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    Just super backedup with work ... activating schools. Going to circle around to add more to the Business Battle Plan by next week. I plan on outputting all the mp3 files as well. Stef
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    Hi, Send me an email and I will arrange to get you the quizzing. Stef
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    Hi, The Python is a separate purchase, you have to admit, at only $29, they are a bargain! https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/beginners_python_3.php I believe the Python course is the best I've created. Stef
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    Maybe this isn't what your looking for, but this is a list for free online books on computer science (via github). https://github.com/EbookFoundation/free-programming-books
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    Hi! Yes. I just found out I said that I covered tkinter before! ... I clearly didn't. I must have been thinking of turtle. Please just move forward with the lessons. If you have any specific questions, just ask! Thanks! Stef
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    Keep using bootstrap if it does the job for you. In this business, new competitors come and go, and perhaps one day, bootstrap will get shellacked, but until it does I wouldn't worry about it. Stef
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    Hi! The HTML is rendering in reverse order because of something to do with the innerHTML is being used. Can you post the HTML code?
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    Very uptodate avatar image! ... May the code be with you. S
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    I get it now! Thanks Stef! :))
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    The while loop takes care of that. So you could read it like so: While the 'mysqli_fetch_assoc' has records, keep looping. When it runs out, stop. Stef
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    When using the mysql_fetch_assoc function, PHP is literally placing the data from the database into an associative array. Then you loops, you can pull the data out of the array. Makes sense? Stefan
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    Ok --- testing worked, I tried to thank Anadar for the excellent recommendation, and it somehow caused a disturbance in the force..... got
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    Hi! Here is your roadmap to Wordpress freelance work: Do the StudioWeb core language training: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL Do the Wordpress Themes course in the projects Do the CRUDE project course as well Start learning the Wordpress ecosystem ... know what the options are for the top themes, plugins, e-commerce options. My Business Battleplan course will help with the freelance/business end of things. You will be good to go. I assume you know the basics of Wordpress. Stef
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    Slowly but surely! Thanks for your support.
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    Hi, Ahh .. yes. The Python course in StudioWeb has quizzing ... so I mentioned the quizzing. Email directly if you want StudioWeb.com access with all the quizzing and gamification. How are you liking the python course so far? Thanks, Stefan
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    Hi! If you did not get your validation email, just email me directly at: stefan@killersites.com ... And I will update your account so you can use the forum. PS: remember to include your forum user ID. Thanks, Stefan
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    Just a little advice with using word press. Always make a child theme. When your site or admin panel starts acting funny you will probably have a plugin not playing well with others. So always check you site after you install a new plug in to make sure everything is working. When setting up your site do not use admin as your admin login name, it makes it easer to hack. Also when siting up your word press change the database prefix from wp_ to something like a password, for example Wk8rthkvf_ I just hit some keys. Again this will help a lot with security for your site. You do not need to remember this prefix if you need it for for some reason you can log into your phpadmin on your server and get it from there. Although I have never before needed it. Also install some kind of security on your wordpress site like, BulletProof Security, there are others but this one has a free version and I have not had a WP site hacked sense using this plug in. One more thing do not use godaddy as a hosting server for WordPress it does not get along with godaddy servers at all. Good Luck.
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    Now I have had a a wonderful article pointed out to me about "Help Vampires." Quickly, Help Vampires are those individuals who join forums, then suck the life out of them by asking the same old tired questions, asking not to learn to do something - but to have it simply handed to them, or those who ask the impossible questions like "How do you make a Forum?" (M$N Groups are infested beyong help I think) The following is a excerpt from the article describing what a Help Vamire is: - Does he ask the same, tired questions others ask (at a rate of once or more per minute)? - Does he clearly lack the ability or inclination to ask the almighty Google? - Does he refuse to take the time to ask coherent, specific questions? - Does he think helping him must be the high point of your day? - Does he get offensive, as if you need to prove to him why he should use certain technologies? - Is he obviously just waiting for some poor, well-intentioned person to do all his thinking for him? - Can you tell he really isn't interested in having his question answered, so much as getting someone else to do his work? Now we at Killersites are lucky and get rather few Help Vampires here, but that may change. So I would ask all of you to please read this. This way we can identify Help Vampires and support their return to real forum users. Or so that you can identify yourself as a Help Vampire and Seek help joining the rest of us. So enjoy (I quite enjoyed reading this) and lets all make this a Vampire free zone. The Help Vampire: A Spotter's Guide