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WordPress vs. Drupal and Rebuilding a Website

September 15, 2007

wordpress-logo was started by David Siegal (of ‘Creating Killer Web Sites’ fame) back around 1996. This was effectively the first version of the site.


In 2002-2003, I officially took over and started version 2 of It has gone through a lot of changes over the last 4-5 years that has resulted in a lot of web design related content … too much content to manage with html, php and jsp pages running all over the place!

… It is time for a major shift.

WordPress vs. Drupal and version 3:

I’ve been evaluating CMS and blog tools that would help me to build and organize the new – I’ve narrowed it down to WordPress or Drupal.

… Actually, I’ve decided (99% sure …) to go with WordPress for a few reasons.

Why WordPress:

  • WordPress is simple to install, configure and modify.
  • WordPress is object oriented.
  • WordPress has a huge community.

Finally, one major point is that WordPress meets our needs. We will have perhaps only 5-6 contributers and so there was no need for a more complex/robust system like Drupal.

About Drupal:

Drupal is powerful and has a lot going for it … but too much for us. That said, it has a few things going against it:

  • It is NOT object oriented.
  • It is very close to a major new release, moving from 5.2 to 6.
  • It is MUCH more work to configure than WordPress.

If I had envisioned a much bigger project, then maybe I would have gone with Drupal.

… In the end, you ought to pay attention to today and the near future, and not worry about what may happen two years from now.


Stefan Mischook