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  1. You need to learn what is called 'server side programming'. There are many options inlcuding, PHP, JS, Java, .NET, Python with Django ... and more. So you have to learn the webstack firset: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript My courses will allow you to learn quickly: https://school.studioweb.com/store Stef
  2. So if you hard code, that means the form submissions are not working. Check that code.
  3. These are native AFAIK. That means that Swift for iOS and Java for Android.
  4. Just about. Start with some great training and you will on your way: https://school.studioweb.com/store
  5. Hi, Sorry for the delay. Keep going, you start doing that in the later chapters .... just look ahead.
  6. administrator


    Hi, Yes, the CMS course is one of the old ones that I keep wanting to retire, and people then complain when I remove it! It is hard to debug visually because as you know, the smallest thing could be causing the error. Have you tried isolating elements of the code, step by step testing where things break? That said, if you've finished the foundations courses, and followed my instructions for the project - just do the first few simple ones, I would say use a more modern CMS building tutorial online. There are probably many just on YouTube. But better yet, just jump into some contract work now ... learn as you earn! Hope that helps! Stef
  7. If you bought the KillerSites Python course, you can access the StudioWeb version of the course with quizzes by sending me an email at: stefan at studioweb.com an email. You can buy the interactive Python course directly.
  8. StudioWeb has a nearly perfect 5 star reviews from students and teachers. Read the independent reviews on Google.
  9. StudioWeb now offers certifications in the following languages: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP 7 Python 3 The certification exams test both practical and theoretical knowledge, allowing students to demonstrate their mastery of the coding language. Certification exams are unique for each student, where questions are randomly selected from our large pool of questions.
  10. StudioWeb 5 is packed with new features that teachers have been asking for! Here is a short list:1. You can now skip lessons and pull them from the course, without impacting the auto grading and tracking tools. Effectively, you can customize which specific lessons you want to teach.2. You can now reset a student's progress, right down to the lesson.3. You can unlock chapters for students.4. Courses can be assigned and removed from a student's profile.5. You can now easily move a student to any classroom in your school.6. You can now view the Top 10 Hardest Questions for your students ... per course.
  11. This can happen due to some weird caching bug in the web browsers. You can fix it by clearing your browsers cache. Stef
  12. Hi, I believe it is a setting in the forum. Once you are more known, we allow it. Stef
  13. It depends on the seniority level in the forum. We protect peoples profiles.
  14. Man ... I got caught up with work and missed this. It fun to see some of the old members pop in every so often. I will be on the forums more regularly going forward. This new updated software makes it much easier to manage. Stef
  15. Sorry for the delay. Your post got lost in the mix. Just do the first 2-3 projects and then start looking for freelance jobs ... say 2-3 small projects to gain experience and build your reputation. From there you can start charging or go for a job as a junior dev. If you want to learn freelance, check out my popular course: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/complete_web_entrepreneur Stef
  16. PHP is the easiest to learn. But you will need to learn HTML5, some CSS3 as well. Check out my course: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/complete_web_developer Stef
  17. Nope. All code in the client is editable.
  18. I am currently updating things here. Welcome!
  19. I am happy to announce that for the first time, we are offering HTML5 certifications for the public on the StudioWeb 5 code training platform. Here is a sample certificate:
  20. Here are my top 10 reasons to not use Ruby: Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. Stef doesn't like it. I hope my arguments make sense. 😀
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