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Stefan’s Killer Podcasting Tips

September 30, 2006

I’ve been recording video tutorials and podcast for a little while now (2 years) and over that time, I’ve picked up a few tricks that have really improved my podcast and made them a lot easier to create.

… Not that I’m a great podcaster, but nonetheless these tips do help.

The Killer Podcasting Tips:

1. Speak about 25% slower (when recording) than you would normally.

2. If you screw up a word while recording, be silent for about 4 seconds and repeat the sentence – edit later.

  • the pause in speaking will create tell-tail wave pattern that will make it much easier to edit later.
  • trying only to restate the messed-up word, will create a discontinuity in the flow/rhythm of the sentence. That’s why I say to repeat the sentence when you screw up a word.

3. Edit your recordings later: constantly stopping and starting while recording is slow and it interrupts the flow of your podcast.

4. Imagine you are teaching/speaking to a single person sitting beside you when creating the videos/podcast. Don’t think you are speaking to a room full of people.

5. Use a conversational / relaxed style in your podcast – don’t try to be anything but yourself. Whatever you do, don’t try to sound like a professor at school – remember how boring those classes used to be!

6. Get a good mic! I now use the Electrovoice RE20 and I’m not looking back … it makes a huge difference.

7. Get to the point quickly. People have less patience when on the Web, so try to keep it concise.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook