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  1. administrator

    Javascript Practise

    Please post the function code on the forum ... use the top code button ( < > ) to do it. Stef
  2. administrator

    Are all objects data types or only arrays?

    All objects are datatypes. In fact, each OBJECT is it's own datatype. So when you create an object, your are creating a datatype.
  3. administrator

    Difference between IndexOf and index =

    indexOf is a function built into JavaScript that finds the position of a text in a string of text. In your example, index is just a variable.
  4. administrator

    A Trashing PHP Video

    LOL! Yea. PHP is like McDonalds ... people trash it but it is still the biggest! ... Let's be honest, Big Macs are really tasty. Stef
  5. administrator

    insert multiple checkboxes into database crud script

    Hi, People wont' debug a big chunk of code like that. So you have to narrow it down. That said, remember that HTML form widgets are just text strings to insert ... which you can do with PHP. So for each record you return, you include a new checkbox.
  6. administrator

    Offline access to the course

    That is the StudioWeb quizzing component. So you watch a video and then get quizzed, get instant feedback, ask for hints, get scored. Stef
  7. administrator

    For loop code didn't work like in chapter 7, lesson 4

    It is in the above code snippet.
  8. administrator

    Offline access to the course

    StudioWeb (htmlnirvana) is for the foundation training and it is interactive with quizzing. The projects is just the icing on the cake ... if you will. It is just takes you to the next step in certain areas. The biggest value is in the interactive training.
  9. Depends on the company you are working for. Check job listings and see what they are looking for in terms of education.
  10. administrator

    Tests and quizzes

    Email me at stefan at studioweb and include your purchase email address and I will set you up.
  11. administrator

    curly brackets! in CRUD..

    Hi, Your code doesn't look right. PHP code-blocks always start and end like so: <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?> So this is incorrect:
  12. administrator

    One menu for multiple web pages

    Hi, There are different ways to approach this, I would just use a server side include via PHP. It is old-school but it works. If you are using a coding program, a lot will have templates/snippets you can use within the program, to insert things like this automatically. But whenever you have a change to make, you have to use the code editor to apply the change to all your pages (which it can do automatically) and then you would upload the site again with every change. With the server side PHP include route, once you create your include, all you have to do is update and upload the include file. We the PHP solution, of course you have to use PHP for you pages. Not hard though, but it would have to be done. Stef
  13. administrator

    Online journal for individual users

    Hi, This can be done pretty quickly using PHP. This is what the nerds would call a simple 'crud' based web app. A web app is just a web site that acts like an application. There are many, many different ways of doing this of course. Another easier solution is to just install a forum software ... there are free ones, or you can use the forum software we use here. Less flexibility, but a lot of features and you don't have to learn how to code. .... But perhaps you want to make this a project that at the same time, you will learn super valuable ($) skills at the same time? If so, my very popular IWD course will teach you all you need: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ .... It's even more popular given the sale price! So yes, before you ask if it really is that affordable, yes .... buy me a two craft beers and cheese burger and you are in business. Happy to help fellow martial artists. Which style are you training in? Stef
  14. administrator

    Weird CSS issue.

    It is just the code. I would suggest getting a proper code editor because it will make editing for web pages much easier. Many free ones out there like SublimeText (nagWare) and TextWrangler. stef
  15. administrator

    Using Git with MAMP, XAMPP etc.

    Yep. Use whatever you are most comfortable with. You don't have to use MAMP, we just demod with it, to keep it simple. One thing at a time. But if you know Git .. use it.