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  1. Sounds like a solution can be found with CSS floats.
  2. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Did you get access to the private group? That's where you will find the zoom meetings and the other exclusive content. If not, DM me personally. Stef
  3. Hi, It is in the private forum. I think I got to you ... right? Stef
  4. It is a good idea to learn laravel because it will teach a lot about development.
  5. Just click under any of my youtube videos. Stef
  6. Hi, WordPress works with themes ... but you can create your own or use a simple pre made theme. Stef
  7. Hi, 1. No. Your standard hosting will handle it. 2. Use Vimeo or YouTube as the source of the videos. 3. There are services that make it easy. Search for them on Google. 4. Good question ... you should be more concerned about their portfolio. As long as they know how to create websites and apps, you should be good. Stef
  8. Could be a good combo to add software development skills to your marketing skills. Stef
  9. Hi, Did you solve the problem. Sorry for the delay?
  10. Archives: https://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/search/&tags=zoom meeting Briant post the meeting dates. Next one is in two weeks. We just had it today. I will be posting the replay this week. Stef
  11. Not for a loooong time. You are safe. Stef
  12. Hi, Well, the first thing you do is pick a code editor. It is not that important which one you pick, since you are only learning, but you still have to pick one. Then once you have some understanding and skill, you will be able to choose which one is best for you. It is a largely a personal taste. VS Code, Sublime Text are two popular choices. Stef
  13. Please complete the web developer courses first.
  14. You can use the same page. You are good to go!
  15. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Don't spam or post links to outside sites. Stef
  16. Looks good to me. Maybe try a CSS gradient ... so how that works.
  17. Hi, Just apply an ID or class to the list and then create a style for the list with CSS. For example: ul { background: #3399ff; padding: 20px; } The above code changes the background color of an unordered list. You could change font style, sizes etc. Stef
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