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    Signs of error in code editor

    You have to save the document first ... then the color coding will appear.
  2. Perhaps. But nobody wants to use Bitcoin to buy anything ... its' value fluctuates too much.
  3. administrator

    I don't have access to the videos

    Hi, Send me an email directly at stefan at studioweb.com and I will take care of it. The activation email must have got lost in your spam box. Thanks for being so patient. Stef
  4. administrator


    Hi, I would Google that question ... if I recall there is some config file in Sublime to fix this.
  5. administrator

    Python course Ch 4 - flow control

    Looks like a line-break issue ... or indentation. Be sure the IF the block is properly indented. Stef
  6. administrator

    PHP Login Using OOP and MVC

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. You need to PHP code when the form submission is successful.
  7. Hi! So Zuckerberg figured out the social media traffic (Facebook is really just a giant forum) is really, really hard to monetize. I know, I've been running forums since 2003 and I don't make a dime on it ... believe me, I've tried advertising and direct sales! Nope, the forum is a way to keep in touch with the KillerSites community. Why is it hard to make money with social networks? People come to sites like Facebook to do anything but buy products. It's a psychological thing. So in response to that, Facebook has decided to charge people for access their own audience! ... Yep, if you spend time and money nurturing your Facebook presence, you now have to pay extra to reach them! Organic Reach - what is that? In a nutshell: you post an update on Facebook and now you are lucky if 16% will see the message. If you want the rest of your 'friends' to see what you post, you have to pay Facebook! If you think that's bad enough, the rumours are your organic reach (who your message gets to without paying ...) will soon drop towards 1%! From Time Magazine: Ouch! Read the article Is Facebook advertising worth it? Stefan
  8. I tried uploading a video this morning, and I broke YouTube! See the image. Man, I've been breaking big websites this week - first Facebook and next ... Twitter!
  9. Hi, After being asked for a couple of years, I am creating a new Python course for StudioWeb. It will be live April 2017. I will be posting sample videos on from the course on this forum. The following video lesson from Powerful Python 3, teaches students how to use conditional statements and a loop, to animate with the Python Turtle module. Powerful Python 3 will be released in April 2017. Like all StudioWeb courses, Powerful Python 3 will come with hours of fine grained video lessons, comprehensive code challenges and quizzing, suggested classroom activities, powerfully accurate auto-grading, and real time student activity tracking. If you would like to check out the video lessons before we release the course, please feel free to contact me. Thanks! Stefan Mischook StudioWeb.com
  10. administrator

    SQL and PHP

    Hi, PHP has some libraries / functions that are built into PHP that can speak to databases. But databases don't understand PHP, but it does understand SQL. SQL is the coding language of databases. So, you use the special PHP functions to send SQL commands to the database. Makes sense?
  11. A few things will cause your site to not appear in the search engines. First thing is to be sure this line of code IS NOT in your pages: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> ... The above code tells the search engines to ignore your page and any links in the page. Instead, use this code: <meta name="robots" content="all"> You can learn more here: https://developers.google.com/search/reference/robots_meta_tag Check out this screenshot for details:
  12. administrator

    Virtual Reality and AR

    Hi, What I love about the forum is that I can casually riff about this and that. Anyway ... so the new buzz is augmented reality and virtual reality these days. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and I am sure many others are jumping on board. But, is it the next 3d Tv? Short answer: IMHO, not as bad a fail as 3D Tv, but it certainly will not be the panacea that the people pushing augmented reality and virtual reality would have you believe. If you think about it, how many out there need this? Very few ... some professionals and perhaps some gamers. The biggest problem now is the cost and the yuuge goggles you have to put on your head. I will post a vlog I just did on this subject soon. Stef
  13. administrator

    What we consider spam.

    Check out the spam list: Telling us about your new product or service. Asking for a review of your obviously commercial website. Suggesting some commercial product or service ... even if it isn't yours. All spam post will be deleted as soon as possible and your account will be deleted. Heed well my warnings! Stefan
  14. administrator

    MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    Hi, Just download any of these, and install them. Or, if you have PHP hosting, just upload your files there. Let me know how it goes.
  15. administrator

    LMS-Type Website Development

    You might have to have this built custom.
  16. administrator

    Galaxy tab, Android and web design.

    Hi, I was playing with the Galaxy tab recently and I have to admit that I was reasonably impressed - I'd say 86.4% impressed. So along with iPad, iPhone and Android phones, we are now looking at a pretty big group of people on the Web using these new types of Web surfing devices. I think web designers will have to take notice. ...HTML5 and CSS3 comes to mind. Fortunately though, if you are using standard HTML 4 and CSS2, your pages will look fine on all these devices. HTML5 and CSS3 just take things to a whole new level. Anyone developing for iPads or Android devices around here yet? Stef
  17. Hi, It looks like a problem with your conditional logic. Try reworking your if()
  18. Hi, I might do a quick video on this. That said, portfolio sites / examples ... if you will, are better if they are real project clients. Prospective clients will fill more comfortable if they see that you've done work for other companies. Do 1 or 2 small projects for free ... if need be. But you can start with the course projects. ... Remember, that professional development has a lot to do with the process. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework ... that's what we use. I think you will find more opportunities with Laravel overall. Hope that helps.
  19. administrator

    wordpress vs. coding from scratch

    Hi, Depends on the nature of the site. If it is a simple branding site, with a few little extra features here and there, then I would lean wordpress. If the customer site was more specialized, then Laravel would be the better choice. Sounds like a good partnership with your wife! Stef
  20. administrator

    Business Battle Plan Course Poll

    Thanks. I am about to update /add new content to this course.
  21. administrator

    Business Battle Plan Course Poll

    Hi, Just planning out my new entrepreneur (small business course) course, which has a working title of 'Business Battle Plan' ... but it could change. Please check out the survey above. Thanks! Stef
  22. administrator

    Kids want to be Entrepreneurs!

    I was just reading an article in the Mirror, where a recent a study unearthed that kids would rather be an entrepreneur, more than any other career! ... This to me is a great thing. Entrepreneurship has replaced foolhardy careers such as: Actor Singer Pro athlete Anyone knows, that the chances of success in the above three long-shot careers is ....well, a long-shot! It seems the youngins are better informed these days! Stef
  23. I've noticed over the last few days that Amazon's bot is scanning our forum. We've had it hit hundreds of posts within a period of minutes. See the image below. I was able to figure out is was amazon by simply doing an IP lookup. I am guessing they are ramping up Alexa's database. Stef
  24. administrator

    Ch4 - Python collections number 8 question 2

    Oh ... that is a mistake. Just continue the course. I will have to get this updated. Thanks for catching this!
  25. So, is Facebook advertising worth the money? More and more evidence is saying nope! If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, you may want to check out this amazing video: