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Is Flash CS5 the last Flash?

April 20, 2010

With the recent and obvious attack on Flash by Apple, where Flash is now blocked on both the iPhone (which accounts for 25% of the smartphone market) and the just launched iPad, you have to wonder if Flash’s days are numbered?

Apple is playing a dangerous game – pissing off programmers!

By blocking Flash and the whole Flash development environment, Apple has now slapped millions of Flash developers right in the face with first the iPhone and now the iPad. I haven’t had the pleasure, but I’m guessing those slick metallic looking bodies might hurt a little!

Ah, but the one who might REALLY get hurt is Apple … this is nothing new.

Back in the day, Apple had a habit of putting the smack-down on developers while Microsoft supported them. The result: programmers moved to Windows and that was a big part of the reason why Windows destroyed Apple … Windows users had many more programs to choose from.

… Ironically, it took an infusion of cash from Microsoft to keep Apple alive.

Flash will not die and Google Android might be a big reason.

On the other hand, Google has embraced Flash (and millions of Flash developers) in Chrome and so all those cool Flash games will have a home on Android smartphones and the rumored to be released Android tablets. So no, Flash is not dead and in fact, it could be that Apple with have to open the doors to Flash sometime in the future.

Stefan Mischook