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  5. hiimrann

    innerHTML and while loop (JS ch7, l3)

    It's alright, I worked it out with a little help. If anyone's wondering, the answer is in the following line of code: p.innerHTML = "i: " + i + "<br>" + p.innerHTML; I'll explain it with two iterations, in four steps each. Hopefully I got it right, and explained it in non-nerd well lol. [Iteration 1] Step 1. When i = 10, the browser prints the following in the <p> tag: i: 10 <br> Step 2. p.innerHTML (right of the = operator) is empty for now, hence, nothing happens on the screen in this step. Step 3. The printed line (i: 10 <br>) is assigned to p.innerHTML (left of the = operator). Step 4. i is decremented by -1, and now i = 9. [Iteration 2] Step 1. i = 9, and the browser FIRST prints the following in the <p> tag: i: 9 <br> Step 2. p.innerHTML (right of the = operator), which is now i: 10 <br>, is added after i: 9 <br>, and the browser NOW displays i: 9 <br>i:10 <br>. Step 3. The printed line (i: 9 <br>i:10 <br>) is assigned to p.innerHTML (left of the = operator). Step 3. i is decremented by -1, and now i = 8.
  6. I expect the browser to print the values from 10 to 1 in an empty p tag using JavaScript, but it's printing 1 to 10. Why does it print above the old line, and not below it? <!-- Button for printing "i" --> <input type="button" value="print i"> <!-- Empty p tag where the values of "i" will be printed --> <p></p> <script> // Function for printing "i" function print() { var i = 10; while(i > 0) { // Grabs the empty p tag var p = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[0]; // Prints the values of "i" on the p tag p.innerHTML = "i: " + i + "<br>" + p.innerHTML; i = i -1; } } // Calls the function for printing "i" document.getElementsByTagName("input")[0].onclick=function() { print(); } </script> test-standalone.html
  7. webmanz

    Signs of error in code editor

    It managed to work, not sure what I did different. However now I have it playing up again here: //<body onResize="sniffer('window resized')" onload="alert('page loading')"> Does this look right to you? Alert ran, not meant since I used 2 forward slash.
  8. administrator

    Signs of error in code editor

    You have to save the document first ... then the color coding will appear.
  9. webmanz

    Signs of error in code editor

    chapter 3 lesson 1 The colors stayed the same in my version of Sublime Text when it came to letting me know I did a mistake with my coding as per the video. I'm using free version of Sublime Text version 3.2.2
  10. webmanz

    How do I get Lorem ipsum in Sublime Text?

    Can it be done with Sublime Text internally without having to go to lipsum.lipsum.com/ ?
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  12. The var_dump of the $cart_items array is supposed to show an array of $cart_items with the quantities added together for the same id but it doesn't even show an array, it just shows one value. session_start(); $cart_items = $_SESSION["cart_items"]; if ( $cart_items == null ) { $cart_items = array(); } if ( isset($_REQUEST["element_id"]) ) { $id = $_REQUEST["element_id"]; } if ( isset($_REQUEST["quantity"]) ) { $quantity = $_REQUEST["quantity"]; } if ( isset($id) && isset($quantity) ) { if (isset($cart_items[$id])) { $cart_items[$id] += $quantity; } else { $cart_items[$id] = $quantity; } } var_dump($cart_items);
  13. I am often asked about the relevance of robots for training. It is something I have changed my mind about significantly over the past few years. Growing up in an environment where there was always someone to train with made me oblivious to the multitudes of players that are often stranded with lots of endeavors but no one to hit with. In today’s world, we often don’t have time to travel to a club and it can be hard to find a friend who has the same desire to improve as you do. Table Tennis is an interactive sport and Butterfly Nets Set not having anyone to play with has lead to the increasing popularity of the robot. Table Tennis robots have come a long way from their crude beginnings when you would wait for the sporadic ball that it would spit out at you, sometimes directly at your head, sometimes landing in the region that you intended. Now the better robots can, with reasonable accuracy, place the ball not only in one position but 6 to 8 positions in sequence. You can also save close to 100 drills that you have used, more than enough for any budding trainer. So why don’t we all go out and get one? Firstly they can be quite costly at around USD$2,000 for a top of the range model. However, there are cheaper versions that will do a variety of functions from just being able to fire a ball out at a regular tempo to having some variability with placement and spin. The second limiting factor of training with a robot is that it doesn’t give you a real clue as to what type of ball you are getting from Butterfly Equipment. When you are hitting with a partner you are picking up cues to where the ball is coming as well as what type of shot they are doing. You do this from their backswing, movement to the ball, and their body position at impact. The robot, on the other hand, gives you nothing. Thirdly, you need to be mindful that with a robot you are constantly changing your tracking from one ball to another. You hit one ball and instead of watching where that ball goes you switch attention to the robot as it is going to deliver the next ball. It is important for some of your training to watch the ball after you hit it to gain feedback on how well you actually hit the shot. So why should we train with a ping pong robot? As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a partner then hitting a ball is better than not. You can also get your strokes to a level where you can execute them with efficiency and fluency. By not worrying about your training partner it gives you the opportunity to focus solely on your own stroke. Knowing that if you miss 10 balls in a row, your partner isn’t going to get upset at you. In fact, the robot will give you nothing (except ball number 11). With the ball coming to the same position with the same speed and spin (from the better robots) you can then focus purely on things like your start and finish position, or how much tension you have in your arm, wrist, fingers, or toes with Yasaka Rakza 7. You can think about your feet position, movement, or whatever you want to work on. A robot is willing to train whenever you are ready, it won’t sled you, heckle your bad shots, take up your valuable training time, or even need to be fed. If you are going to take the plunge and buy a robot, I recommend you don’t go too fancy straight away. There are quite a few that end up like Walking machines or some of those other exercise machines tucked under the bed and never seen again. Do some research online and find something that won’t stretch the budget and looks like it will serve your needs. The features to think about: How many wheels does it have? If it only has one wheel it will not be able to vary spin easily and won’t be able to give you a no-spin ball. Can it vary the placement of the ball within a drill? The better ones can send the ball to up to 8 places. Can it vary the spin? The better robots can vary the spin from one shot to the other within a drill. How many balls per minute can it feed out? Again the better ones can do about 100/minute. Can it save the drills that you set up? You could then save drills from the PingSkills Training Drills PDF. Portability – How much does it weigh and how bulky is it to store? So if you can’t find a regular training partner then a robot just might be what you need to start your game on its upward path. Originally Published at https://www.pingskills.com/
  14. Table Tennis equipment has come a long way in the last 50 years. From the 1950s when the first Pimples In bat was used to win the World Championships to the 1970s where there were a few recognized racket coverings and a few manufacturers till now, where you can see that there are 86 ITTF approved suppliers. They, of course, each have their range of rubber that they produce. Making almost 1200 different racket coverings for you to choose from. Add to this the choices you now have for types of blades and you see that the average Table Tennis Table player has some choices to make. So what should you look for in a good rubber and how do you find one that suits you? Firstly there are 4 main categories of Rubber. Pimples In, Pimples Out, Long Pimples and Anti Spin. Pimples In This is the most common type of rubber. This type of rubber allows you to spin the ball well and also has a reasonable amount of control. The surface rubber allows you to grip the ball. I would recommend this for all beginners. It allows you to generate some topspin and backspin to gain control of your basic strokes. It also reacts to spin to allow you to learn the effects of spin from your opponents. At the advanced level, the Pimples in rubber will allow you to generate great topspin and speed with your strokes and huge amounts of spin on your serves. This type of Rubber and Xiom Vega Pro is used by most players at the International level, especially in the Men's game. Short Pimples Short pimples give you good control of the ball. Because the ball is not being contacted by rubber all the way around (there are gaps in the contact in between the pimples), you don’t generate as much spin on the ball. Spin from your opponent also doesn’t have as much effect because once again there are gaps in the contact. This is a good rubber for hitting fast and flat. The ball will tend to go a little straighter at its target rather than in an arc as it would with topspin and therefore get there in a shorter amount of time. So short pimples are good for fast and flat attacking players. Long Pimples In general 'Long Pimples' reverse the spin that your opponent puts on the ball. This is a good defensive rubber and also a good rubber to generate some different effects on the ball. The softer contact on the ball makes the rubber good for a defensive chopper. When your opponent plays with a lot of topspin you can chop the ball back and turn their topspin into a lot of backspin. You will find that a lot of defenders use this on their backhand side. You can also be close to the table player with long pimples but this is a difficult task. It is very difficult to develop enough control to be able to block or chop the ball close to the table with long pimples. However, if you master it, it is extremely effective. One of Australia's top female players Jian Fang Lay confounds opponents with this style of play. Her added advantage is that she uses the penhold grip constantly changes the side she is using from Pimples into Long Pimples. One of the best proponents of this style that I saw was Lo Chuen Tsung from Hong Kong. In 1985 he reached the semi-final of the World Singles championships. He combined deft control and touch with his blocking and backhand chopping from over the table with a deadly forehand topspin that often made you feel like he was likely to take off into space. Anti Spin Anti Spin rubber deadens the effect of your opponent's spin but doesn’t allow you to generate much spin at all yourself. The surface is quite slippery which also means that it is difficult to control the ball. Anti Spin rubber has similar properties to Long Pimples but doesn’t allow you the luxury of generating some spin on the ball. This has decreased in popularity in the past decade. Many players who would have used an anti-spin are now using Long Pimples. So which one is right for you? As a beginner go for a 'Pimples In' rubber. As you progress you can decide which style suits you. If you are an attacking player that likes to use a lot of topspin, then 'Pimples In' is right for you. If you are a close to the table fast and flat attacking player that likes to use speed rather than spin to beat your opponents, then 'Short Pimples' is your best choice. If you are a defensive player then choose between 'Long Pimples' and 'Anti Spin' remembering 'Long Pimples' allows you the added luxury of generating a bit of spin yourself. Even defensive players will usually use a ‘Pimples In’ rubber for their forehand side and the have the Long Pimples or Anti-spin on their backhand. For Cleaning use Table Tennis Cleaner to make the gentle clean and safe play. Originally published at https://www.pingskills.com/
  15. Some players use edge tape on their table tennis bats, some don’t. Do you really need edge tape? Is it purely cosmetic, or are there functional reasons for edge tape? Are there different types of edge tape? This article covers all these questions so that you can decide what to use for your bat. Table tennis Edge Tape, also called ‘side tape’, is used to cover the edge of a table tennis bat. Narrow edge tape covers only the wooden part of the bat, wider ones cover the wood + the edge of the rubber. Although there is no mandatory reason to use soft grip tape, many players use it to give their bat a neat finish or to give their bat that extra ‘wow’ factor. Some players also use edge tape to protect the edge of the bat, and for this, it’s important to select the correct one. Are all types of edge tape legal? There are no specific table tennis rules that prohibit any kind of edge tape. However, there may be some unusual cases where an umpire/referee might object, such as; · The tape is extremely thick, like more than a few mm, which will increase the chance you’ll hit the ball with the edge of your blade · It contains rude or potentially offensive words or images · It’s very bright in appearance, especially when it’s the same a color as the ball. which may (far-fetched I know!) be distracting for the opponent. So basically you can use anything, just be reasonable and consider the issues above. The most common types of edge tape The most common type of edge tape is a cloth-like material with a strong adhesive back, like the Tibhar Evolution tape pictured right. Almost all the major manufacturers make this tape in 12mm width, which is usually enough to cover the edge of the blade, plus the edge of two inverted rubbers. Only a few manufacturers make this in a wider range of widths, like Donic who make it in 6,9,12 and 15mm, which is important if you have a bat with a less common width, like the thick balsa blade, or a thin blade with two pimple rubbers on either side. These tapes are very good, because the material is very flexible and the adhesion is strong, so it easily sticks to uneven surfaces like the rubber edge. If your glue job is less than perfect, and the rubber edge is jagged, this is the perfect tape to cover it up. These tapes also help to hold the rubber edge onto the blade, because that’s where a rubber usually comes loose first. Protective types of edge tape The so-called “foam edge tape” is specifically designed to absorb accidental hits on your bat edge. They are made of a soft layer of foam, usually 1 to 1mm thick, with an adhesive backing. The first ones that came out were made by Dr. Neubauer (pictured right) because they have a lot of balsa blades, which are much more prone to damage from accidental hits. Joola and a few others now make them as well. Tip: Because these types of tape are more rigid, they don’t adhere to the surface as well as cloth-type tapes. Stick a cloth-type edge tape on first, which smooths out of the surface, then stick your foam tape on top. This also makes the foam tape easier to remove, if you want to reuse it (assuming it’s not completely destroyed from hitting the table!). See below a thick balsa bat I made up, with cloth-type tape first and a foam type tape over the top; Other types of edge tape There are a few other types of edge tape, which offer more protection to the bat edge than the cloth tape, but are more firm compared to the foam tape. My favorite is one made by TSP as pictured right, called the TSP Feather Side tape which is made of a type of ‘felt’ cloth and is flexible and much thicker than ordinary edge tape, and can, therefore, offer more protection against accidental damage to your bat or on Nittaku Table Tennis Balls Bright red & black colors with white writing and a silver line gives the tape high contrast, and your bat a real classy look. The adhesive strength is not as high as that of cloth edge tape, because it’s designed for removal and reuse. Putting a cloth tape underneath is usually a good idea. Edge Tapes pros and cons Pros · Gives a nice finishing touch to your bat · covers up a messy glue job! · protects the blade edge · prevent rubbers from coming off the blade · reduces the effect of crumbling of the edges of the rubber Cons · Adds a few grams of weight to the bat · If you change over rubbers a lot, and glue the old rubbers onto other blades, it’s usually best not to bother with edge tape at all, or use one that just covers the blade edge. This is because usually when an old edge tape is removed, it will take with it bits of the edge of the rubber, which can start to look ugly once you’ve done it a few times. Which is the most common width and lengths? The 10mm and 12mm are the most common width, some manufacturers only make a single width, which would be either 10mm or 12mm. A blade is typically 6mm in width. The great majority of players use two inverted rubbers with sponge thickness between 1.5mm to 2.3mm. Assuming a typical inverted top-sheet is about 1.7mm, a single rubber would add between 3.2mm to 4mm, so two rubbers add between 6.4mm to 8mm. So the typical bat thickness would be around 12mm to 14mm. This is why most players would use a 12mm edge tape, as this covers most of the edge of the majority of bats. To cover the full length of your bat, you need less than 50cm, so that’s why separately-sold edge tape is usually between 45 to 50cm. Roll is typically sold in lengths of 5m, 10m or 50m, which should give you enough to tape do 10,20 or 100 bats respectively. Will my shop put edge tape on my bat when they assemble it? While I can’t speak for all shops, but Butterfly Ping Pong Table Tennis shop does include free edge tape when we assemble bats. We buy our tapes in 50m rolls to make it cost-effective, and stock the standard 12mm wide tape for most of the major brands, and other widths for a selected number of brands. Unless you tell us otherwise, we usually pick the tape that matches the brand of blade and/or rubbers. Unfortunately, not all brands make 50m rolls, nor do all of them make them in the required width. Our standard way to pick the appropriate edge tape is: 1. Determine the appropriate tape width, to cover as much of the blade & rubber as possible. 2. From the edge tapes at the required width, match the blade brand first. If the blade brand can’t be matched, match the brand of the rubber(s). 3. If neither the blade nor the rubber can be matched by brand, choose the tape that matches the color (s) of the bat best. Of course, if you choose a foam edge tape it needs to be purchased separately. We would still put a standard tape on the bat before we apply the foam tape because the foam tapes stick much better on the smooth surface of a regular edge tape. Tips Don’t stretch the tape too much while putting it on. You’ll find that tension can pull the tape off over time, and adhesive strength to make it stick back is reduced. If you use a width that’s more than the blade + rubber thickness, the tape will protrude beyond the edge of your bat. Some people use this and fold it over onto the rubber surface, which does help to protect the edges from crumbling, but note that it’s technically illegal for formal competition or tournaments. Originally Published at https://tabletennisshop.com.au/
  16. nshep

    How do I get Lorem ipsum in Sublime Text?

  17. What code is used to program Uber, Tinder App's?
  18. webmanz

    Booted offa DW, need a new WYSIWYG

    Any luck with that?
  19. Out of that list which do you prefer James?
  20. How do I get Lorem ipsum in Sublime Text? Is there a shortcut key built in?
  21. I got the same results as Stef in his video title Chapter 1 Lesson 8 (Javascript). The video did not say to check console I just decided to. Here's the error I got and why did this occur in one browser but not in Google Chrome browser: "The character encoding of the HTML document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the page must be declared in the document or in the transfer protocol." Here's my code from Sublime Text: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title> Chapter 1 Javascript part 5</title> <style type="text/css"> </style> <script> function myFunction() { alert("Display Message"); prompt ("Please enter your name" , "Name .."); } </script> </head> <body> <h1> Welcome to Javscript</h1> <button id="butt" type="button" onmouseover ="myFunction()">Try it</button> <p onmouseover="myFunction()"> "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."</p> <p > "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."</p>
  22. When I echo out my variable in the php file it works fine but when I put the variable in a table cell it doesn't echo out.
  23. Try Wix and BigCommerce.
  24. Jodess

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey all!🖖 Friends, please tell me if there are any good dating sites? I would be grateful for the answer. Very often I was unlucky in a relationship, especially in the initial stage. I understand that the main problem is in me and I need to change myself first. Recently I have heard a lot of positive reviews about dating sites. I also decided to try it. I found a site where the positive and negative sides of a dating site are described and shown. https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/benaughty-review/ For example, here you can find out what is BeNaughty dating site. What do you say about this?
  25. Top 10 Ecommerce platforms to build an eCommerce website Shopify - Getting up and running quickly Selz - Full-featured drag-and-drop store builder OpenCart - Total customization BigCommerce - To multiple storefronts on one platform 3dcart -Built-in marketing and management features Big Cartel -Smaller stores with custom products WooCommerce -Adding a shopping cart to an existing WordPress site PrestaShop -A free platform Ecwid - selling on social media Wix - Simultaneously creating a store and a blog
  26. JonhG

    Your favorite book?

    Animal Farm by George Orwell. I’m just writing an essay on literature, and decided to combine my favorite author and study. But I found out that I have problems with writing, nothing happens. Not enough writing skills. Therefore, I asked for help from https://paidpaper.net/customwriting-com-review/ in this matter. I hope that the guys will not fail.
  27. Been learning about php Frameworks, so i decided to learn from one that creates a MVC framework from scratch. I was looking at Dynamic Html.. something like a form object helper. They generate the html on the server-side. How does this reusable code come into play with MVC "View"'s. I might be wording the above badly, but am a bit lost
  28. Pegglind83

    Writing help

    Thanks for the info
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