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  2. Saw your email... I'm sure we will figure it out soon
  3. trying to find the mentoring forum links for zoom calls as we have one this sunday that "Brent" is supposed to be posting. Am I in the right place? please help.
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  5. Did you design it from the smallest screen size, then scale it from there? That's the easiest way to make anything responsive. Set background colors on divs before putting in the content and make sure it is sizing the way you want it to then resize as the screen increases and when you want the divs to stop resizing, set a max width. Hope that helps. Happy coding .
  6. Sounds like a solution can be found with CSS floats.
  7. Hi, I need to build this carousel but I have a lot of trouble making it responsive. What I would like is when there are 3 cards in a slide when the button is pressed all 3 of them move out of the container and on mobile if there is only one card when the button is pressed only one should move. I tried doing it by separating the big slide and the cards and run javascript for each using matchMedia() but I didn't even get to that as I have some other bugs. Another problem I have is when the width of the windows is resized the first element is getting out of the view, plus for some r
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  9. Let’s start with the foremost critical question is: how does one fix 404 errors? the foremost common and simplest way to repair a 404 error is to redirect the broken URL to a different, related URL. While redirects are often the proper solution, redirecting a broken URL isn’t always the proper solution. There are four ways to mend 404 not-found errors on your website. Redirect the 404 error someplace else. With a redirect, you route people from the error page to a working page on your website. This prevents people from reaching the error. for instance, if people are reaching a slip-u
  10. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Did you get access to the private group? That's where you will find the zoom meetings and the other exclusive content. If not, DM me personally. Stef
  11. Hello everyone. I am new here but I have been watching Uncle Stef on YouTube for a bit. Glad to be here. Ready to learn. How do I get to the Zoom meetings? Thanks.
  12. Hi, It is in the private forum. I think I got to you ... right? Stef
  13. Hi, i made the same transition - so maybe i can share with you some thoughts. I was in the field of Online Marketing and that's why i had some touching points with technology (but not programming) before. Today i think you can make a transition from any field to programming because the world of IT is very open and the demand is there. But People with background in Marketing can benefit the most in IT. The Software we write has to be sold (to a customer or to a User), you have to pitch your idea to a decider for your Project (Marketing), as a Developer you have to market y
  14. To show the values within the input fields after the user hits the submit button, we add a bit PHP script inside the worth attribute of the subsequent input fields: name, email, and website. within the comment Textarea field, we put the script between the <textarea> and </textarea> tags. the tiny script outputs the worth of the $name, $email, $website, and $comment variables. Then, we also must show which radio button that was checked. For this, we must manipulate the checked attribute (not the worth attribute for radio buttons) Name: <input type="text" name="name" val
  15. It is a good idea to learn laravel because it will teach a lot about development.
  16. Hello, As an aspiring freelancer, would it make sense to learn Laravel after becoming competent with PHP, mySQL, mySQLi, Crud, and WordPress? Or are frameworks like Laravel primarily only for larger projects for larger clients (and not simple web apps for restaurants and small businesses or non-profits)? Thanks, Kevin
  17. Google Chrome doesn't include an choice to disable cascading style sheets, but you'll disable CSS on a per-page basis with a browser extension, like Web Developer or Pendule. Step 1 Open the online Developer or Pendule extension page on the Chrome Web Store. Click the "Install" button to put in the extension. Step 2 Click the gear-shaped icon at the highest right corner of the Google Chrome window to open the online Developer or Pendule extension's menu. Step 3 Select the "CSS" option within the Web Developer extension and click on "Disable All Styles," or click t
  18. Hey everyone! I’m Sima. Excited to join this community. I’m interested in learning how to refine security and be on top on , tech and IoT evolution; and to me it’s the place where everything connects. I look forward to learning from this talented group and contributing where I can. I enjoy traveling (especially in sunny places :) ), mind-games, puzzles and challenges, Sci-Fi & Thriller either in books or movies, and fascinated about tech evolution. Looking forward to discover this space; it seems users are at the core of this ecosystem to the benefit of its community membe
  19. Just click under any of my youtube videos. Stef
  20. Can someone send me a discord invite? Thanks.
  21. it looks like $data in line 172 is set as a string earlier in the code. While you do not have to explicitly set data types for most stuff in PHP, IF $data was set to a string value, you cannot then use it as an array in that way. That line appears to be saying `add a new entry in this array at the end with the value ...` and the array you are setting. If you are not using $data earlier, then simply get rid of the square brackets after that. If that doesn't solve it, I might be able to help if I saw more of the code
  22. Follow these steps to make website design looks cool white background Create contrast: Choose dark or bright colors that will speak to users against the white background. Keep it simple: The essence of white is simplicity. Focus on typography: Beautiful type is of the upmost importance in a design outline where everything is simple.
  23. Hi, WordPress works with themes ... but you can create your own or use a simple pre made theme. Stef
  24. Hi all: I'm new to site building and am confused by something. I've decided on using WordPress and Gutenberg for the block builder. My first site is going to have a pretty simple layout. I don't want any of the razzmatazz themes out there. And this brings me to the question. It seems to me that I can build the site I want without having to get involved with attaching a theme program to Gutenberg. That I can do what I want with Gutenberg alone. Now, I've read where a builder has to have a theme, but I don't see why, unless wanting a specific theme. Am I wrong
  25. This is the error I keep getting when clicking the add to cart button on the product of choice. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in C:\xampp\htdocs\phpcartoopmvc-projectfiles\app\models\m_products.php:172 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\phpcartoopmvc-projectfiles\app\models\m_cart.php(162): Products->get_prices(Array) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\phpcartoopmvc-projectfiles\app\init.php(51): Cart->get_total_cost() #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\phpcartoopmvc-projectfiles\index.php(3): include('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #3 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\phpcartoopmvc-projectfil
  26. What is the Best way to create a shopping cart for my website project? I have a project my landlord would like me to create and I have the landing page but what would the best way to create a shopping cart for his products be?
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