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  3. with numpy: ********************************** import numpy as np arr1 = np.array(range(1,4)) # [1,2,3] arr2 = np.array(range(4,7)) # [4,5,6] add_arr = arr2 + arr1 print("sums",add_arr) sub_arr = arr2 - arr1 print("differences",sub_arr) multi_arr = arr2 * arr1 print("products",multi_arr) *************************** sums [5 7 9] differences [3 3 3] products [ 4 10 18]
  4. a = [4,5,6] b = [1,2,3] answer_list = [(x[0]+x[1],x[0]-x[1], x[0]*x[1]) for x in zip(a,b)] for answer in answer_list: print("add",answer[0]) print("subtract",answer[1]) print("product", answer[2]) print() ************************ add 5 subtract 3 product 4 add 7 subtract 3 product 10 add 9 subtract 3 product 18
  5. To become a web designer, there are several skills and tools that you need to learn. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important things you need to learn to become a successful web designer. Table of Contents Introduction Basic Design Principles HTML and CSS Responsive Web Design JavaScript and jQuery User Experience (UX) Design Graphic Design and Image Editing Content Management Systems (CMS) Conclusion FAQs 1. Introduction Web design involves creating and designing websites that are both visually appealing and functional. To become a successful web designer, you need to have a good understanding of design principles, coding languages, and tools. 2. Basic Design Principles The foundation of web design is a good understanding of basic design principles. This includes things like color theory, typography, layout, and visual hierarchy. You should have a good eye for design and be able to create visually appealing websites that are easy to navigate. 3. HTML and CSS HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the building blocks of web design. You should have a good understanding of both HTML and CSS to create web pages that are well-structured and visually appealing. You will use HTML to structure the content of a web page, while CSS is used to style and layout the page. 4. Responsive Web Design In today's world, more people access the internet through mobile devices than ever before. Responsive web design is the process of creating websites that are optimized for all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You should have a good understanding of responsive web design principles and be able to create websites that are optimized for all devices. 5. JavaScript and jQuery JavaScript is a programming language used to create dynamic and interactive web pages. jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to write JavaScript code. You should have a good understanding of both JavaScript and jQuery to create interactive and engaging websites. 6. User Experience (UX) Design User Experience (UX) design is the process of designing websites that are easy to use and provide a good user experience. This includes things like user research, usability testing, and creating user personas. You should have a good understanding of UX design principles and be able to create websites that are easy to use and provide a good user experience. 7. Graphic Design and Image Editing As a web designer, you will also need to have a good understanding of graphic design and image editing. This includes things like creating logos, icons, and other visual elements. You should also be proficient in image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch. 8. Content Management Systems (CMS) Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal make it easier to create and manage websites. You should have a good understanding of CMS and be able to create websites using these platforms. 9. Conclusion To become a successful web designer, you need to have a good understanding of design principles, coding languages, and tools. By mastering the skills and tools discussed in this article, you can become a successful web designer and create visually appealing and functional websites. 10. FAQs What is web design? Web design is the process of creating and designing websites that are both visually appealing and functional. What is HTML? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language used to structure content on the web. What is CSS? CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in HTML.
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  7. Hi, from Winnipeg I am taking 6 months off from this program to fill-in gaps so as to make myself more job/career/freelance ready, and to prepare for the Final Project My question is: knowing my level of training, what should I be doing now? The background: I have completed 5 of 6 terms for this 3-year program. I have chosen what the Brits call "web specialism" as my speciality. The compulsory web-relevant skills taught in the first two years to everyone are: programming skills: HTML CSS JS MySQL SQLite3 Postgresql Python nodejs express.js Two HTML templating engines: Handlebars and EJS other skills: wire framing prototypes mocking agile development software design & development The remainder of the compulsory (general) courses are: math, algorithms and C++ Third(final)-year is the speciality track year. For web specialism: React Native - done (Note: there is no React instruction) Django - done More SQL - done Semantic Web - done Interaction Design - done Still to do (final semester): Unity, C# an elective (I am leaning towards Machine Learning, it could be a niche in web development) the Final Project - putting it all together My concerns: Should I learn React ? (not offered in this program) Any other backend frameworks I should master besides Django? How useful is Unity and C# as a web developer? Would mastering mobile development help my career as a web developer? *********************************************************************************************** For the curious, I attach a spreadsheet outlining the different specialities the University of London (Goldsmiths College) offers at the present time, with the list of final-year compulsory courses for each speciality, and a list of the eight permitted elective courses for each speciality. Everyone does a Final Project. specialismsSpreadSheet.xlsx
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  9. Because you will find many projects where elementor and any other builder will not have the features you need. Stef
  10. Hello all, I'm new to coding and web development. I know enough HTML, CSS, JS and PHP to design a website and integrate it into wordpress.org. I figure now is a good time to start doing free/cheap freelance jobs and it seems like most freelance jobs are web developer jobs… The thing is… elementor pro looks amazing. It looks like one could put together a really awesome responsive website in less than an hour… way better than I could do. Plus with elementor pro you can add all kinds of plugins that are way more supported and functional than anything I could create and/or maintain. So I'm wondering… why would a freelance web developer ever need to use code at all in 2023?
  11. I really want to transition into a career in Web Design / Usability - I just don't know where to start. I found online programs with a local community college that teach online courses for $3,999 per course. They offer Front End, Back End, and Marketing Courses (all separate courses for each topic). I really want to do usability, I have some experience with taking college courses, I graduated in 2017 with a degree in Technical Communications, but didn't go into that career when I started working. I have experience learning new programs that were specific to jobs within Human Services. Each job has been related to determining eligibility, customer service, and or auditing. I'm not sure how my background can help me, I keep researching entry level positions in usability and I'm unsure of which course to take at the community college (between Front End, Back End, or Marketing). Please help! Any feedback or advice on which route to go along with what to search for in terms of entry level positions would be appreciated.
  12. As Proficient suggested, one of the reasons for this could be the "noindex, nofollow" code in your pages. Make sure to change it to "all" to allow search engines to index your pages. Additionally, to check how many pages of your site are indexed, you can use Google Webmaster Tools
  13. Hello, I've gotten my wires crossed when trying to build a basic nav menu now there's no margin bottom between each tab and the widths are different. Any advice on how I can fix this? Thank you! test.html test.css
  14. Hello! After finishing up the PHP course I have recently started the Form Validation with PHP and JavaScript project as I expect this will be something I'll do quite often. I have run into a snag or two here. The videos teach great concepts, but the plug-in used in lesson 2 with jQuery is no longer available. Preview attachment validation.plug-in.site.png validation.plug-in.site.png 1.4 MB Preview attachment form-php-video.png form-php-video.png 1.1 MB Preview attachment form-php-video2.png form-php-video2.png 1.1 MB I've followed along writing out the code for the sake of writing it out, but it can't work correctly without the actual plug-in's code to copy and paste into a page. The video shows how to make some of the inputs required by adding a few classes to them. Preview attachment phoneUS_inputTag_class.png phoneUS_inputTag_class.png 410 KB Then to use a validate method in the head of the page in a script block. Preview attachment validate-script-block-head.png validate-script-block-head.png 104 KB The video then shows some code that is copy and pasted from the plug-in site into our validate method using an expression to check to make sure the phone number is valid, as well as a modifiable message to be displayed if the field needs to be corrected. Preview attachment phoneUS_validation_field.png phoneUS_validation_field.png 376 KB This code is also dependent on being able to copy and paste the plug-in code into a page. Preview attachment code_copied_unavailable.png code_copied_unavailable.png 1.4 MB Chatting earlier today in the zoom meeting, you'd said to post screen shots and describe what I was encountering. Please let me know if these won't suffice or if there is something else I should be sending you as an example? Otherwise, does anyone have a comparable plug-in they can recommend?
  15. Hi Steff,

    I just signed up for your tutoring program few days ago. It happen just by chance that I landed in my first back-end programing job. I have been trying to reach uot to you searching for more insight. What would be the best way to contact you?

  16. Hello, im trying to deploy my site on GitHub Pages, however it is not adding any style to it. I recently came across this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7AOvWpIVHU) and made a project following along with this video. When I run it on the localhost everything looks great but when I deploy it to my github pages i only see a plain html website with no styling https://petersidlauskas.github.io/mcfooly/ Does anyone know why this is happening?
  17. Solution found! under PHP 7 Foundations - CH4 - PHP Includes
  18. Hi again! Im stuck in the course with this php.ini setting to display php errors. I can't find it! Anybody that knows out of straight hand maybe?
  19. As a web developer, you should be familiar with the basics of SEO and how it works. You should understand the importance of optimizing content, titles, meta tags, and other elements of a website to help it rank higher in search engine results. You should also be aware of the importance of link building and other off-page SEO techniques. However, if you want to get more involved in SEO, you should consider taking courses or hiring an SEO specialist to help you with more advanced techniques with Mlsdev.
  20. It would be in the earlier videos. Stef
  21. Hi, I can't find the video in the PHP 7 foundation course where it is shown how to setup the php.ini file, so you can see the errors when running the php code. Any help appreciated, thanks!
  22. Hello, If you have good knowledge of html and CSS as well, you start with simple projects like vanilla javascript stopwatch, javascript clock, and javascript calculator. Also you can also find various websites who listed many project related to Javascript.
  23. Yes, it is always wise to go with a website-building company that already has experience in the field and knows the market. The website layout should be tailored specifically to the particular target market and purpose of the website, so having someone who knows the ins and outs of such layouts is essential.
  24. Question- TaskThe provided code stub reads two integers from STDIN, and . Add code to print three lines where: The first line contains the sum of the two numbers. The second line contains the difference of the two numbers (first - second). The third line contains the product of the two numbers. Example Print the following: 8 -2 15 my answer if __name__=='__main__': a=input(int()) b=input(int()) if 1<=a<=10**10 and 1<=b<=10**10: summation = a+b diff = a-b multiply = a*b print(summation) print(diff) print(multiply) error Traceback (most recent call last): File "Solution.py", line 6, in <module> if 1<=a<=10**10 and 1<=b<=10**10: TypeError: '<=' not supported between instances of 'int' and 'str'
  25. Look into doing this with CSS. Much easier.
  26. Hoping someone can help me with this. The basis is a single webpage that has a fair amount of text on it but also has a feature thus: One line of three words: Cardiff | Manchester | Both Below is an image: Initially when the page loads it will have the cardiff.gif Then when Manchester is clicked the cardiff disappears and the manchester.gif appears in the same place. Same for when the Both word is clicked. I just need something simple/ I sourced this from the net html> <body> <img id ="imageOne" src ="circleRed.png" onclick = "changeColor()"/> <script> var image = document.getElementById("imageOne"); function changeColor() { if (image.getAttribute('src') == "circleRed.png") { image.src = "circleBlue.png"; } else { image.src = "circleRed.png"; } } </script> </body> </html> This is for clicking an image. to change things. I tried to edit for my needs but It just isn't working. I don't have a lot of experience with javascript or css. All help is gratefully received. Thanks in advance,
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