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  1. I have an opportunity to build a webpage for someone else I am going to build it for free its my first offer to do a professional page. Am I allowed to build him a page and put it on my website? This is some of his work he won first place at an art show....
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions for somthing like photoshop that doesn't cost 600 dollars. I am wanting to use it for the creating a theme from scratch, WordPress course he recommends photoshop C6s but I can not afford that any ideas.Thank you....
  3. blog.cagedillusions.com I have finished the HTML and CSS foundation course work let me know what you guys think and if you have any pointers I would be very appreciative...
  4. Shad76


    On the making wordpress themes from scratch video, is there another option than the photoshop Cs6 that is used in the video?
  5. Will the latest AI Kill programming jobs? I’ve heard many people say recently that artificial intelligence (AI) will make programming jobs obsolete in the future.
  6. Will the latest AI Kill programming jobs?
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