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    Hello everybody, I'm Jim from Arizona. I have a Bachelors in Geography and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems. I work in GIS for a small city and I'm going to start my own GIS business on the side. I love when I can use my abilities to solve other's problems, and I would like to grow something that can make money for me and others around me. I'm currently using the book "Python Crash Course" to understand the basics of Python, which I use for automation and spatial analysis. I need to learn more about databases, SQL, and PHP because a foundation of GIS is the spatial database. I also need to learn about web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Infrastructure As A Service to create GIS web applications and websites in general. Finally, I need to learn business, finance, and communications topics to help with successful business growth. These are long term goals that I will be working on and it looks like Stef's products and community will help me at an affordable price. I first found Stef when browsing YouTube for programming videos. After several months of viewing his content I decided to try out his business course. I hope to hear from any of you, I am happy to answer questions and participate in the community.
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    Depends on the specialization. Some areas you can get in with basic skills, others (like Ai) will require much more. Just start the process and you find your spot.
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    Yes got resolved in subsequent videos. Thanks
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    If you want to create a set of tags, you need to create elements/tags ... for example: var para = document.createElement("p"); var node = document.createTextNode("This is new."); para.appendChild(node); So that means, for every tag, you need to create a new element.
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    Well I finally figured it out I know all through the course Stefan had stressed time and time again about the importance of spaces in Python and I did believe him I just hadn't really learnt the lesson very well until now. So I was determined not to be beaten by this problem with my code, but no matter how many times I looked at my code and compared it to the source code I just couldn't see my fault. Not wanting to move onto the next lesson without fixing my code I decided I'd have to keep checking and re checking until I found my mistake. There it was as plain as day........ SPACING! how could I miss that?? Well I'm not entirely sure how I missed it, but I'm glad i did, I've learnt a very valuable lesson today For comparisons sake heres my newly spaced code: # Python treasure hunt game import random, time def display_game_intro(): print(''' ---->Welcome to the 'Python Treasure Hunt Game' ...the most amazing game ever made! After a long journey, you find yourself in front of two caves. One cave leads to a treasure, the other, a spike filled pit! Being brave, and a little greedy for treasure, you've decided to go for it! ''') def choose_cave(): cave = '' while cave != '1' and cave != '2': print('Which cave do you want to enter? (1 or 2)') cave = input() return cave def enter_cave(chosen_cave): print('\nYou have entered a cave...') time.sleep(1) random_cave = random.randint(1,2) #print("random_cave= " + str(random_cave)) if random_cave == int(chosen_cave): print("---> Lucky you! You found the chest!") else: print("--->You expected to find a chest\n ...and all you found was DEATH!") def main_loop(): ''' The main_loop() function controls the flow of the game by calling functions and using conditionals''' playGameAgain = "yes" while playGameAgain == "yes" or playGameAgain == "y": display_game_intro() chosen_cave = choose_cave() enter_cave(chosen_cave) print("\n\nDo you want to try again? (yes or no)") playGameAgain = input() print("You said: " + playGameAgain) time.sleep(1) if playGameAgain == "yes" or playGameAgain == "y": print("\nLet's try again!") else: print("\nOk, see ya later!") main_loop()
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    Thank you so much for responding, the book, youtube vids and everything .. you are the man
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    OH!!!!! I got it. Down in the lower right-hand side of the display, it said "plain text". You have to change it to HTML. Dar!!!!!!! Works great now! -Mike
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    Top web browsers 2018: Microsoft's IE and Edge shed share as Chrome gains https://www.computerworld.com/article/3199425/web-browsers/top-web-browsers-2018-microsofts-ie-and-edge-shed-share-as-chrome-gains.html
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    Although I consider Pi a Trump stooge for his actions destroying Net Neutrality, nice to see he is none simply a "Yes Man." He is at least picking the right side of this fight in my opinion. Of course this does not Verizon in any way like the Net Neutrality decision. FCC Head and Wireless Lobby Oppose U.S. Bid to Build a 5G Network https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-29/u-s-is-said-to-consider-building-5g-network-amid-china-concerns