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    Java OOP Basics Tutorial

    Hi, Some of you may know that I did a lot of Java programming back in the day. I was big into Java web programming using Servlets, JSP and various Java frameworks too. Although I created my own simple MVC framework based on JSP and POJO's. ... This can be very lucrative ($$) because once you have a framework in place that you know, you can really be productive. This applies to any language including PHP, Ruby, Javascript and of course, Java. Anyway, I've been considering putting together a Java basics tutorial concentrating on Java OOP since Java is still the most popular server side web programming language and since Android development is done with Java. Anyone at all interested? Stef
  2. Welcome to the forum. You just need foundation dev skills to get going. Don't worry about all the frameworks and languages .... you will drive yourself nutty trying to learn them all. Learn tech on a need 2 nerd basis and you will be cool. Stef
  3. Hi, Send me an email: stefan at killersites ... and I will give you an alternative download. Or you can try redownloading the damaged zips. It happens sometimes.
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    CSS stylesheet not working properly

  5. administrator

    CSS stylesheet not working properly

    The above is not CSS. The reason the CSS is not working, is simply small errors in your code. Just Google 'CSS background image', and you are sure find many examples. Stef
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    IWD - HTML Ch4.8 - Problem with code??

    Hi Rich, Paths are one of the big hurdles in learning web coding. So don't let it get to you. Suggestion: Based on what I see in your code and directory screenshot, you are simply not placing your files in the proper directories. So, in your code, you are telling the web browser with this code: ../ ... That the index page is in a directory above the current page. So place your friends.html page in a sub directory and be sure you index page is above that. To test this out and to learn, first get your links working where all your pages are in the same directory. Stef
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    Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

    Hi Demi! My Python course covers the foundations of Python and the Python ecosystem. You will come out of it confident in your knowledge of Python's foundations. It will serve as a great platform to explore whichever specialization you want to get into. In module 2 for example, I go over the Python career paths ... this is beyond just the coding. https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/beginners_python_3.php Here is the TOC: Chapter 1: Introduction to Python Introduction Python learning tips Install Python 3.6 on Mac Install Python on Windows Your first Python code! Chapter 2: Data types and variables Data Types: string and int + comments Intro to Variables and Floats Why so many programming languages? Comments and variables - round two!! Variables – behind the scenes Mixing the data types string and int Chapter 3: Learn Python while Drawing Intro to drawing with Python IDEs Explained Python Loops Introduction Python Loops with range() Python drawing with loops Python conditional statements – part 1 Python operators Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 1 Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 2 Chapter 4: Python collections Python history and Philosophy Python List - introduction Python List - reverse and count functions Python List - len function and del Tuples Python Sequences Overview and Review Python Dictionary / Maps continued Python Dictionary / Maps – updating, inserting and deleting Chapter 5: Functions and loops Python PEP 8 Input function While loops and infinite loops Nerd words: keywords, syntax, statements, expressions Functions, creating, calling and indents Functions, simple game and flow control Functions, arguments / parameters and return values Function arguments and variable scope Functions – multiple parameters Flow control with elif and else Function in functions and type conversion Chapter 6: Treasure hunt game Treasure Hunt Game – create function skeletons Treasure Hunt Game – docstring Treasure Hunt Game – function returns Treasure Hunt Game – enter_cave function Treasure Hunt Game – main_loop Chapter 7: Python OOP OOP basic concepts Creating our first class OOP - methods and init OOP - tkinter - basic gui and objects OOP - tkinter gui with an image MyDoctor - class skeleton MyDoctor - instantiate the class MyDoctor - nerd class details MyDoctor - docstring and __doc__ Why write Object Oriented Python Code? OO - inheritance basics OO overriding __str__ special method Method and function default values Creating and using Modules Chapter 8: Files and Exceptions Opening Files with Python Opening Files - creating functions Opening Files - creating a class Opening Files - exceptions Opening Files - writing files Advanced exceptions / error handling Reading files line by line Searching files - simple line search Searching files - regular expressions Module 2: Python Career Paths Employee Freelance contractor Create and sell your own Python Programs Module 3: Python Specializations and Learning Resources Web app creation Ai and ML Data sciences Server processing, app scripting
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    Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

    Hi, I just wanted to announce that StudioWeb's new Python course will be available for spring 2017! Check out Powerful Python 3. Thanks! Stefan
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    Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

    Hi, Email me at stefan at studioweb and I will send you access to the Python streaming course with quizzing. Please include your IWD ID as well. Thanks!
  10. I don't think it is bad. I think though that it has to be used with a lighter touch than what you typically see. I've addressed this in my videos on OOP inheritance as an example. In my own coding career, I would use both procedural and OO programming but leaned heavily OO ... with a light touch. Stef
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    Missing HTML Code for Lessons 6.5 and 6.6

    Ahh .. yes. Congratulations! In all honesty, understanding traditional CSS layouts with floats is one of the hardest things to master in many respects.
  12. administrator

    Missing HTML Code for Lessons 6.5 and 6.6

    Hi, If you don't see code for a particular lesson, it is because the code in contained in the next lesson source files. Let me know if that helps. Stef
  13. I prefer MySQl simply because I am used to it. But posgres people would say otherwise. Both are good databases but I think MySQL has better tools around the core database.
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    Using Photoshop to plan website UI?

    Hi, Every web designer has their own preferred method of doing things. Some use Photoshop while others who are more comfortable with code, will start with some web template, and then tweak the structure and design from there.
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    Web Design Neophyte

    Hi, Dreamweaver CS3 is very, very old and would produce outdated code. So you want to avoid it. If you don't want to learn how to code, then you could look at the latest version of Dreamweaver. That said, better to learn the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, JS and PHP: https://shop.killervideostore.com/) or just use a turnkey solution (ex: shopify) that will cost you a monthly fee.
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    Paypal Integration - Php Shopping Cart Tutorial

    Much appreciated!
  17. administrator

    Paypal Integration - Php Shopping Cart Tutorial

    Hey! Thanks for posting this! And please, keep me in the loop, if you like, in terms of what needs to be changed. Much appreciated!
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    Glad I could help and thanks for picking up the course. Stef
  19. administrator

    Paypal Integration - Php Shopping Cart Tutorial

    Hi, Sorry for this particular course is in need of an update. I plan on addressing this in the new year. That said, once you get past the Paypal and PHP SDK, you should be good to go. Stef
  20. Hi, So I've been checking out the numbers and have found that email marketing is still much more effective that social media. In fact, some people say it can be as much as 30-40x more effective! ... The problem is, you have to get those email addresses! So how do you do that? Build a content rich site. Use social media to get some attention. Have good spam filters in place so your list of emails/subscribers doesn't get polluted with the fake accounts. This is a problem btw that everyone on the Web faces. Even Facebook has admitted that a huge percentage of their users are just fake accounts. At killersites, I ignored this whole thing for years ... I let the lists go bad and now we are playing catch-up after years of neglect. The problem with not keeping your lists and user-base clean ... is that the spammers saturate things and the real people get lost. Stefan
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    You've posted.
  22. Depends where you live. But generally, as a freelancer, there are major tax advantages.
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    Designer / Developer Partnerships?

    Hi, 1. Depends on the time it takes to the portion of the work. That said, most of the time, the backend development is worth more. 2. Farming out the work is very common. 3. Depends on the scope of the project. 4.Keep it loose. Not binding relationships until you really know your partner.
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    Kids want to be Entrepreneurs!

    I was just reading an article in the Mirror, where a recent a study unearthed that kids would rather be an entrepreneur, more than any other career! ... This to me is a great thing. Entrepreneurship has replaced foolhardy careers such as: Actor Singer Pro athlete Anyone knows, that the chances of success in the above three long-shot careers is ....well, a long-shot! It seems the youngins are better informed these days! Stef