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Celebrity Gestapo

August 14, 2008

I recently got a phone call (wow, actual voice communication!) from a member of the forum, where he was anxious to delete his account from the system because he had used a celebrities first name as his user name. Harmless, right? No, wrong!!

Apparently he was contacted by one of this celebrities minions, where this minion-of-celeb, demanded (under threat of legal action!) that the member terminate the account!

… Yes, threats from a looser celebrity because someone was using their name as a user name on a web design related forum!!

I changed the user name because I don’t want to stress out any member of our community here. But I have to tell you, this really pisses me off.

.. Or better yet, I’m a minor nerd-celebrity of sorts, maybe I should go around the Web threatening to sue people who use my first name on a message board!

Yes, it’s official, no one can use the name: Stefan

Stefan Mischook