New Features in Dreamweaver CS4 Video Tutorial

July 21st, 2008

I just released a video that goes over my top 3 favorite new features in Dreamweaver CS4:

  • Workspaces
  • Code Navigator
  • Related Files

Video tutorial: new features in Dreamweaver CS4


Stefan Mischook

2 Responses to “New Features in Dreamweaver CS4 Video Tutorial”

  1. Jack Waddington says:

    Hi, Stefan:
    I enjoyed seeing some of the new features to DW4, and I can see why you like the Code Navigator, obviously that is going to be very useful – and time saving.

    As to the video tutorial itself, well, if you do not mind one small constructive critique: please back off from using that over-used expression “cool”. It’s not unlike listening to a conversation filled with “you know”s.

    However, don’t let my fussiness deter you from doing more videos.

    ‘Bye now,


  2. Jack,

    Did I say “cool” a lot? I ask, because that wouldn’t be too cool if I did.



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