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  4. Hey y'all! I'm Andreas from Berlin, Germany and am excited to be a part of this community. Best!
  5. Hey all. I'm currently in the process of setting up an LLC in Delaware, and I have a question regarding the annual franchise tax and reporting requirements. I understand that Delaware is a popular choice for forming LLCs due to its business-friendly environment, but I'd like to get some insights from those who have gone through the process. Specifically, I'm interested in learning about the annual obligations, tax implications, and any tips or recommendations for maintaining compliance with Delaware's regulations. Your experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. thanks in advance for any help
  8. We have a 2nd home that is in a rural area that we and other family members spend 10-15 days each month visiting. Unfortunately there is no "traditional" internet or cable service available in the area. I need internet for my Ring security system so that I can keep an eye on things when we're not there, which requires internet connectivity, and for that I've been using Hughes Net satellite at a cost of $80/month. For television I use DirecTV at a ridiculous cost of $150/month because Hughes Net is useless for streaming (constant buffering) not to mention a 30GB data cap. My absolute minimum requirement is internet connectivity for the security system, which uses about 10 GB per month. But I would LOVE to also have the ability for tv streaming, and get rid of the DirectTV expense. I could use the same streaming services (Netflix, YouTube TV) that we use at our primary residence at no extra cost. It looks like my options are very limited. One thing I'm currently looking into is adding Hotspot off of my cellular service with TMobile. I can get an extra 20 GB of 4G hotspot data and after that unlimited 3G data for an additional $15/month. I think this will work for the security system, but maybe not for streaming. I think the 4G streaming will work fine but not sure about 3G. Does anyone have any thoughts about my situation? I open to any options that might be available for me.
  9. Hi, Nothing comes to mind yet. But I appreciate the offer. Stef
  10. Hi, I have a simple Excel file with just one sheet and one image in .xls and in .xlsx (attached in the zip file). When reading the files using the XlsFormatProvider or XlsxFormatProvider, I get a workbook. When iterating the shapes on every sheet, I have a different result. I can retrieve the image using the XlsxFormatProvider in the xlsx file, but I'm not getting any shapes in the .xls file using the XlsFormatProvider. Some code below: var provider = new XlsxFormatProvider(); using (var fs = File.OpenRead("image.xlsx")) { var workbook = provider.Import(fs); Assert.AreEqual(workbook.ActiveWorksheet.Shapes.Images.Count(), 1); } Should I be doing this differently? Or is this a known limitation? I'm using version 2021.3.909.40.
  11. Hello, I’ve been working with Java, Spring, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, etc. for about 8 years. Is there some project I can contribute with for a few hours a week? I’m eager to learn new things. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and there is always great advice. Thank you for helping us all uncle Stef. Jorge
  12. Hi all, I've problems when I try to clone a GIT project that is of medium size in mb (ca 300 MB). I'm using RTC 6.0.2 and GIT with Nodejs integration. I always receive the following maessages: error: RPC failed; curl 52 Empty reply from server fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Instead I've no problem during a push, to the remote server, of the entire project.
  13. Here is my portfolio: https://nicoleramanathanportfolio.netlify.app/ I still have to work on the PHP for the contact section. Let me know if you have any advice for things to add. Thanks.
  14. Hi, can anyone suggest how to approach a project and at the same time avoid the "tutorial hell". I'm done with all the courses at Studioweb and want to start building projects for my own now. I mean often the solutions are available on internet for a specific project, but isn't it like using tutorials? To copy/paste code from internet into a project? Best regards Borhen
  15. Could you say which type of niche you are into, What kind of content types you are creating, and how many times are you tweeting per day.
  16. Hi Guyz, Where do you use Glassmorphism approach? I mean what are the places it uses for?
  17. Hello. I've been actively using Twitter to share my thoughts, ideas, and engage with various communities, but I've noticed that my follower count has been stagnant for a while. I'm really keen on expanding my reach and connecting with a larger audience. So, I wanted to reach out to all of you for some advice and tips on how to organically grow my Twitter followers. Have any of you experienced a similar situation and managed to overcome it? What strategies, techniques, or content types have worked best for you in attracting more followers? I'm open to learning about optimal posting times, engaging content ideas, hashtag strategies, and any other insights you might have.
  18. Hi Guyz, I just came across the topic called Scrim Overlay and I curious to know about from you Guyz, What is Scrim Overlay and How to use it?
  19. We have all now heard the latest news from DSTV that from the 22nd March 2022 - Only 1 streaming service would be allowed per subscribed bouquet. This brings me to ask the question : What now? This is where the streaming services that are offered out there ( paid one's of course, to get the best streaming & video quality ) to get their marketing out there and start offering great deals that most Sport fans or fanatics out there, to subscribe to their services! Surely there has to be a streaming service that offers sport only offers? Perhaps a packaged streaming service that offers Movies, series and sport at a fraction of the price DSTV charges for their full package? Any ideas ? What are the one's out there that don't cost an arm and a leg that have great content and great quality? Which do you currently use or subscribed to, and what content do you get? Are VPN's required or not? Looking forward to your responses.
  20. i need one that that will tell me how much i will have paid off in 3,5,10 (etc) years based on interest rate, repayment amount, initial loan, etc, etc or does someone know the formula for how to factor in the daily accrued interest charge applicable to the total (changing) balance.
  21. Hi guyz, Can we change a WordPress website design into custom coding site?
  22. So I was playing a mobile game the other day to try it out and I came across the app, Mistplay that you can download on your mobile. It is an incentive-based app where if you play games offered through their app, you will receive credits which you can redeem for gift cards. At first, I thought it was too good to be true but I checked it out anyway. They gave me 200 credits for signing up and since then I am now at nearly 600 credits since starting yesterday which isn't bad at all. I am going to continue using the app just to see how it goes but has anyone here ever used Mistplay? Have you managed to redeem any gift cards yet?
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