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  1. I believe we will have a huge boom after this.
  2. Locked topic since the answer has been given.
  3. administrator


    Just keep going, do the quizzing and write the code. It will code with time. But first you have to finish the foundation courses. Makes sense?
  4. You need to learn what is called 'server side programming'. There are many options inlcuding, PHP, JS, Java, .NET, Python with Django ... and more. So you have to learn the webstack firset: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript My courses will allow you to learn quickly: https://school.studioweb.com/store Stef
  5. So if you hard code, that means the form submissions are not working. Check that code.
  6. These are native AFAIK. That means that Swift for iOS and Java for Android.
  7. Just about. Start with some great training and you will on your way: https://school.studioweb.com/store
  8. Hi, Sorry for the delay. Keep going, you start doing that in the later chapters .... just look ahead.
  9. administrator


    Hi, Yes, the CMS course is one of the old ones that I keep wanting to retire, and people then complain when I remove it! It is hard to debug visually because as you know, the smallest thing could be causing the error. Have you tried isolating elements of the code, step by step testing where things break? That said, if you've finished the foundations courses, and followed my instructions for the project - just do the first few simple ones, I would say use a more modern CMS building tutorial online. There are probably many just on YouTube. But better yet, just jump into some contract work now ... learn as you earn! Hope that helps! Stef
  10. If you bought the KillerSites Python course, you can access the StudioWeb version of the course with quizzes by sending me an email at: stefan at studioweb.com an email. You can buy the interactive Python course directly.
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