KillerSites Blog gets a much needed facelift!

February 7, 2010

css tutorial reskin


In 2004, many a wannabe-nerds (aspiring web designers) expressed their frustrations to me about learning CSS – and so I created with the aim simplifying CSS for the common man and woman.

… I succeeded it seems:

Hi Stefan,

Your CSS tutorial was easier and more helpful than the official Adobe training session I attended a couple of years back.
Now I finally get it.

Thank you!


And I have hundreds more like this one.

Anyway, 2004 became 2005 and then 2010 and wasn’t looking too pretty anymore. And so like all old timers, worn by the sun and the passing of years, it was time for a facelift!

WordPress behind the scenes

Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I walked my talk and used WordPress as the engine behind the new web site – basically a new WordPress theme was created. We used WordPress ‘pages’ to replace the old static pages from the original site and now we have all the power of WordPress at our disposal moving forward.

… So yes, not only has a new face, but a new engine as well. You should see new CSS related content their too … in the not so distant future. So check out the new site, and let me know what you think with comments here.


Stefan Mischook