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  1. administrator

    Python course Ch 4 - flow control

    Looks like a line-break issue ... or indentation. Be sure the IF the block is properly indented. Stef
  2. administrator

    PHP Login Using OOP and MVC

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. You need to PHP code when the form submission is successful.
  3. administrator

    SQL and PHP

    Hi, PHP has some libraries / functions that are built into PHP that can speak to databases. But databases don't understand PHP, but it does understand SQL. SQL is the coding language of databases. So, you use the special PHP functions to send SQL commands to the database. Makes sense?
  4. administrator

    MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    Hi, Just download any of these, and install them. Or, if you have PHP hosting, just upload your files there. Let me know how it goes.
  5. administrator

    LMS-Type Website Development

    You might have to have this built custom.
  6. Hi, It looks like a problem with your conditional logic. Try reworking your if()
  7. Hi, I might do a quick video on this. That said, portfolio sites / examples ... if you will, are better if they are real project clients. Prospective clients will fill more comfortable if they see that you've done work for other companies. Do 1 or 2 small projects for free ... if need be. But you can start with the course projects. ... Remember, that professional development has a lot to do with the process. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework ... that's what we use. I think you will find more opportunities with Laravel overall. Hope that helps.
  8. administrator

    wordpress vs. coding from scratch

    Hi, Depends on the nature of the site. If it is a simple branding site, with a few little extra features here and there, then I would lean wordpress. If the customer site was more specialized, then Laravel would be the better choice. Sounds like a good partnership with your wife! Stef
  9. administrator

    Business Battle Plan Course Poll

    Thanks. I am about to update /add new content to this course.
  10. administrator

    Ch4 - Python collections number 8 question 2

    Oh ... that is a mistake. Just continue the course. I will have to get this updated. Thanks for catching this!
  11. administrator

    Override Parent Class

    What error message are you getting?
  12. Copy the error messages, and search for them in Google ... this will lead you to your answer. It could be one of many things depending on your code. Most errors are typos or some configuration issue. Programmers have to become detectives and learn to track down the source of the errors ... because each one is different. Hope that helps. Stef
  13. administrator


    If you use a CMS, you can likely find ecommerce capability included.
  14. administrator

    DW cs4 editing

    Hi, DW CS4 is really old and is likely producing old-school code. I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of Dreamweaver or learn to create your websites in code: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ .. It will be easier and you will have a better site.
  15. administrator

    Form Validation Project Doubts

    You use client side validation for speed and server side validation for security. Sessions allow you to easily store values across many pages. A session is an array.