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  1. Did my version show white spaces? If so, have you downloaded the sources files (link on home page of the course) .. to compare the code? Stef
  2. Learn the process of SEO and web marketing and you will be able to review your work yourself. It isn't brain surgery.
  3. Because a line of text is not a paragraph. That said, in this situation you could use a P tag.
  4. Nope. And 99% of the time, you should not use formatting tags like P inside a table. Stef
  5. Can you post the code directly into the forum editor? ... Just use the code button <> in the top editor bar. Stef
  6. ... that was the plan all along!
  7. Just create a copy of the file, and delete the code so you can start from scratch. Yes my courses start off very easy and are for beginners because they target beginners. S
  8. You ought to post this to an Elementor support site.
  9. They are there if you want them. But trust me .... I am providing more than you need to become a pro developer.
  10. Hmm ... I will have to have somebody look into this. That said, if you worked on things outside of SW, and left the screen open and then you just logged back in, all that time logged out would not count. Stef
  11. I would ask this question in the private mentoring club. Stef
  12. Hi, If it isn't many pages, say less than 5-10, then just do it manually. Makes sense? Stef
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