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Apples allows Flash created Apps to Run on iPhone and iPad

September 9, 2010

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Big news for web developers today, Apple has backed off on it’s blocking of Adobe Flash generated applications from running on iPad and iPhone devices:

Apple has opened up the App Store review process, dropping its harsh restrictions on the tools developers are allowed to use and at the same time actually publishing the App Store Review Guidelines — a previously secret set of rules that governed whether or not your app would be approved.

Apple did not specifically mention Adobe — though investors drove up shares of the company up 12 percent on the news — but the changes seem to mean that you can use Flash to develop your apps, and then compile them to work on the iPhone and iPad with a tool called Adobe Packager. This could be boon to publishers, including Condé Nast, owner of Wired, which use Adobe’s Creative Suite to make print magazines and would now be able to easily convert them into digital version instead of re-creating them from scratch in the only handful of coding languages Apple had allowed.

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I am SURE that Android’s surging market share played a major role in this. Apple probably remembered how they got killed by Windows back in the day, in large part by making it hard for programmers to create applications for Mac.

Competition is a good thing.

… Now if we can stop the service providers from trying to create a two-tiered Internet.

Stefan Mischook