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  1. Thank you ! I forgot to say it is a subscription-based website and therefore Youtube might not be a good solution because people could watch the videos there instead? i could always make them "unlisted" but still. The plan is to launch the website when I have 10 hours of video and from then on it will continue grow in terms of video. Obviously. the site has to accomodate a lot of video material and a lot of users. Is Youtube the best way to do it with this new information added to the equation?
  2. Hello, My experience of website building is limited to Godaddy website builders and a Google website. I have used these 2 builders and published my own website but now I wish to turn towards a real website-building company and do something more elaborate. My question here is about developing an understanding before entering into a conversation with such a company. My project is to have a website that members could access with a login. Question1: Do I need to pay extra in terms of hosting or servers to potentially have 200 people use the same website at the same time? Is there something to look out for to prevent it from crashing? Question2: My website would contain up to 30 or 40 hours of non-downloadable video accessible to members. Is this a challenge in any way? How does the storage work? Question 3: I would like to integrate a chat system like Zoom in the website for one on one conversations. Is this a hard thing to implement? Question4: When looking for a website-building company, should I go with one that already has experience in the field and knows the market? I assume that each website needs a layout that fits that particular market? Thanks a lot !
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