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Web Designers need to Find their Style.

January 26, 2010

Over the last 15 years, I’ve noticed that artist (including web designers) develop or adopt a distinct and consistent style that rarely changes.

… It seems that like leopards, artists can’t change their spots. It’s as though the brain gets hardwired.

We are not alone .. we lowly web designers stand with giants …

Consider some of these big (huge) names:

  • The Beatles
  • Charles and Ray Eames
  • Pablo Picasso

In the above, we have incredibly talented people who each defined a recognizable style. What’s interesting, is that once you’re familiar with say the way the Beatles sounded, you didn’t have to know the song to know it was the Beatles.

… The most recognizable style for me though, is probably Picasso’s … some weird looking stuff!

My point: Though these iconic artists were incredibly talented, like most artists, they had a style and they carried that style to the end.

Finding your Style

As web designer, you will also find your style. And then that style will be seen in all your web sites, regardless of the type of web site you are building. Some of you may bristle at this idea, but typically this is the case.

… It is very, very rare that a designer can change.

So you need to find your style and develop it, polish it and clients will come looking for you.

Shopping for a web designer

I have my own style, but I grew tired of it years ago. And I have to admit that these days, I prefer other aspects of the web creation process.

I once tried changing my style and let’s just say … it wasn’t pretty!


So when I decided recently to change things up, I brought in outside help – someone talented, with a distinct style in their web design. This was the second time I’ve brought in new web design blood to work on killersites … and when I’m ready for change, I will find yet another web designer, somebody who can bring a fresh look to killersites.

… But that will hopefully only be in a few years from now!

Stefan Mischook