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  3. I mentioned it to my wife, she says look at "Booster" & "Bonfire". One of the two is used by "Puppy Rescue" where we got two of our dogs from Afghanistan. They use it for fund raising.
  4. Entrepreneurship

    What are the best platforms to be a freelance developer?
  5. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Yo Stef, I finished IWD course and I have bought Python course, can u add it? Thanks!
  6. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hey Stefan, I am enrolled in the IWD course and would like to add python Thanks for your help Vickie
  7. Last week
  8. I'll check it out. We don't expect people to just find it there, the link will be posted to the website and the Facebook pages the organization has. Thanks!
  9. Redbubble may be an option. I don't know much about it, my daughter just started selling her art there. But of course hard to attract people to it as a fundraiser.
  10. I need to set up an online store to sell t-shirts for a not-for-profit to assist with their fund-raising. I don't necessarily want to sell on Facebook, since not everybody has Facebook. There's Shopify, Etsy might be an option. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?
  11. Cybersecurity News

    International Cybersecurity Related News Cyber news from around the world. Asia/Pacific Australian Government Contractor Exposed 50,000 Records [11/6/2017] China Chinese Quantum Satellite Sends First ‘Unhackable’ Data to Earth China Enforces Real-Name Policy to Regulate Online Comments China Shuts Down Popular VPN Services to Make Great Firewall Stronger Europe 75,000 Turks Arrested So Far for Downloading Encrypted Messaging App European Parliament Proposes Ban On Encryption Backdoors Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens Mystery surrounds malware attack that forced German state parliament offline Middle East/Africa Ethiopia Deployed Israeli-Made Spyware Against Dissidents [12/8/2017] APT33: Researchers Expose Iranian Hacking Group Linked to Destructive Malware North Korea Korea in the Crosshairs [1/18/2018] Trump Administration: 'North Korea Launched WannaCry' [12/20/2017] Was North Korea Behind Ransomware Cyberattack? HIDDEN COBRA – North Korea’s DDoS Botnet Infrastructure US Warns of 'DeltaCharlie' – A North Korean DDoS Botnet Malware Watch Out for Malware If You're Interested in North Korean Missile Program Russia 22-Year-Old Hacker Pleads Guilty to 2014 Yahoo Hack, Admits Helping Russian Intelligence [11/30/2017] Russia's Accused Hacker Repeat Play: Extradition Tug of War [11/29/2017] Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops Russia Bans Proxy Services And VPNs To Purge Extremist Content CNN Exclusive: US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis Russia Threatens to Ban Telegram Messaging App, Says It Was Used By Terrorists
  12. Books for programming

    Hmmm could come useful, thanks!
  13. Why cURL Fails To fetch Page ?

    Hi, If you are getting HTTP 403 Forbidden status , it could be the website blocking unknown bots - curl would be perceived as such. Stef
  14. Regex To Exract Text Inbetween 2 Selected Points

    Hi, Look for 'web page scraper'. For example: https://gist.github.com/anchetaWern/6150297 ... I don't know if this is a good one, but it will give you an idea. Stef
  15. What Is The Regex To Deal With Html Tags ?

    Hi, Look for some libraries ... there are some for each language: PHP, JS, Python etc ...
  16. Regex To Extract Content Visible To Webpage Visitor's Browser

    You should look for some libraries to do this. To build the regex by hand would take some time. Stefan
  17. How To Line Each Word On It's Own Line ?

    Have you tried using the pre tag
  18. Books for programming

    Maybe this isn't what your looking for, but this is a list for free online books on computer science (via github). https://github.com/EbookFoundation/free-programming-books
  19. Books for programming

    Hi nerdz! What books about programming can you recommend me? Some books that every programmer needs to read or any good one? Thanks!
  20. Why Hack me? I'm not important.

    Another article explaining your worth to bad actors. Hackers don’t care who you are — but they will sell your identity on the Dark Web - TheNextWeb.com
  21. Python course Ch 7, part 4 tkinter

    Hi! Yes. I just found out I said that I covered tkinter before! ... I clearly didn't. I must have been thinking of turtle. Please just move forward with the lessons. If you have any specific questions, just ask! Thanks! Stef
  22. Why cURL Fails To fetch Page ?

    I now get error that variable $url is undefined on line 72. Notice: Undefined variable: url in C:\xampp\htdocs\...... If you check line 72, it says between double quotes: $url = "http://devshed.com"; Even if I change the url to a url who's page cURL is able to fetch, I still get the same error. This does not work either, with single quotes: $url = 'http://devshed.com'; This is very very strange! If the $url variable has not been defined then how is cURL able to fetch the page who's url is on the $url variable value ? Even though page gets fetched, I still see the error! Weird!
  23. Hi everyone, I've been doing the Studio Web courses for the past 4 months (HTML, CSS, javaScript and now Python) and I love them, they're great! I'm now in Chapter 7 of the Python course and in part 4 Stef mentions that we have previously seen the tkinter module when learning to draw with Python. I have reviewed all my notes as well as the drawing with Python chapter but I can't seem to find any previous materials on tkinter, is there anything that I'm missing? I think he briefly mentioned tkinter in the treasure hunt chapter (again, saying we had previously seen it) and I remember already thinking that I had never heard of it before. Has there been perhaps some sort of update in the videos? Thanks in advance for any help!
  24. Why cURL Fails To fetch Page ?

    I added this line today ... echo "$response[http_code]"; Result I get is this: 403. Googling, I see that the page devshed.com is forbidden. Since I can view the page on y browser and not manage to get cURL to fetch it then I'm guessing devshed.com has put a measurement in place to foil proxies. Switched the url to another site and that got fetched. last night, even google did not get fetched and so I suspected maybe I accidently deleted something from my code but could not spot the deletion. Hence, opened this thread to see if anyone else spots it. Now, I understand, both devshed.com and google were foiling the cURL fetch or proxy fetch. How well did I do ?
  25. Why cURL Fails To fetch Page ?

    Folks, Why is cURL failing to fetch the page ? All this time it worked. Echoes "Page fetching problem!" <?php //Required PHP Files. include 'config.php'; include 'header.php'; //1). Set Banned Words. $banned_words = array("asshole", "nut", "bullshit"); $url = "http://devshed.com"; // 2). $curl is going to be data type curl resource. $curl = curl_init(); // 3). Set cURL options. curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, "$url"); curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false); curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); // 4). Run cURL (execute http request). $result = curl_exec($curl); if (curl_errno($curl)) { echo 'Error:' . curl_error($curl); } $response = curl_getinfo( $curl ); //If page is fetched then replace banned words found on page. if($response['http_code'] == '200' ) { $regex = '/\b'; $regex .= implode('\b|\b', $banned_words); $regex .= '\b/i'; $substitute = 'BANNED WORD REPLACED'; $clean_result = preg_replace($regex, $substitute, $result); //Present the banned words filtered webpage. echo $clean_result; } else { //Show error if page fetching failed. echo "Page fetching problem!"; exit(); } ?>
  26. Cybersecurity News

    Torrent Issues BitTorrent Flaw in Popular Transmission BitTorrent Client Lets Hackers Control Your PC Remotely [1/16/2018]
  27. looking for an IDE

    I recommend to try Codelobster IDE
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