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  1. I can't open any video in the course

    Don't worry, just do the foundation courses first: HTML CSS JavaScript PHP .... Then one or two projects and you will be good. I provide a lot of material for variety's sake. Stef
  2. I can't open any video in the course

    Yes. But I only released some of the videos on YouTube and without the quiz questions that you get in StudioWeb.
  3. Agreed. I like how you have a loading animation in the browser tabs. Stef
  4. Just recorded Chapter lesson 3-4 for the Business Battleplan course. should be live tomorrow. 

  5. Procurement Web app

    I prefer PHP for web app creation for small business and for freelancing.
  6. I can't open any video in the course

    I just messaged you with access information. Stef
  7. I can't open any video in the course

    Opps check your messages.
  8. I can't open any video in the course

    Yep. Send me an email and I will give you direct access to the videos via google drive. So you can watch the videos and then answer questions in SW. Stef
  9. I can't open any video in the course

    Hmm ... we feed the videos from Vimeo, does your country block vimeo videos? Stef
  10. Firefox just updated itself on my Mac and it is a nice improvement. It seems much faster and it has some nice convenience features. ... Worth checking out. Stef
  11. An opinion on programming drills

    In real world development, you will find that you will forget syntax all the time. Especially as you learn more and more languages, and work with more libs and frameworks. ... I am not joking when I say I have literally forgotten more than I can now remember - 9 programming languages later! As an example, I wrote Java web for years, created my own MVC framework and installed and managed 3 Java based servlet containers. If I were to sit down today to write Java, it would take me a few hours to get up to speed. Long answer coming to a close: no in real life and yes in academic circles. BUT!! If you apply for a robotics backend job, be sure you are up to speed there. If I were applying for a Java developer position with Spring, I would spend a week getting very familiar again. Stef
  12. What is a "Web Designer" in 2018?

    Good post Tyler.
  13. New premium business forum to launch soon

    The entrepreneur forum is now up, and the first of the video and audio lessons should be up by the end of this week: Friday 17th November. Stef
  14. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

    LOL! Hazelnut.
  15. Rebuilding a website.

    Sounds good. Wordpress is ever present. Congratulations! Stef