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  2. Thank God. I was able to retrieve the videos I stumbled upon on this website https://downloadsrecuva.com/ which was provided by Recuva.
  3. The bad thing about this case is that my trash can is set to empty when it reaches certain GBs, and it happened to be about to fill up when my problem occurred.
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  5. Two days ago I found myself in the delicate situation of sorting the files on my PC, you know moving, deleting files. I accidentally gave "Delete" to one of the video files from the University graduation that I took care of filming. And I haven't told him yet, first I want to see if I can find the solution and pretend nothing happened. Since I can't imagine how he'll be, when he finds out that the only memory of his graduation is lost. HELPPPPPPPPP 😭😭
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  7. If you want to rank your website your onsite should be good because if your on-page is good and according to Google guidelines you can rank your website but for that, your have to select low competition and medium competition. Always use longtail keywords like if you provide website development then you can use "website development services provider". Always use your target keywords in URL, title, and meta description. Maintain your keywords density which is 1% to 2% which is according to google guidelines and always uses unique content don't post copied content because google always values the unique content. Whenever you post content on your website your title is unique and attractive so you can attract more people towards your website.
  8. In general, to play safely, you should turn to trusted sites. If you want to play in an online casino, you can use the Canadian review website LeafletCasino to do this. Here you will find a review of the various online casinos, their description and rules. It seems to me that it’s much safer to rely on reviews than to use some unknown websites that may not be safe and maybe hucked.
  9. HI this isn't huge now but it could be in future if I'm doing something very minor wrong now. In the last 2 or 3 lessons in JS Chapter 8 Stef is using the var dogs array to illustrate various concepts. Even though I'm sure I followed and typed out things to the letter, every time I ran the code in the browser things worked fine except for the number of items in the dogs array. It was always 4. it didn't vary at all! I cut the list to only German Shepherd and 325425 and still it returned 4. Is there a quirk of the browser I'm missing or is there something in the code below I'm missing? It was the same with or without the bits commented out. <h1>Looping can make your code spin!</h1> <input type="button" id="looper" value="Do it again!"> <p id="target"></p> <script> document.getElementById("looper").onclick=function(){ var dogs = [ "German Shepherd", 325425 "Beagle", "Boxer", "Chimpdog" ]; dogs.push("Pushing Dogs"); //.push inserts another item into your array// //dogs.sort(); for (index = 0; index < dogs.length; index++) { alert(dogs[index]); } //alert(dogs.sort()); // .sort arranges an array's contents alphabetically putting numbers first in order. NB: alert is only used to inform the pop up-simply use dogs.sort() to sort them within the code.// var pets = ["Pets", "Pets2", dogs, "false"]; alert(pets.length); document.getElementById("target").innerHTML = pets[2]; } </script>
  10. Cool platform. Remote tools are so much more convenient.
  11. This thread is so old unfortunately. I've just started my javascript journey.
  12. I think this is a very individual indicator. For example, I'm in college, but I'm already interested in programming and I already know a lot. I try to do everything to acquire new skills. I even spend my time just studying in my specialty, not everything. So when I get an essay in college, I just go to https://papersowl.com/fast-essay-writing. They provide fast essay writing services and do it very well and professionally. I am always satisfied with the result of their work. It is very convenient for me because I spend all the saved time on improving my programming skills.
  13. Hey there! Hello and welcome! I'm new here too!!
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  15. From my point of view, Facebook advertising is worth the money because Facebook is the best platform to reach more customers according to your target location, age group, and interest. It also helps you to increase leads through advertising.
  16. JavaScript now supports five different types of loops while loops through a block of code as long as the condition specified evaluates to true. do while loops through a block of code
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  18. Yes, Reddit is one of the best platforms to increase your site traffic. You can post to your channel as well as the community. You can post anything about your website development as well as website design services and much more.
  19. Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is best. If you don't know about more, then consult the best SEO company. We provide professional website design, development, and SEO services globally.
  20. Website design create the overall layout of websites and decide where certain features sit on landing pages. Designers also play around with typefaces, colors and formatting to create aesthetically pleasing, intuitively organized pages.
  21. How to stop and play gif dice without using any plugin. Code / Examples please
  22. Jim706

    Hey all, I'm back

    Nobody drops the killer man... https://youtu.be/aktBeNMcuXU
  23. Here are the 9 ways to rank your videos on top Find keywords for your video Optimise your video title Optimise your tags you are using for video Tell the people to comment on your video Encourage people to subscribe you channel Make an eye-catching thumbnail Add close caption to your video Edit your file name before uploading video share your videos on social media for more engagement
  24. LSW

    Hey all, I'm back

    If you drop the Killer...you need to return the frog!
  25. python is valuable in a variety of different career not just as a programmer. Being a programmer is the most obvious way it can help you, but it's not the only way. If you want to become a software developer that utilizes Python developer and Research Analyst.
  26. I hadn’t even realized you had responded. I’ve since abandoned that home made theme and use a premodern one. I still haven’t leaned PHP. But thanks.
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