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    No Video with Download

    Look in the PDF ... near the top. Stef
  2. administrator

    Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi

    It's a HTTP 500 error ... which means the whole web server went nuts. So, first thing is to strip all PHP from the page to get the page loading at least. Then step by step, add the PHP to see what breaks it. Stef
  3. administrator

    autocomplete/ sublime text

    Hi, You have to save the page as an .html document first. Then the auto completion will work. Stef
  4. administrator

    Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi

    Hi, Very few will want to go through your code to debug it. So please try to narrow it down - cut it up into chunks to isolate the error.
  5. administrator

    Help with kids website

    Hi, The easiest way to do this is to go back to old-school web design and HTML. Something called an image map.
  6. You're going to have to tell Woo what image to display based on the selection made in your form. This is something specific to Woo I am guessing . If you did it through raw code, you would need to use some JavaScript ... and perhaps CSS3 could allow you.
  7. administrator

    Rounding Images With Css3

    In the old days, we had to go to Photoshop (or some other image editor) to create rounded PNG or GIF files, to create images that were round. Now you can do this with simple CSS3 applied to your image: style="border-radius: 50%;" So the CSS applied would look something like: <img style="border-radius: 50%" src="stefan_mischook-150x150.png"/> Stef
  8. administrator

    Generating auto-filled pdfs for digital signing

    You have to see what Wix can do. I haven't used it enough to give you answer. You might be able to make changes you need through the wix api. Wix and other web builders are good for really simple sites, but then you are handcuffed. Stef
  9. administrator

    Why My If File Exists Condition Fails ?

    Instead of putting this function in the if statement, create a variable to captures the result and then put that variable in the IF statement. $checkFile = file_exists("$directory_path . $user/ . $file_name"); See what happens. Stef
  10. administrator

    Addthis Or Raw Social Plugins

    Just load the Addthis at the footer of the page ... so it doesn't slow the page load.
  11. administrator

    Online journal for individual users

  12. administrator

    Web Design Workflows

    Oops ... sorry for the long delay. I am sure by now you figured this out! Stef
  13. administrator

    Web Design Workflows

    Hi, Just a quick comment on upping your web design and development game. After you learn the basics of web design, you should start developing and optimizing a workflow that will save you time, and help reduce errors in your work. Here are some suggestions: Start tracking all time put on a web design job. This includes clients meetings in person and on the phone. This also includes planning and prepping development ... besides actually spending the time writing code, preparing images etc. Explore frameworks and libraries that can help you the type of web design work that you do. If for example, you are a developing information rich websites for small business, then check out a CMS like WordPress or Drupal as a development platform. Start putting together file naming and code conventions. If you get into web development, MVC frameworks like PHP Laravel, or Python Django will already have this in place. Stefan
  14. administrator

    Top 10 Bar Sink Faucets Review at 2018

    Hi Bill, Every web builder is different, you have to look at what your web builder can do. But, you just found the biggest problem with web builders: they are limited. If you want to build a serious website, then you should check out my very popular web developer course: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ Learning even just the basics will save you a lot of time and headaches ... even using your web builder. Hope that helps. Stef
  15. administrator

    Welcome To New Ruby Forum!

    Hi Carly, I never ended up making it ... too busy with other things! Sorry about that.
  16. administrator

    Welcome To New Ruby Forum!

    Hi, I am currently working on a Ruby course for the Studioweb system, so I wanted a place to casually comment on things. More to come. Stefan
  17. administrator

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Carly and Toni, Welcome to the forum! Stef
  18. administrator

    Web/Smartphone home page image pixel size?

    Just set the image size by percentage, so it scales according to the screen size.
  19. administrator

    Need help to scroll up as modal opens

    JavaScript will do this. Just apply an onClick event on the bottom that scrolls the page up.
  20. administrator

    Possible to skip ahead?

    Hi, You can jump to the JS and PHP courses right away. Stef
  21. administrator

    New guy here!

    Hey! Welcome to the forum! Stef
  22. administrator

    Responsive Web Design

    Hmm ... I am not sure what you mean? You want to point software at a website, and have it create the same, but responsive? If that's what you want, I don't think you can do that without getting into code. We just updated the non-responsive StudioWeb layout, to make it responsive, and we had to rebuild from scratch. Stef
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    Hello everyone!

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    Welcome to the forum. There is always a delay with new member posts. Prevents spam. Stef
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    Hello from SouthTX

    Welcome to the forum. Stef