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    Hey there, I'm taking notes but best way to memorize thoose notes would be through using them in coding I guess, so no matter how simple the code is at beginning I still write my own code just to help my brain register it faster. Not sure does this help in any way but hope you figure it out ! Cheers
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    You could start with PHP for backend or Node.JS, which is Javascript used on the server. The options are many including Ruby, Python and Java.
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    We have a new employee with a two year old. For some reason he had to pick her up from daycare and bring her to the office. He brought her books along: JavaScript for Babies HTML for Babies CSS for Babies Amazon: Coding for Babies Every professional should have these on their desk to prove you are advancing your training and have references if your Boss asks! πŸ‘Œ
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    Hello Tyler, A new year means new trends, and this holds true for web design. It’s all about the Internet nowadays and websites have to reflect what most people want to see, Web Designer" in 2018? ● Pay Attention to User Experience (UX) ● Get a Responsive Design ● Take Advantage of Chatbots and AI ● Consider a Voice User Interface Hope that Helps! Techtiq Solutions,
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    Sure. Send me an email with your purchase email address, I can arrange download of the videos. Stef