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February 3, 2006

I get emails all the time from people asking all kinds of interesting questions; once in a while I post them on the blog or in my newsletter.

This time around someone wanted to know about earning ad revenue with a website:

Me and my business partner have currently set up a new site and we are wondering if you have any advice as to how we should start to make it earn us money. Do we build up the trafic first? or do we get the paid for links & ads first?


The life-blood of any site (that those that depend on ad revenue,) is the the traffic. I’ll even go a step further: the value of a site is the traffic and the quality of the traffic. I think you guessed the answer by now … but just in case, you need traffic first.

Once you have traffic, people will contact you to buy ad space. I get lots of request and refuse the vast majority. Why? gets over 1 million+ pageviews a month of very high quality traffic.

Hope that helps,

Stefan Mischook (The Web Design Heretic)