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  3. G'day all, just joined and happy to be in this learning environment.
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  5. Hello, How can I change the sublime color scheme to be the same as to Stef's in the html and css course. Ive tried all the default ones and cant find a match. Thanks, Colin
  6. Yep. I figured an easier way. Open the CSS in sublime/code editor and modify it from there.
  7. Hi. I've updated them with some extra info but the core of what you got are still good simply because the underlying tech hasn't changed. Stef
  8. In the CSS3 PRO course: Lesson 3 Google fonts Im trying to modify the css page but am not able to replace or erase any of it. Stef does this in the video. The only way I can manage to do it is by opening the css page in text edit. Im a nube structure-ch3.css
  9. your little fellow is also new here where are you grandpa
  10. Hey Stefan, I just recently sent an email to your stefan.killersites@gmail.com email account about having a 2nd online meeting this next Wednesday afternoon. Also, it'd be OK with me if we have this virtual meeting through Discord, if not then I'm OK with meeting through Google-Meet like last time. Anyways, thanks again and talk to you soon Stefan! Cheers, Tomas
  11. Yo fellow coding nerds! My name is Colin. Im a videographer here in Steamboat Springs. Ive just recently gotten into coding. The best book ive read recently "Sapiens" by Harari Have been listening to Vitalic a lot lately Im a sporty nerd. Love riding my bike, Nordic skiing, skateboarding, Tennis, moving my body. Glad to be here. Grateful for Uncle Stef.
  12. zaeemali


    HI there i am new here. i hope i will find some good and more interesting topics here.
  13. Hi, I got the Complete Web Dev Package two years ago and was wondering if my courses will be updated to include the new PRO chapters. Anyone got an idea?
  14. Look to PHP Laravel. Also, check out my YouTub channel ... it is packed with career oriented content: https://www.youtube.com/c/StefanMischook/videos Yep ... I used to be a bouncer and learn to stay out of trouble because it mostly a loosing situation .... even if you win. Stef
  15. Hey forum, I've just found you guy's through google. I want to pose some questions but my description of my position may be off putting to some. I've just spent six years in jail and a few years before my incarceration I was using Lamp, PHP and JavaScript including Jquery. I was attacked, defended myself and the other guy came off worse (he's still alive). Anyhow my point being, i'm not a criminal. However, I've come out after six years and done one year out here just getting re-orientated, now I see multiple frameworks, node, ember, angular, rails etc; What's going on? How do I take my experience of javascript, jQuery, php , sql and move on? What framework is the easiest for me to migrate to? What is Angular, ember, etc are they script libraries like JQuery? Where do I start, what framework should I use and what's the easiest way for me to get up to scratch on web application development taking my existing skills?
  16. Hi All I seem to be receiving a "unknown property" error with all of my CSS Grid property declarations when uploaded to cPanel. They work fine locally. I am sure some of you have come across this but I haven't as of yet. Any ideas why this may be the case? I have also noticed it happening with the Justify-self property. Thanks all.
  17. Hi! If you are part of the mentoring program, best to post in the private club. Stef
  18. Hello everyone! Really excited to start learning.
  19. When I go to the "clubs" I'm not send anything.
  20. Hi, Go to the private mentoring club. Did you get access? Stef
  21. Hi, Yes ... you have to configure sublime to do this. This is a weakness in the software. You can google: browser preview sublime ... to find the solution. Also, you may want to try VS code ... which is a copy from Microsoft.
  22. Where do I find the bi-weekly Skype chats for Stef's school?
  23. I tried saving my Sublime Text file as index.html but it will not show a google icon or open to a webpage preview. Any solutions for a COMPLETE NEWBIE? Thanks. index.html
  24. Hello everyone! Hope you are all safe and healthy! Just want to ask a simple question on stock investing. If anyone here has some experience and knowledge on ETFs, I am eager to hear you. So what are the criterias to follow when buying ETFs? I know that here in Canada I could buy the famous iShares from BlackRock, I could buy SPY after converting CADs to USDs. What info do you follow when making a decision on which ETFs or index funds to choose? Have a great day everyone! Christian
  25. Hi, I hope you guys are doing well. I need advice from you. My friends and I are planning to start a business firm in Ontario. We needed some advice on how to register our business with the Ontario Business Registry. If you guys have any ideas about that, please share them with us. I'm looking for information about it. I found a blog about Ontario business registry was more informative and quite useful. I need extra knowledge about this. If any of you have any additional information or ideas, please feel free to share them here. Thanks in advance.
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