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Book Review: Programming Ruby

July 25, 2006

The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide

This is the famous ‘PickAxe’ book that Ruby nerds talk about. A very well written book that is concise and to the point.


This is one of those books that reads very well. I had a hard time putting it down even though the coverage was deep – you’ll learn a lot about Ruby and maybe more about programming in general.

I never give the TOC of a book (that you can easily look up,) but I should mention 2 major divisions:

  1. Part 1 is a tutorial that leads you through the core Ruby language.
  2. Part 2 goes into the Ruby environment – the tools that you have available with Ruby. There’s a lot and they work well.

There is much more (advance Ruby concepts, Ruby reference) but I will leave that for you to look into.


What can I say … if you are using Ruby or you want to learn Ruby, you need to get this book.