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  2. wesle

    Book Recommendation

    There is an excellent book on JS learning "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford. It's very popular among web developers. The book is intended for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with JavaScript. I also used it and online assignment help for my course project at the university. The book covers the best of the language, including syntax, functions, arrays, objects, methods, inheritance, regular expressions, beautiful features, style.
  3. administrator

    Introduce Yourself

  4. davidlee21

    Big Monitor, Two Windows

    A 4k monitor is better than having two monitors. As a web developer, i like to see the design and code on a single monitor.
  5. Juliatom543

    Happy New Year Nerds!

    Happy new year to you too
  6. Juliatom543

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi To all of you guys. I a new here and I found it very interesting forum.
  7. Juliatom543

    Selling T-Shirts Online (Non-profit; fundraising)

    Why don't you go for android/ iOS application? Nowadays everybody is using Android smartphones or the iPhone.
  8. Juliatom543

    Page Cannot be Displayed

    try putting ahref there.
  9. Juliatom543

    Missing HTML Code for Lessons 6.5 and 6.6

    yes, I agree the lesson has no html code.
  10. Last week
  11. KeithHunt

    Server Issues for MySQL

    MAMP installed OK. Seemed to work pretty well, except for the fact that I could not get it to enable error reporting. Had to find some PHP code to add to each of my docs to get that to work. The MySQL server stopped turning on after the first day of use. Wasn't using it anyway so I ignored while I finished the PHP course. couldn't find any easy fixes, so I unistalled and reinstalled. Again worked for one day an then stopped turning on. Downloaded WAMP instead. So far so good, but it does have a very different user interface. If anyone has experienced similar issues with MAMP and has any easy fix, I'm all ears.
  12. administrator

    PHP Web Services

    I can't recommend any specific course.
  13. Ya, I know other ways of driving traffic but i wanna learn to drive traffic from reddit.
  14. Hi! I'm Robin and I have been engaged in web design for over a year. It's a short term, but I already have some experience in this area and I want to launch my website on this topic.
  15. Juliatom543

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    I totally agree with toni. you should start course or you can apply for internship.
  16. https://www.fastcompany.com/90309395/why-parallax-scrolling-needs-to-die
  17. MoeElBohsaly

    PHP Web Services

    Dear concerned, May you please advise on how to build a PHP web service? I am currently reading a book by Lorna Mitchell (PHP Web Services), but ain’t feeling it’s that hands-on oriented. In conclusion, a book which is project oriented / complete tutorial would be a benefit for me. Thanks truly, Mohamad El Bohsaly eLearning Support American University of Beirut
  18. LSW

    Cybersecurity Articles

    How to Hack Facebook Accounts? Just Ask Your Targets to Open a Link https://thehackernews.com/2019/02/hack-facebook-account-password.html
  19. administrator

    Nav box improvements

    Place a nav tag around the menu and apply CSS borders and padding: <nav> <a href="/html/">HTML</a> | <a href="/css/">CSS</a> | <a href="/js/">JavaScript</a> | <a href="/jquery/">jQuery</a></nav>
  20. Yes indeed. I've teaching about this for years. Knowing the foundations of coding will make you much better with Wordpress because at some point you will be working with code. And knowing code will give you a deep understanding you would have otherwise. The IWD course will kickstart your career either way.
  21. Hi! I have more of a general question and thought that it maybe might suit this area of the forum best: I have started to study computerscience and it will be beneficial to know some html, css, js, php in the future semesters plus I find it obviously interesting myself. So I have got your IWD course and am convinced it will help me. On the side, I plan to do some online freelancing work, once Im good enough in Web dev. On the major online freelancing sites, indeed a ton of gig offers are nowadays in using wordpress and no more in using traditional web dev fundamental languages, which might be Intuitively viewn lil sad, but it is what it is.^^ I just wonder therefore, how or is it even beneficial to be competent in the traditional language to do online sidejobs, in terms of building simple pages for people, when regards to this field all/so much seems to be only wordpress nowadays, when we talk "for real"? Also I really love the course so far a lot and I do like the structure. With your loooong experience, I would think that you also have a deeper solid theoretical knowledge. I wonder if you ever thought about doing some courses which are tailored and targeted towards people who study comp science, in order to help them out in pushing their leaning curves? Maybe a course in something regards to theoretical informatics or data structures & algorithms or general software engineering courses, would come into my mind...also a java course would be great. I am living in Germany and here Java is and many experts think will stay for a very long time number 1 programming-language when it comes to popularity amongst enterprises and companies. I have no clue as what the situation regards to this context is in the USA, but at least in Europe Java still seems to be very up, so that it is even the second programming language which you must take on on my university. So yeah, a java course would be also fantastic^^ Anyways, again - great course and YT-channel so far, thus keep the great work up!:) Best regards, Placebo:)
  22. Depends what the client wants. But many times, yes.
  23. administrator

    ASP.NET for engineering calcs?

    If you plan on working with / interfacing with Microsoft technologies, then ASP.net makes sense.
  24. bkelly1369

    Nav box improvements

    After great effort, too much effort, not enough result, several years ago I managed to get a basic page working. Now I am trying to put a border around the navigation box and set its background color. I have tried a few tutorial sites but they seem to leave a few things out and I cannot get it working. The full web page is here https://us-path-forward.com/presidential_pardon.htm The lead in code section with the nav bar is below,( with a few changes from my edit attempts). How must this be changed to implement a border and background color around the navigation box. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html lang="en"> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="bkelly.css" href="bkelly.css"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <title>www.bkelly.ws Home Page</title> <meta name="description" content="irig standards chapter 10"> <meta name="main-nav" background:"#F1F1F1"> </head> <body> <div id="lead_in"> <h1>Presidential Pardon</h1> </div> <!-- Site navigation menu --> <ul id="main_nav" > <li><a href="https://us-path-forward.com/index.htm">Home Pagexxx</a> <li><a href="https://us-path-forward.com/resistance_to_change.htm">Resistance to Change</a> <li><a href="https://us-path-forward.com/amendments.htm">Constitutional Amemdments</a> <li><a href="https://us-path-forward.com/big_money.htm">Citizens United</a> <li><a href="https://us-path-forward.com/presidential_pardon.htm">Presidential Pardon</a> </ul>
  25. I am a 58 year old senior thermal power and cogeneration engineer recently out of work. I’ve always wanted to automate lots of calculations and find it limiting what I can do with the tools I have. I’ve made pipe sizing application using Excel with VBA and forms. It works well and my colleagues use it some. But when I started to implement some things from my wish list of improvements, I found that with the data input table and results table and calculations all together was making me crazy. Then I understood the reason for what I read about separate input/output presentation layer, business logic layer and database. Excel was useful because inputs and outputs are in tables and it has tables built-in. But there must be a better way, and I can use Excel format for output if needed. My goal is to develop engineering applications with reusable code. The web is just a way of deploying what I want to make, but I could deploy other ways or just use for my own calculations. I just don’t want to write the code over again for different platforms. I’m thinking that ASP.NET would be a better choice than PHP Linux, since I could use the same backend engineering calculation code for Excel or corporate intranets. Companies likely have intranets with .NET Framework, so I could offer my services to make custom web apps for their teams, and reuse the same backend software. I’m partial to functional programming, so F# with Visual Studio seems good. I have no intention of learning C, C++, Python, Java, etc. Does it make sense that Windows hosting would be the best choice for me? I just want to learn one framework, since I don’t plan to be a freelance developer or to work for a company.
  26. When the site is complete, wouldn't you continue to have access as web-master for maintenance? It would seem that it could work the same way from the start.
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