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WordPress Video Tutorial: how to install WordPress

November 23, 2007


For the last couple of years I have been preaching that web designers should learn at least one blog or CMS (content management systems) software so that they can then offer blog/CMS installations and customizations to their clients.


The use of blogs/cms’ is also one of the reasons why I think web designers should learn PHP, given that most blogs are created with PHP these days.

I choose to hang my hat on WordPress for many technical reasons (it is fast, mature, object oriented) and because it is the most popular blog software out there.

Anyway, I am now putting my videos where my mouth is, and I’ve started to create video tutorials on using and customizing WordPress.

This first video shows you how to install WordPress:


How to install WordPress

Yes, not the most exciting for you seasoned WordPress nerds, but I still felt this video was needid. Don’t worry though, I have several more advanced videos that I am working on that should interest most WordPress users. This is what I have coming so far:

  • How to add and customize buttons in the WordPress editor.
  • Basic WordPress use and configuration after install.
  • Building a WordPress theme/template from scratch.

You should expect these to come out very soon.


Stefan Mischook