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  3. Distributing or Packaging Python Programs?

    I'm working on a basic program to display a clock in the terminal by using the Time library to get the time, then by build a display from ASCII ART style numbers stored in variables. I think most of this idea is worked out except I would the user to be able to close the program by pressing the 'q' button. It seems there basic way to do this built in Python so it may need another module installed with Pip. If I import a module with Pip installer, how would I share my program without making the user go through the same extra step? For now my clock works counting test and I"m working on making it count in ASCII ART like this, but I can only cancel the Loop with Control-C. __ __ __ / \ _). /| |_ \__/ __). | __)
  4. Can't find the Quiz

    Hi, Glad to hear you like the course. I've just sent you access to the quizzing. Stef
  5. Can't find the Quiz

    Hi Stefan, I recently purchased your Python 3 course and first of all thanks for a great course! I'm in my thirties and decided to go for a career change, hence the interest in programming. So far I passed two edx java courses by Microsoft and that wasn't easy... I like your course a lot - the way you explain things really gives me hopes that I could one day become a programmer. Could you give me access to StudioWeb quizzes, don't want to miss the opportunity to practice. Thank you in advance! email: serg.art@live.com
  6. Chapter 6 -Lesson 5 Missing Code

    I looked for it again tonight, to see if the page may have been included either in a lesson before or after. The webpage has an h1 of "Display none, visibility and floats". I can't find it anywhere, and, really would like to see it, because of its float demonstration. -Mike
  7. Last week
  8. Drupal user Alerts

    Please see the recent alerts in my security forum and update:
  9. Drupal Users need to update now.

    Make this thread: "Drupal Users need to update.. again!" Another Critical Flaw Found In Drupal Core-Patch Your Sites Immediately https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-site-vulnerability.html
  10. Chapter 6 -Lesson 5 Missing Code

    Stefan, I was reviewing Lesson 6, and wanted to look at the styling code for the float example. Particularly, I wanted to see why the floating div was under a particular line, but, it appears that this code was not in the download for CSS. -Mike
  11. Drupal Users need to update now.

    Here is another article on the hacker attacks now happening against Drupal. Hackers Exploiting Drupal Vulnerability to Inject Cryptocurrency Miners https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-cryptocurrency-hacking.html
  12. Malicious malware found in over 2,000 Wordpress websites is being used to steal visitors resources in order to mine crypto currencies and log visitors
  13. A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

    Thanks for sharing the useful link..
  14. Hello, If your site won’t show up on Google, or other search engines, you know how serious of a problem this is. Search engines can drive significant traffic, leads, and sales for websites, and not ranking on Google can cause big problems for businesses of every size. Has Your Site Been Submitted to Google’s Index Chances are pretty good that nothing is wrong with your website. Although Google has certainly sped up the speed with which it crawls (or reviews) websites for changes and new information, brand new websites still take a little while to show up in search results. If your new site doesn’t show up in Google after a few days, you may want to try manually submitting it to Google’s index. This process allows you to tell Google that you have a page that needs reviewed and included in search results. This is especially important for new websites, because you may not have much (if any) traffic without showing up in search! Enter your URL in the box, fill out the CAPTCHA, and click “Submit Request.” Google will review the new submission and add it to its index, as long as the content is appropriate. Is Your Site Suffering From a Manual Penalty? If your website traffic has taken a nosedive, and your site has stopped showing up in Google search results, this may be due to a manual action, or penalty, being applied to your site. Manual penalties are Google’s way of keeping websites that are presumed to be harmful or in violation of its terms of service out of its search results. They may do this by removing the site in search entirely, or by placing a warning beneath its listing. Is Your Site Ranking Poorly Due to an Algorithmic Penalty? Sometimes, you may think that your site isn’t showing up in Google at all, but it is… just on a very, very deep page in the search results. This may be due to an algorithmic, or automatic, penalty. Unlike manual penalties, which Google gives out in response to user reports or by finding issues on websites during a human screening process, algorithmic penalties are applied automatically. Has Your Site Accidentally Blocked Google? Finally, although uncommon, some webmasters can accidentally block Google from crawling or indexing their websites. This can happen while editing the robots.txt file. Some site owners choose to use the robots.txt file on their server to keep Google from indexing – that is, including in search results – certain pages, like “contact us” forms or anything you may want to keep private, but still accessible to visitors. To check if you have accidentally blocked Google from crawling your site, access your server via File Manager or FTP. Look for a file named robots.txt. Open this file in a text editor and look for two lines like this: User-agent: * Disallow: / If you see these lines, they basically tell Google—and all other search engines—“don’t crawl any part of my site!” Delete them, save the file, and your site should show up in Google again soon Regards, Daniel(Tech,Support) TechTIQ Solutions,
  15. ATTENTION: Android Users

    That is a scary news. It is comforting to know that most of these Chinese branded phones dont have a large market share here in the US yet.
  16. Quick and Dirty Definition: The Internet of Things (IoT) is everything else connected to the internet that is not a traditional computer or optional tool (like printers). This means watches, washing machines, refrigerators, robots, vacuum cleaners, security cameras, baby phones, BBQ thermostats, water sensors, light bulbs, pace makers, insulin injectors, cars etc. etc. etc. You may have devices you connect to the internet that makes your life easier without thinking security... the issue is, is the manufacturer thinking security? You know OS developers worry about hackers, you know your router and your PC and your Tablet and your Phone have security settings... but does that light bulb? Was the manufacturer of your coffee pot worried about security? The answer is usually no. Manufacturers of security cameras are not controlled, so their is almost no protection built in. Jogging soldiers and airman have been found to be giving away important data on our bases due to apps tracking them as the jog. Robotic vacuum cleaners are collecting data on the layout of your house and the data is being sold. I present you with a new example of this: Casino Gets Hacked Through Its Internet-Connected Fish Tank Thermometer https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/iot-hacking-thermometer.html
  17. Hackers Have Started Exploiting Drupal RCE Exploit Released Yesterday https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-rce-exploit-code.html If you have not updated Drupal recently, good idea to do in sooner than later.
  18. Wordpress theme problem

    Whoa! Depends on so many things ... namely the theme. Did you try contacting the theme creators? Stef
  19. I have a problem with WordPress. When i add new theme and install it, my whole page looks blank, no background photo or any colours, just text and white background. I dont have any plugins except Akismet Anti-Spam. Can anyone help me solve this problem?
  20. Introduce Yourself

    Will do.
  21. Introduce Yourself

    Let me know what you think of the course. Stef
  22. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum! Stef
  23. Are there only 4 types of loops in js?

    Before posting I looked at w3schools found 4 same loops, I just thought there might be more, so for now I will conclude that's all the loops there is in JS.
  24. Introduce Yourself

    Hello everybody, I'm Jim from Arizona. I have a Bachelors in Geography and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems. I work in GIS for a small city and I'm going to start my own GIS business on the side. I love when I can use my abilities to solve other's problems, and I would like to grow something that can make money for me and others around me. I'm currently using the book "Python Crash Course" to understand the basics of Python, which I use for automation and spatial analysis. I need to learn more about databases, SQL, and PHP because a foundation of GIS is the spatial database. I also need to learn about web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Infrastructure As A Service to create GIS web applications and websites in general. Finally, I need to learn business, finance, and communications topics to help with successful business growth. These are long term goals that I will be working on and it looks like Stef's products and community will help me at an affordable price. I first found Stef when browsing YouTube for programming videos. After several months of viewing his content I decided to try out his business course. I hope to hear from any of you, I am happy to answer questions and participate in the community.
  25. Are there only 4 types of loops in js?

    Hi, Just do a search for JavaScript loops. Stef
  26. else conditional statements appearance

    Nope. You can have have an if without an else. But you need an if to have an else. ... This is like a tongue-twister! Stef
  27. hallo , i introduce my self
  28. Hi there I've just started a fresh website for a non-profit organisation (meaning I won't get paid), so my options are: doing it as fast as possible, with minimum costs, standard interface, easy maintenance, strong community support. Therefore, being pragmatic, I've chosen WordPress. Now, this npo asked me for me a simple booking system for their training sessions. The business rules are: 1) Training seminar duration: 1 week 2) there will be 2 different sessions (workshops) a day, for 5 days = 10 workshops (all different) 3) each participant must choose/book 2 sessions a day, every day (of course, they cannot conflict, and cannot repeat) 5) there is a maximum amount of available seats for each session: each booking must check against the balance of available seats, and so on.... 4) no payments involved My question is: which "tools" would you advise me? a ) create a new page OUT of WordPress with PHP? b ) create a new page OUT of WordPress with JAVASCRIPT? c ) create a new page WITH of WordPress with existing PLUGIN? d ) any other suggestion? Having done my research, many suggestions and recommendations show up...but I'd like your opinion according to your own experience. Txs
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