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  1. Employers in software typically don't care much about certification. They really care about demonstrable skills. So portfolio is more important. So do the certifications because it will help, and it will prove to yourself that you have skills enough to move forward.
  2. Hi. I've updated them with some extra info but the core of what you got are still good simply because the underlying tech hasn't changed. Stef
  3. Look to PHP Laravel. Also, check out my YouTub channel ... it is packed with career oriented content: https://www.youtube.com/c/StefanMischook/videos Yep ... I used to be a bouncer and learn to stay out of trouble because it mostly a loosing situation .... even if you win. Stef
  4. Hi! If you are part of the mentoring program, best to post in the private club. Stef
  5. Hi, Go to the private mentoring club. Did you get access? Stef
  6. Hi, Yes ... you have to configure sublime to do this. This is a weakness in the software. You can google: browser preview sublime ... to find the solution. Also, you may want to try VS code ... which is a copy from Microsoft.
  7. Hi, Sure. Schedule the meeting and include bullet points of what you want to cover when you schedule it. https://studioweb.com/mentoring Thanks!
  8. Yes. You should be able to. But with Python, you will need to learn a web framework like Flask or Django. Stef
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