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    Using Git with MAMP, XAMPP etc.

    Yep. Use whatever you are most comfortable with. You don't have to use MAMP, we just demod with it, to keep it simple. One thing at a time. But if you know Git .. use it.
  2. administrator

    How Can I Hide The Download URL? 

    Hmm .... there are a few ways. The easiest is to have a long URL. Another more secure solution is to use php to stream the pdf via file object functions built into php. But that I think would be overkill. Just have a long url and change it every so often. So the url could be: yoursites.com/squeezer/product/random/thepdf.pdf
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    Always better to start a new business on the cheap, to see if the business model works. With turnkey solutions like shopify, there are always compromises, but it is probably still worth working around these limitations before building from scratch.
  4. So, is Facebook advertising worth the money? More and more evidence is saying nope! If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, you may want to check out this amazing video:
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    Python 3 Course: Treasure Hunt Game

    Not a version problem. The error is telling you: you are sending a function as the argument when it is expecting a string or number.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Stef
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    The Issue of Net Neutrality

    Yes. I heard.
  8. administrator

    HTML Course Video Player

    Hi, It has to do with the browser you are using. So try switching to another browser. Let me know how it goes!
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    What does i stand for in i - - ?

  10. administrator

    Java OOP Basics Tutorial

    Hi, Some of you may know that I did a lot of Java programming back in the day. I was big into Java web programming using Servlets, JSP and various Java frameworks too. Although I created my own simple MVC framework based on JSP and POJO's. ... This can be very lucrative ($$) because once you have a framework in place that you know, you can really be productive. This applies to any language including PHP, Ruby, Javascript and of course, Java. Anyway, I've been considering putting together a Java basics tutorial concentrating on Java OOP since Java is still the most popular server side web programming language and since Android development is done with Java. Anyone at all interested? Stef
  11. administrator

    Java OOP Basics Tutorial

    Hi Guys, I won't be able to do this yet ... working on so many things, including my new Complete Freelance course. Stef
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    Divi elementor beaver

  13. administrator

    Zend 200-530 PHP 5.3 certification

    Hi, Just do a search on Google. I personally don't know of any ... but they are out there. Stef
  14. administrator

    Tests and quizzes

    I just sent you your credentials. Please email me directly (anyone) who wants access to the Python quizzing. Stef
  15. administrator

    Adding most recent post from wordpress to static home html page

    No, this is just an experienced based thing (it could take me 20 minutes to figure out a good solution) ... do the beginners course, and say every other day, spend 20-30 minutes looking at the problem. You will soon find the answer. Let me know what solution you come up with. .... Remember, there are a few different ways you could solve this.
  16. administrator

    Can't find the Quiz

    Sure thing, send me an email at: stefan at killersites.com. Stef
  17. administrator

    Can't find the Quiz

    Just sent you access.
  18. administrator

    Adding most recent post from wordpress to static home html page

    Well. Keep trying different ideas. If I wasn't so busy, I would take a closer look. Let me know what your solution ends up being. ... This is why learning the fundamentals is sooooo important. This is why project based only courses are very limited. Real programming/coding is a job that means constantly having to come up with solutions that are unique. Stef
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    Chapter 6 -Lesson 5 Missing Code

    Sorry for the long delay. Did you manage to solve the problem? If you continue with the course, I think you will find what you need .
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    introduce my self

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    + target.innerHTML with loops

    Sorry for the delay. Has to do how console.log works in the browser. Not important to know those details ... just get your code working in the web browser. Stef
  22. administrator

    Divi elementor beaver

    No really. You could always download the site generated by the site builders if you ever wanted to move of their platform. Yes.
  23. administrator

    What does i stand for in i - - ?

    Hi, i is just a variable to hold information. In this case, it is holding the count. Stef
  24. administrator

    Adding most recent post from wordpress to static home html page

    Hi, Don't forget that with nth-child and other sophisticated selectors, you can target tags on an even/odd basis and much more. Stef
  25. administrator

    Over Use of constants.... in OOP

    You can use constants for sure. Why don't you see them used often? Probably because their advantage in most circumstances are not obvious. Stef