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  1. The picture is clouds. Something I think is very hokey, but my client loves them and puts them in all his ads. They don't interfere with the text because they are only around the outer background area of the webpage. The content part is cleaner. I've told him it could slow the website from loading, but he doesn't care. I'm just glad he doesn't still want a movie file.
  2. Thank you all for your comments. They are all very helpful. I was able to convince my client that a giant video in the background would be a bad idea. I ended up putting a large picture instead. He actually came over and showed me his phone which has a video screensaver and thought I could do the same thing. I basically told him no.
  3. My client is asking if I can make the background of the website like his phone app where it looks like clouds are moving across the screen. I know you can embed a video into the page, but what about the outsite background?
  4. I seem to have an edge of white on the right of the content section of my web page, except for the footer. It shows in IE 6.0 on our windows computers (what else is new) and is fine in all the other browsers I have checked. I work on a mac, but check the PCs for IE problems. I can't figure it out. I want to get the main code and design correct before adding more content. Can anyone help? Caroline http://carodzine.com/lvgweb/
  5. Awesome suggestions. Re: Design. I've only started setting up the pages. I haven't really started the content part yet. I just want to make sure that the site is valid and can work. Thanks for the great ideas.
  6. When my page is viewed in IE I seem to have an edge of white on the right side and the bottom footer is displaying cropped. I don't know how to get rid of this. http://www.carodzine.com/lvgweb
  7. I just took a course in Dreamweaver this month and if I hadn't previously took an XHTML and CSS course I think it would have been a huge waste of time. I think it is really important to know a bit of code first and then Dreamweaver makes it easier. I would suggest the html and css tutorials at http://www.w3schools.com/
  8. I'm using Dreamweaver and I selected the colour with they eyedropper tool. I guess I will have to watch for that in the future. I wasn't even looking at that as a reason, I thought I had my divs screwed up or something. Thanks a bunch.
  9. I must be doing something really stupid because I can't style my p and h1 tags with colour. I'm not sure if the problem is with my css or html. I've tried commenting sections out in both and haven't found the problem. I think I must be doing something really obvious, but I'm lost. http://www.carodzine.com/lvgroot
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