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Web Design Community – launched!

March 26, 2010


We just launched our brand-spanking-new forum/community for web designers and aspiring web designers. It is basically a forum with extend personal profiles and social networking capabilities like friends lists, private messaging, galleries, chat .. etc.

Beyond the obvious, we will be including a few interesting features:

  • Script banks for people to contribute useful PHP and Javascript.
  • A web template library … again, for people to contribute to and use.
  • A photo sharing section for people to showcase their web design work.

The idea is to create a community of web professionals that can share not only knowledge of web design, but also potentially pool talents and secure jobs. For instance, maybe you’re are great coder but lack on the design side of things, you being a member of the community, will undoubtedly get to know a few great designers – people you can get to help you on more design intensive projects.

… And this of course can go both ways.

Check it out:


Stefan Mischook