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  1. Grid/Flex is one of the things that made me decide to pick it up again. The whole <div> and floating and position and all that drove me nuts. Was so convoluted and weird to work with. I know you can still use floats and position and such, but they don't seem so mission critical anymore to get the layout you want. I'm gonna have to use positioning with a Z-Index for the way my logo is going to be placed on the site, so there's that lol.
  2. Framesets! Wow I forgot about those. 2+ html pages displayed at once! Fancy stuff. Getting nostalgic here lol.
  3. Hi, Amit, That's cool. I'm interested in learning some PHP and DB stuff. Maybe even working with flat files. DBs are a bit spooky to me, but I'm sure very useful to know. I'm very into game design - I'm more on the creative side, though. I never looked into flash game creation, though. I've looked more at stuff like Unreal Engine, or Unity, or even Godot whose language is based on Python. I'll probably get going with one of the courses next week, when payday comes around. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, First-time poster and probable buyer of one of Stephan's courses here in the next couple days. Anyway, as the subject says, I'm returning to Web Design. My focus will be on front-end - so HTML, CSS, Javascript. Though I might dig into PHP and such as well, but that's getting ahead of myself. Just some history to put things a bit in context: I started in web design back during the HTML 1.0 days, when tables were the go-to layout tool, and spacer.gif was all you needed for pixel-perfect positioning. All my work was done in notepad, even after the fancy editors started coming o
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