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  3. Consider the colours Having your own website means you've got all the liberty to create it entirely your own. It’s all up to you and your team to make sure that every one the client-facing aspects of your site represent your brand accurately. If you have already got a well-established color theme for your brand, don’t be afraid to combine it up by adding more pleasing hues to your website’s graphic design. Don’t forget the colours of the fonts and text on your site. ensure it’s easy to read so people can easily see what to click on next by just quickly glancing at different par
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  5. First of all, what's web development? Although it should seem hard to define, web development is seen as the simplest way of making, building, and maintaining websites. Typically, web development involves a front-end (everything that interacts with the user) and a back-end - hidden from the regular user - which contains all the business logic and interacts with a database. Python inserts itself in web development as a back-end language, and it's usually combined with another front-end language (frequently javascript) to create a full website. Back to our star question, the rationale
  6. Doing some great work to finally understand how to insert data into a database using JavaScript AJAX and PHP But the problem I'm having is this, when inserting say a post (a basic commenting system is what I am doing just for a kind of proof of concept sort of thing so I can understand whats going on as such) it inserts the post but needing to refresh the page to see the new comment/post/data Is there any better way of say doing this like so when inserting it automatically appears in the feed, have this essentially right now: function getComments() { var comments = docum
  7. Hello everyone, I am opening an LLC this summer, and I am looking for experienced Freelance Web & Software Developers to work with on a long term. If anybody is interested in discussing new business opportunities, please let me know. Thank you! Giovanni
  8. Thanks @JamesBurns You provide a right information! I have checked on this article and It provide a same useful information and salary maybe its depend on the location also.
  9. Salary during this field ranges from INR 2.42 lakh once a year while the upper limit for the pay during this field is INR 10 lakh each year. Java web developers with one to four years of professional experience make INR 4.91 lakh once a year on the average while those with five to nine years of experience get INR 10 lakh once a year
  10. Hello Everyone, I want to know which developer salary is high python or java? Both are trending programming language but which language pay more. I am from India and I want to know the average salary of both profile in India.
  11. Hi Stefan, No I haven't solved the problem. I've just been opening them one by one. I don't know if opening multiple files at the same time is useful in the real world, but I just thought it would be nice if I could do that. Would I need to use windows 8 maybe? It looked like you were using an older version of windows on you videos.
  12. Hi, Did you solve the problem. Sorry for the delay?
  13. Archives: https://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/search/&tags=zoom meeting Briant post the meeting dates. Next one is in two weeks. We just had it today. I will be posting the replay this week. Stef
  14. HI - I was also looking for the zoom meeting archive. And when are the live zoom meeting held? Thanks
  15. I have taken the foundational courses in studioweb.com...What should I do now and how to implament the skills I have learned for layout and design? Because i am not sure what to do with php and mysqli?
  16. Hello, I just started the course but the option to open with sublime text doesn't appear when I select multiple files and right click. I would have to right click each .html file and use "open with" to open them. In the videos Stefan could select all of them, right click, and open with sublime text. Any way to do this? I'm on windows 10 btw.
  17. I am thinking I should do a blog about Standing Rock since I have a lot of images I captured when I was there in 2016 what do you all think about this idea? 


  18. cagedillusions.com this is the first website I have ever created I realize the layout is not up to par but it is my first what do you all think?

    Screenshot 2021-05-14 184420.png

  19. Images of my first websites ever..

    Screenshot 2021-05-15 103731.png



  20. Image of my first blog I wrote all the code for...

    Screenshot 2021-05-15 083023.png

  21. I've been working on creating my first websites and webdesigns let me know what I need to work on and please don't pull any punches I learn best by getting in the ring with others who are better. DeHartsWebDesign.com, Cagedillusions.com, Tekagephp.com. plus my new blogs Dehartswebdesign.com and Tekagephp.wordpress.com😎thanks Shad DeHart🤓

    Screenshot 2021-05-14 221248.png

  22. Can I get some feed back positive negative either way but I have noticed when I get negative feedback is when I learn the most so please do not pull your punches... Needing to learn where I should focus my energy the most. cagedillusion.com, dehartswebdesign.com, tekagephp.com or should I start a wordpress blog to implement there themes until I learn how to create the themes myself...I have started a couple different wordpress blogs just to try and learn how wordpress works and to see if I should use it for my blog instead of creating my own blog theme. dehartswebdesign.wordpress.com let
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