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Outsourcing and its’ Impact on Web Designers and Programmers

July 18, 2011


The one great fear any nerd has is the specter of outsourcing – will my job be outsourced to some cheaper part of the world?

Yes, free trade is really not free trade, it’s actually opening up barriers to allow big American, Canadian and European companies to ship jobs to much poorer countries so that they can save money on cheap labor.

The people who benefit are:

  • The executives of the big companies, since they can pay themselves big bonuses. Of course, they are the few who WILL NOT have their jobs outsourced!
  • The hard working people in the poorer countries – people of the west should not bear them any ill will. They are simply trying to earn a living like anyone else.
  • Bankers – who see the stock prices rise in the publicly traded corporations. In fact, it seems the big Wall Street banks were the major force behind outsourcing.

… But it is not all bad for SMART web designers and programmers working in the crumbling west. Read on and learn how!

Outsourcing is for the Bigs.

The bigs (big companies) that are run by brown-nosing, crony capitalist, are the outsource kings. The small to medium size companies are not, they prefer local talent that they can meet and speak to.

Note about Crony Capitalists:

Crony capitalist are NOT capitalist, they are the perverts of the free markets. Crony capitalists are those who can’t make it in a fair game, so they do insider deals, rigging, government payoffs etc … to get ahead.

These same people, are either professional brown-nosing boot-licks, or they’re rich kids. In both cases, they are dumb as bricks. That’s why they cheat. Trust me, I’ve seen it first hand many times.

Anyway ….

With that in mind, we nerds can now create a battle-plan of technological attack, or in simple terms: what technology should nerds learn, so as to better service the small and medium sized business?

Design is Local

Have you ever traveled to a far off land, to find the local design/art … being very strange? Each region has it’s style and that will impact on how local business will want to design their websites. Think of Japanese animation vs. American vs. German … each with its’ own style. I believe this carries over into web design as well, to a certain extent.

Big business goes for Java and .Net

If you want to maximize your chances of having your job outsourced, concentrate on Java and .NET. If you want to create nimble web applications for small and medium sized businesses, then you should be working with PHP or Ruby, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. Learn more about 2012 web skills.


There you have it, the prospects going forward for web designers and programmers are great. With big structural changes going on in economies around the world, big opportunities are there for those who can see where the trends are leading us: small business development is going to be big in the US, Europe and Canada over the next 25 years.

Stefan Mischook