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  1. I don't know why my h1 and h2 won't stay in the center when I use the auto tag. Can anyone give me hints on why this may not be working? I hate being spoonfed I would like to work through why my css is not working. :-) .div1{ margin: 10px auto 10px auto; } <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" > <div class= "div1"> <title>Tracey's Tribute Page</title> <h1>A tribute to Tracey Lynn Brown's life.</h1> <h2>Sunrise:December 21st, 1965</h2> <h2>Sunset:April 18th, 2013</h2> </div> </head> <body> <div id="centerDoc"> </div><!-- closing centerDoc --> </body> </html>
  2. Auto tag is not working in my css.

    So what is the head mostly used for? I'm slightly confused on why we even have it.
  3. Why do we need the width tag in CSS code?

    Okay makes sense. Thanks.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a noob question. I'm trying to understand the width tag. Why even use the tag if we have padding, margin, and borders? It seems I can make any of my tags resize anyway I want with those 3 tags. I definitely appreciate your response.
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm wrapping up Stef HTML/CSS course. It's been pretty good, but I want to build something VERY small and build on top of my learning. I was going to build a very small web application. The web application is going to be no more than maybe 5 pages.(I'll add backend code and a database later.) I'm going to have something where user input items. It's going to have text and very simple layouts based of the course information I got from Stef. Do you think this is a little ambitious? What should I also look out for since this is my first small project? I look forward to your input. Gregory Shavers Jr
  6. Rebuilding a website.

    Hello Everyone, I'm helping rebuild my church's website and it brought up an interesting question. How do you rebuild or remake a website? What is the methodology of re creating websites? What should I look out for? Your help on this matter is much appreciated. Take care. :-)
  7. Looking at upwork....I need to hurry up and get my web development skills up. lol

  8. Rebuilding a website.

    It seems like there going to be using Wix.com and using WordPress. They made me the web master. I can't wait to use my skills to start having the site look amazing. :-)
  9. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    I bought the IWD. So if I wanted to purchase the python course. Do you buy that separately?
  10. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hey Stefan, Do we need to buy the Python 3 course separately?
  11. Rebuilding a website.

    Okay. Thank you everyone.
  12. Rebuilding a website.

    Hello Stef, I'm actually in your web design class. My plan is to push through the course as quickly as I can and help redesign the site. The issue is because I'm such a novice. I don't know the best approach to take. Do you have any suggestions or plan of attack once I obtain these skills? P.S. How long do I need to wait before I can post links on the forum? lol jk