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  1. Hi Wayne I took a quick look and I think your problem is because the the last four image sizes are reversed to tall for there container throwing everything off Ill bet if you make the last four the same size as the rest will fix the problem.
  2. Why would you want to do that?
  3. I tried to take a look at your website in the three major browsers and it would not load for me waited forever I will guess that your border problem is in youre css-but i cant get youre page to load (tried again).
  4. I know very little about wordpress, but I would assume it would have a built in FTP client. If not there are some very good free ones.
  5. Just google free flash sites or tutorials theres no shortage
  6. Theres no zooming or any effect at all for me?
  7. No self promotion intended! But one of my free templates may be what your looking for,not the design but the code for the hover gallery. if not I tried (remove spaces) http://w w w.coollew.com/picks/designes/gallery/index.html
  8. In HTML the <br> tag has no end tag. In XHTML the <br> tag must be properly closed, like this: <br /> (note the space)
  9. Pops right up for me links also in IL.
  10. I do like the aesthetics of logo 2 and three. #1 doesnt do much for me,but thats just me. If you are proud of your work and the client likes it and you get paid alls well.
  11. I do understand your concerns: In my opinion you should talk to your developers. have a meeting, (i know another freaking meeting) Think of a way to challange them. everybody loves a challange. The last part of the day is the most unproductive,worked all day,wanting to go home early,what ever. Mabey first thing- think of a new thing to learn to help the company while there (hopefully fresh). Cutting hours unless you have to sends bad vibes and they start updating thoes resumes on your time. Talk to them.
  12. Most Web surfers are busy people with short attention spans looking for information. A simple message will penetrate faster than one that is complex or complicated so keep it simple.(I left out the stupid part). I do understand you want some cool factor, weight it carefully! 1. Every time someone visits your site they have to sit through it.
  13. Oh-Oh The catfish are bitting!

  14. Hi David: Im using IE 8 and firefox 4 here are screenshots of each Firefox 4 http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/coollew/firefox4.jpg IE 8 http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/coollew/ie8.jpg
  15. It looks the same to me in both browsers? the design looks very good I might add!
  16. Thanks Glister! Glad the templates are usefull to you
  17. Hey glad you got it figured it out looks good, and good luck.
  18. Freaks me out too! Been going on for quite some time, they buy sell and trade this stupid crap.It turns into (keep up with the Jones) type of thing. They store your credit card info, then every time you log in to buy something just push buy and bye bye cash. This is what i have heard from my 18 to 25 year old friends and familey disturbing at the least.
  19. Hi Eric: Gave it another shot, got rid of the preloader and made the background transparent. Hope i got the corners and the border color right. In the html change <param name="wmode" value="opaque"> to <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> Hope it helps.
  20. Eric: I'm no flash pro by any means but ive been dabling I gave it a shot for ya, shoot me an email from my profile and ill send ya the swf.
  21. Could you just make the flash movie with rounded corners?
  22. coollew

    CSS3 Box Shadows

    Hi Susie: Not a silly question I dont have that much experiance with the css3 box shadows, but i think i can help out with the CSS shorthand commands and there values. 4 values=top,right,bottom,left 3 values=top,(right and left),bottom 2 values=(top and bottom) (right and left) 1 value=top,bottom,(right and left) hope that helps.
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