

I occasional use emails I get as the basis for a post … here we go again:

I have been a member of the Killersites University for a while now and a very satisfied student who is learning web design well. However, I am at a fork in the road.

I have learned from Killersites about HTML and CSS and now there is HTML 5 and CSS 3. I haven’t covered any of the other videos yet. I don’t know where to go next in relation to the newest videos you have posted. Maybe I should go to PHP next, or Java Script, or Flash, or HTML 5… i dont know.

So would you please layout a course outline, in that, tell me in which order I should learn your courses. Assume that I am going to go through all of them eventually and please include the placement of HTML 5 and CSS 3. Also, just so you know why I am learning, I am a videographer wanting supplement my programs with killer websites that display video and interacts with the user. I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 currently.

Thanks for all you do.


My short answer:


I would suggest PHP next. Then maybe some Javascript and Jquery.

HTML 5 and CSS3 come later because they are still niche/mobile technologies.


When choosing what technologies and skills you want to develop, you have to really consider your own goals and where the Web is at. So for instance, I see Flash is loosing a lot of its’ steam, and I think that it might be wise to not invest in Flash and related technologies:

– Flex
– Actionscript
– Flash Remoting

Unless of course, you are in a niche market that uses Flash a lot.


I suggested PHP next (for this student) simply because:

– PHP it is used everywhere.
PHP is very useful in day-to-day web work.
– Unlike Flash, I don’t see PHP’s popularity dropping any time soon.

Stefan Mischook