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  2. Thought that perhaps it was because the tif files had layers, so I flattened them. That still did not help.
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  4. I am learning responsive design. have finally achieved the results desired with "flex". In testing the page in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera five img links out of six do not load. In Safari they all load. All resources are in the same file so there should be no problem loading. It has completely flummoxed me. The "cover.jpg", but none of the "btn_f.tif" or btn_i.tif" do, just in Safari. index.html btn_i.tif btn_f.tif
  5. Just breakdown the page into simpler elements and then you can isolate where the problem is. Stef
  6. Hello, I am doing some practice right now and I am wondering how to populate this dropdown menu with my database.... I think the code is correct but not sure: (lines 2-9) //importing the country database readRecords("COVID-19 Cases per Country", {}, function(records){ var countries_list = []; for(var i=0; i < records.length; i++){ appendItem(countries_list,[i]. Country); } setProperty("countryDropdown","options",countries_list); });
  7. Hi, Check my youTube channel on how to monetize your coding skills. Just search for Stefan Mischook on YouTube. Stef
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  9. So I have coded a page for 450 px, and want to now expand it so that it can accommodate 800px, then obviously 1024px and greater. Every time I try to add an @media query the page breaks down. I have put the querry before the "html" in css, or "body" using @media (max-width 450px). Or work is graphic heavy as we are artists who do direct sales. Did I do this backwards, should I have made the large version first? screen.css index.html button_f.tif button_i.tif logo_sm.tif
  10. Hello, I have started learning JS recently and I am in love with it. Although , I do not know how I should approach going forward. I want to get a job in front end development and I target to learn REACT after i am done with JS basics. Any kind of guidance will be really appreciated.
  11. RichardE


    Why doesn't Python create something that would combine the Python shell and the py file ?
  12. It worked when I did it today. Changed from INT to Varchar. But another thing. In the next lesson I was trying to insert an UPDATE-statement. But for some reason this will return: SQL query: Copy UPDATE people SET name = ”Jimmy the Frog” WHERE id = 3 MySQL said: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'the Frog” WHERE id = 3' at line 2 I don't know why that happens but this is a screenshot of the options I had picked before I p
  13. Hello im getting this error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in D:\wamp\www\shop\app\models\m_categories.php on line 35 here is my code for m_categories.php <?php /* Categories Handles all tasks related to retrieving and displaying categories */ class Categories { private $Database; private $db_table='categories'; function __construct() { global $Database; $this->Database=$Database; } /* Settting/Getting categories from database */ /** * Return an array with cat
  14. Sounds like you set that field to be of the datatype INT, so when you try to insert a string datatype, you will get that error. Makes sense? Stef
  15. It's good you asked as there had been something I couldn't quite put my finger on. I like the overall style and the footer is fine, but after a bright clear start with "Hi there, I'm Ryan Van Dyke" it's black all the way to the footer. It's too much darkness. I think keeping an eye on the times we live in is a good idea, and there's a lot of darkness and uncertainty in the air right now, and a lighter tone without being in your face might help to lift the mood. And you've almost got that. Context is important. I remember the old wild west days of the internet when black websites wer
  16. Hi :) So I am doing the PHP and MySQL-course in the studioweb-course. And I am using Xampp on a Mac, so the fields in my SQL version does not look exactly like they do in the video. I am currently at the video "PHPMyAdmin and Basic MySQL: part 2". When I write in the value of " INSERT INTO people (name) VALUES ('Stefan’); " around 2.55 into the video, I get the message: " INSERT INTO people (name) VALUES ('Stefan’); #1366 - Incorrect integer value: 'Stefan' for column `DATABAS2`.`people`.`name` at row 1 ". Any idea on what that means and how to solve it? And w
  17. Question: do you think the coloring looks good overall? Or should change the footer color as shown here? Or does it look fine as gray like it is now? Also , do you think the images and element spacing look fine overall? thanks!
  18. I wouldn't change anything, you're well on the way, just set it up to link to your email the way you want it to. What I wouldn't do is put "email me." "Me" is such an overused word, it makes me think of a youtuber desperate for subscriptions, but maybe that's just me. "Get in touch" is open and friendly and works well enough, stick with it. And your email and phone number is good and prominent in the footer too. Edit: I forgot to say watch your spelling/typing, it's probably a typo but in the projects section writing only has one "t", first impression and all that.
  19. Thanks for the kind review! Helped a lot. I think I may just do a form and validate it with JS at the end of the page. But , like you said, it doesn't leave a traceable message. I tried to make the contact button as easy as possible to press and link to my email immediately. Maybe I should put "Email Me" for the button so the user knows what to open it with.What would you suggest? Also, in the footer it contains my phone number and email address.
  20. I like it. It's clean and sharp and the nav bar is ever present, which isn't always the case. Is the contact button unfinished? If not maybe reconsider the pop up asking how you'd like to open this. Personally how easily accessible a website makes it to contact them can be a deal breaker for me. If you go with a contact form to fill in with enquiries/comments I'd also leave your contact email easily visible too. Again it's a personal preference but I prefer to copy an email address and send from my own email account as forms usually leave no trace of when a message was sent leaving you to
  21. Hey all, here is my portfolio site (http://greenlightcoding.net/#main) . I am going to add my projects soon. What do you think so far?
  22. Hi, You need to add the identifier attributes to your form elements so your PHP code can capture the form data people enter. Example: <input type="text" id="nameFirst" name="nameFirst"> PHP needs the ID attribute for each form element that captures info. Please refer to the PHP course.
  23. Since mLab and heroku do't work together anymore, I have been having excessive difficulty in learning the new procedures of deploying web applications. It has been this one obstacle that has prevented me from being able to focus mainly on the coding and more so on how to get deploying webapps to a free hosting platform so then I can have example projects inserted on a rebuilt portfolio|personal site. So that I would have showcase examples for employers and as well as clients for freelancing. My issue with deployment t this time is that when following the steps in the documentation for migra
  24. Thank's for the reply, I fixed the original error but now I have another one. After I login into the admin page the editable fields do not show up.
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  26. Hey guys! So far my website is looking great! Just trying to get this contact form to function. Wondering if everything lines up: HTML code: <!--contact-form-------------------> <section id="contact-form"> <form> <!--left---------------------------------------> <div class="contact-left"> <h1 class="c-l-heading"><font style="border-bottom: 3px solid #1ED98B;">Writ</font>e Me</h1> <!--name--------> <div class="f-name"> <font >Name</font> <input type="te
  27. Glad you like the courses on StudioWeb!
  28. So, about the time when covid-19 started it's mean streak, I decided to pursue my goal of a career change, from pre-school teacher to a full-fledged nerd. Through my life I've been a nerd in hiding so to speak, so I figured out, hey! let's give coding a chance! I found udemy.com and started a masterclass in Java... just to bite off more than I could chew. I followed along the course, to about 60% completion before I realized: I'm following blindly, trying to learn something new, but I'm really not learning "anything". I also realized that the tutor had mad skills when it came to Java, but wasn
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