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The three steps to creating a killer blog?

July 15, 2008

Creating a ‘killer’ blog is not that hard to understand … but it is hard to do.

As the title of this post suggest, there are three things you need if you want to create a ‘killer’ blog:

  1. Start with a great blog software.
  2. Get a great design.
  3. Produce great content.

The list above is in order of doing, but not the order of importance: content is still king and so you must be able to produce quality content on a regular basis for your blog, otherwise it won’t work.

Let’s look at some details …

Great blog software

You must spend some time to figure out what blog software is best for you. There are many you can choose from (including several CMS’) … and you can even do it manually. This is what you should look for in a blog setup:

  • Easy posting of content. The blog should be easy to use.
  • Syndication – automatic RSS feed creation.
  • Built in search.
  • Gravatar (universal avatar) support.

I personally use WordPress because it meets all of the above and it has a huge community of people actively extending its’ functionality. That said, there are many other good choices out there … one of them may be better for you than my choice.

Great design

When I am talking design, I am talking about both how it looks (aesthetics) and I am also taking about how easy it is (from the user s perspective) to use it. Again, you will have to investigate this yourself because many times, this is personal taste.

Great content

The first rule of web design that I learned back in 1994, was that content was king. You can have the best looking blog/web site in the world but if the content sucks, no one will come back.

Stefan Mischook