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Book Review: Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8

August 2, 2006

Beginners book on using Dreamweaver 8 – but not for beginners to web design.

Web Design with Dreamweaver 8 teaches how to use Dreamweaver to build modern, standards-compliant websites.

This is a great book if you are a web designer (with some experience) ready to take the next step in terms of understanding modern web design methods: as you learn to use Dreamweaver, the author gives concise coverage of various modern web design practices like CSS for layout, semantic web design etc …

Project driven for much of the book, you are guided through a series of common web design task:

  • Styling links with CSS
  • Laying our pages with CSS.
  • Creating and styling forms.

… and much more.

Each project covered, is representative of something you would want to do in the real-world, but not so big to bore the hell out of you …

A good book for anyone who wants to learn how to use Dreamweaver 8.