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  5. administrator

    DW cs4 editing

    Hi, DW CS4 is really old and is likely producing old-school code. I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of Dreamweaver or learn to create your websites in code: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ .. It will be easier and you will have a better site.
  6. administrator

    Form Validation Project Doubts

    You use client side validation for speed and server side validation for security. Sessions allow you to easily store values across many pages. A session is an array.
  7. Hey, I just completed the Form Validation Project on Studioweb and I would really appreciate help regarding my doubts: 1. If we are enabling Server side validation as well as client side validation, and javascript is on, meaning validate plugin works so does the server side validation automatically turns off? in the tutorials and through my testing, its clear that PHP validation doesn't work when Validate plugin but why? Shouldn't both of them working at the same time? 2. Why do we need sessions in PHP if we can create and use associative arrays like $form['name'], $error['name'] etc. and then use them among different PHP pages? Thank you
  8. rodney22

    DW cs4 editing

    Hello, I am new here and am learning to use Adobe cs4 which I have had for a long time. I have created a page and when I save it & view in browser it looks and works great. Problem is: I want to change an image and can not delete, edit, or even get the property panel to show properties for the existing image. I can't view or edit ANYTHING below the header on my page????? When I go to live view, it shows all and shows then in split view, but still no editing ability except by using code formatting. If I don't go to live view, I can't even scroll lower than the header only in script can I scroll lower. PLEASE HELP. Thank You Sincerely Rodney
  9. Hi, I recently started the php videos and as stefan suggested to go inside the conf folder and search for display_errors and turn it on, i did it but was not able to see the errors on the page, i was surprised and kept repeating for some time, then when i searched for the word php.ini in phpinfo file i saw it showing a different path --- Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.3.8/conf/php.ini The file was actually inside the bin directory php directory and so on, so when i went inside there and changed it , it worked, just thought of sharing it as there are 2 locations where you find the php.ini and you need to search for it inside. the phpinfo() as to from where it is loading... Thanks Amit
  10. Hi guys! I don't know if this is the right sub for a feedback. I already asked my friends about my new setup canvas website and they said it's already ok. But I need expert feedback! Can anyone suggest/advice of the design & user experience in individual perspective. It'd be great to receive your expert feedback on this website https://www.enjoycanvas.com/. Thank you so much!
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  12. Zach

    What is my password?

    I paid for the course and it's asking me for a password. What is this?
  13. The layout is how you place elements in your web pages, and a template is like a reusable page that uses a specific layout. Templates can either come with the program or can be created by the user.
  14. Drasilabyss


    Most people confuse being "Proactive" and being "Active". Being proactive is a three step process: 1. Want something. (Can’t figure out what you want? look at 10 people/things and look at the aspects of their lives you like/dislike.) 2. Figure out steps needed to get the something. (This is just problem solving). 3. Decide if the steps are something you are willing to do. (Deciding this is important). Do it, or repeat process. The nice thing about this definition of proactive, is it is usually something that can be done in 5 minutes. And when referring to this time of being proactive, you should refer to it in past tense: "We were proactive, that is why we are doing this".
  15. alzalus

    Lesson 48 OOP tkinter wont work

    I figured out the issue. In that link the error message provided, it said: "you can't have a file named tkinter.py" which is what I had called my file. So I deleted it but it still didn't work. I reinstalled python twice and and then I couldn't even open the IDLE anymore and I kept getting the same error. Then I kept re-reading the web page in that link and it said "you should RENAME the file if they are the same". Well I had already deleted it, so whatever.... yet I still couldn't even open the Python IDLE. But on a whim I decided to restore it from the recycle bin and , rename it and on my third install of python, it worked. I could open the IDLE and my gui came up. Yay... I'm guessing that even though I had deleted it, I hadn't cleared the recycle bin, so even though it didn't appear in the folder it was still there in a ghost form. I guess. And since I renamed it and my third install worked that seems to be the reason. And now finally the GUI comes up. Maybe clearing the recycle bin would have also worked.
  16. alzalus

    Lesson 48 OOP tkinter wont work

    when I hit run, the gui doesn't come up. Same as when I open Stefan's original code file. I get a subprocess connections error "IDLE's subprocess didn't make connection. see the 'Startup failure' section of the IDLE doc, online at https://docs.python.org/3/library/idle.html#startup-failure"
  17. administrator

    How to change font color in Sublime Text

    Glad you like them!
  18. administrator

    How can I change the session time out with StuidoWeb?

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Session timeout was expanded ... is it still causing problems for you? Stef
  19. CammyToedebusch

    Kids want to be Entrepreneurs!

    Kids have also great interest in becoming YouTubers these days. Even kids channels are very successful.
  20. CammyToedebusch

    New Python Course For College And High School Students

    Thanks for sharing, I also found this blog https://www.killersites.com/blog/2017/python-course-for-college-students/ very helpful in this regard. However, I am looking for a beginner guide for machine learning in Python like this https://ajaytech.co/machine-learning-in-python/ especially to get a basic concept as a beginner with basic coding knowledge of PHP. Can you suggest any free tutorial?
  21. That's great but I am still confused between deciding between Python and R especially when it is about machine learning.
  22. CammyToedebusch

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    Though freelancing sites create a great ease for developed and even underdeveloped countries to outsource the service but yes, it's a reality most of the project bids are won with low prices. However, there are still some people exist who prefer to go with high bids because of quality. So, all in all, you need to maintain good quality and rating.
  23. JamesBurns

    Starting a Web Design Business?

    Starting a web design business is a good idea because of the high demand for a web designer, but your design should be different from others. Because there are lots of designers all over the globe some are experienced, but the web design field wants creativity if you have a creative team of a designer then you can go for it.
  24. DirkTheWebPhoenix

    Returning to Web Design... Lost on where to pick up...

    Nice to come across another Web Phoenix from the nineties trying to raise from his or her ashes. Ah the nostalgia of table designs and even spacer gifs... As for more powerful HTML editors than plain text editors, I really liked HomeSite (with tag completion and powerful linting) and Symantec Visual Page (WYSIWYG with fairly clean code and awesome table creation)... And not to forget framesets (abolished over SEO issues, apparently)... And the Internet was still an information highway letting anyone publish free speech, as opposed to a commercial market... Ah, the golden age... Anyway... ___Flat Files___ Flat files with PHP may not be recommendable. I experimented with that some 10 years ago (hobbywise, my career had been ended by the dot com debacle)... with PHP 4, me thinks, and I discovered that I could only append to it but not edit records except by doing it all in memory and ovewriting the whole file. And then there were file privilege issues possibly giving hackers more access than my own PHP scripts. *sigh* So, cumbersome as dealing with a MySQL database or similar is, it seems the better choice for me unless PHP's file management has improved a lot (which I rather doubt). But other community members with more recent experience may be able to correct me. ___Grids and Flexbox___ They are modern CSS features I have so far avoided in direct website design (despite liking them) because I worry that there might still be too many browsers out there that can't handle them. (I have also avoided floating because of problems it can cause.) And so far I have been able to do pretty well with inline-block designs. But maybe I am really too overcautious here? Well, let's hope we get to resurrect. 😉 :-) Dirk
  25. Hello present-day gurus and fellow starters. This is my first post on killersites.com. I am trying this place because Stefan Mischook is my favorite youtuber on webdev/webdesign issues (and he also in other ways feels like a kind of soulmate). I know this forum's site went through a pause and might not be back up in terms of activity that could help me, but I'm giving it a try. 😉 I am an ancient web developer from the nineties, now trying to resurrect that career and an income. After familiarizing myself with modern HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design (and getting a little back into JS and PHP (the latter I played with a few years ago)), I have picked WordPress as a next-step specialization to pursue in order to allow me to work as a self-employed lone wolf when I may turn out too old to be hired. I just finished a course in which I built a demo WP site as a course project. What I could really use right now would be a suitable website builder community to discuss design and programming issues as they come up. I could also use some tips on (ideally free) hosting services where I could post my current WordPress demo site to show it to potential employers or clients (while I am still strapped for money). Obviously, my demo site has almost no traffic and a storage size under 200 MB; but I have run into a big hurdle with hosting services. I don't necessarily trust all paid-only ones just because they collect money, and those two free accounts that I already tried have had too many issues: snail speed, blocked PHP "mail ()" disabling the Contact Form, blocked *.zip files (stopping the Duplicator plugin, but luckily I could PHP-hack my way around this), blocked UpdraftPlus plugin... These hosting servers were warmly recommended by online articles that were either too superficial or too burdened with a hidden conflict of interests (earning commissions or fees from the hosting services they recommend). I will also need a place where to stage future projects while I build them, btw. Any suggestions welcome. Digging through posts in this community, I came across a suggestion of xyz, but the post was from 2010 (https://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/topic/3973-free-hosting/&do=findComment&comment=20670). Thanks for any advice or tip on anything I mentioned. :-) :-) Dirk
  26. administrator

    Questions about the Python 3 Course Downloads

    Hi, Sure thing. Email me at stefan at killersites.com Stef
  27. fabila

    Questions about the Python 3 Course Downloads

    Hi there! Can I please get another link for downloads? It takes forever to download with a speed 540KB/s
  28. MarkMorris

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    hello, Absolutely agree, it's quite unfair to the citizens of highly developed countries. however, if u prove yourself as a really professional specialist in your filed, u will definitely find a client who will pay you as much as you want for your work.
  29. Hello there TwoCats I'm not sure I've ever used z-indexes before for anything other than a sort of make believe website. I used to try to mimic other peeps's websites using my own markup and trying to dip in and out of resources online and offline to match what was in my mind as to how to do this without pinching the actual code for it. LOL I only ever created 2 meaningful websites — one for me and one for a friend. Though, I had to put their one to sleep a few years ago. LOL I was quite lucky with floats, as long as I didn't use a footer. I used to like nesting divs and creating 'dummy' divs to pad out my floats within those nested divs. It kind of worked most of the time, but I never really understood why. LOL Funny thing about floats is that those of us who played around with them to create layouts were, on the one hand poo-pooing the use of table-based layouts, while not realising that floats weren't meant for building layouts either. Erm, I think they were originally meant to format simple things like the flow of text (?). Anyway, these grids & flexboxes for building layouts are genuinely intriguing. I can't waits to one day dive into a few more boxes. People often say, "You gotta think outside the box". But there's no better way than working within a defined area — like a box.
  30. RashmIVanwani


    If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
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