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  2. Thanks for the reply. I was trying to find some software or online tools where I can implement for my small business. I think POSist, LOGIC POS and ROMIO POS is more comprehensive Software. Still once I want to compare all of them before selecting one of them.
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  4. HI again, Also, I asked if it was possible to get a free Mentor course membership . But you sent me an email that linked me to another user's name and password? Paul Barrett Lodon
  5. Hi Stefan, Do I need to start a new HTML page in Chapter 2 ...external style sheet, CSS chapter, or can I use the index page in editor already I know , put new to the game. Thanks Paul
  6. Compared to a 169 year old, and considering I plan on living another 200 years, that's true!
  7. Everything was working fine until I altered the background color in main. Now it takes up the whole viewport width. Any hints, anyone?
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  9. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Don't spam or post links to outside sites. Stef
  10. I want to discuss something related to this forum, i am new here and i want to know the rules of this forum. Can anybody tell me about this?
  11. Hi all! Life long nerd and new coder here. It is definitely reassuring to see people my age just starting this journey! I'm 48.
  12. Will the latest AI Kill programming jobs? I’ve heard many people say recently that artificial intelligence (AI) will make programming jobs obsolete in the future.
  13. I also know how to design a website and how to include there an e-commerce platform. But for me, this job must be done by an expert.
  14. As per my personal experience, Both Blogging and Podcasts are the best options to gain followers as well as to build brand reputation. Blogging or content creation is the right strategy to connect with your target audience. You can target their pain points using your content and by providing your business solutions. On the other hand, podcasts are useful for some business like music & entertainment industry, eCommerce & retail industry, etc.
  15. Have you ever started an ecommerce website? If the route I've decided to take was managed wordpress hosting and of course a WordPress website. With all of the options available what are the things I need to check off as far as a to do list. I understand what I want yet with so many plugins and so many plugins that are the same. What ones should I use to setup the store, the normal page area (it'll still be based upon a brief concept of the business and the products it has for sale) and of course the seo to the site along with desktop and mobile versions of viewing? I ha
  16. You're not going to be deleting them though are you Stef? The Wordpress theme building one in particular I was intending to do as that was a direction I thinking about going in. The paypal shipping cart also seemed like a useful string to add to your bow. Are they being superseded by newer courses? Cheers Jim.
  17. How quickly are posts answered here. I'm new to the forum and looking for a place to ask and answer questions quick.
  18. I am playing with a simple example where I have a 2 pages Working code in Plunker One page is a simple Form page. That uses jQuery submit() to fire up an alert ("yayyy for summitted") when the form is submitted. Page two, places this form in an iframe and loads it into a jQuery Dialog that has a SAVE and CLOSE button I want to be able to trigger the form Submit using the SAVE BUTTON in the Dialog. Since the form is in a iframe, I have no idea how to successfully fire up that alert ("yayyy for summitted"). Been stuck on this for a couple of days. So some help would be n
  19. For finding freelance web development jobs, I will suggest joining the below but first develop a strong portfolio too: Linkindin Topal Gun Crew Stackoverflow
  20. Hello, The link you shared is not opening with me. For help regarding processing of an html form with your php code, Please contact someone expert in it or share the screenshot again so that we may assist you.
  21. Both Blogging vs. Podcasting are good to gain followers. I will suggest to do both. I guess either way you’re providing content to your audience. So if you prefer writing create blogs and if you prefer talking make podcasts. So, do both to gain followers.
  22. Hello, Along with Web Developer and Pendule, you can also use the following: Stylish Personalized Web
  23. Looks good to me. Maybe try a CSS gradient ... so how that works.
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