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    Questions about the Python 3 Course Downloads

    Hi, Can you breakdown your question into bullet points? It is hard to decipher what you say is missing. That said, it should be all there. Stef
  2. administrator

    PHP Login System

    Hi, I don't know what line is line 106, but look at this line: $stmt->bind_param("ss", md5($input['pass'] . $config['salt']), $_SESSION['id']); It could be he is trying to pass this into the array: md5($input['pass'] So instead, assign to a variable and pass that. So do something like: $salted = md5($input['pass']; And then: $stmt->bind_param("ss", $salted . $config['salt']), $_SESSION['id']); The md5 hash function is altering the stat of $input['pass'], so that could be causing the notice to appear. I haven't looked at what Ben did in that video, but he may have just turned off error_reporting for PHP. Hope that helps, Stef
  3. administrator

    where are the quizzes in the python course?

    Hi, My new freelance course can be found here: https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/complete-freelancer.php Contains audio, video and 5 freelance templates. My popular Python course: https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/beginners_python_3.php Stef
  4. Could say offhand. Probably many. Google is your friend here ....
  5. administrator

    Learning HTML method

    Hey! Build, write code! Stef
  6. administrator

    where are the quizzes in the python course?

    Hi, Start with video #1. Makes sense?
  7. administrator

    where are the quizzes in the python course?

    Hi, Email me with your email address used to purchase the Python course and I will send you the codes to access the quizzing. Stef
  8. administrator

    Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

    Hi, The Python course on StudioWeb has quizzing. The rest is the same. Thanks! Stef
  9. administrator

    Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

    Hi, I just wanted to announce that StudioWeb's new Python course will be available for spring 2017! Check out Powerful Python 3. Thanks! Stefan
  10. administrator

    Front end or Back end?

    The IWD package will teach you backend with PHP. But the skills are transferrable to other backend options like Node, Python Django and others. Just keep working at it. Stef
  11. administrator

    Python download question

    Hi, One by one my be easier depending on your web connection. Let me know if you have problems ... I can set up alternative download location for you. Stef
  12. administrator

    Internal links in SEO

    Deep links within your site matter.
  13. administrator

    Javascript Practise

    Please post the function code on the forum ... use the top code button ( < > ) to do it. Stef
  14. Hi, So I've been checking out the numbers and have found that email marketing is still much more effective that social media. In fact, some people say it can be as much as 30-40x more effective! ... The problem is, you have to get those email addresses! So how do you do that? Build a content rich site. Use social media to get some attention. Have good spam filters in place so your list of emails/subscribers doesn't get polluted with the fake accounts. This is a problem btw that everyone on the Web faces. Even Facebook has admitted that a huge percentage of their users are just fake accounts. At killersites, I ignored this whole thing for years ... I let the lists go bad and now we are playing catch-up after years of neglect. The problem with not keeping your lists and user-base clean ... is that the spammers saturate things and the real people get lost. Stefan
  15. administrator

    Are all objects data types or only arrays?

    All objects are datatypes. In fact, each OBJECT is it's own datatype. So when you create an object, your are creating a datatype.
  16. administrator

    Difference between IndexOf and index =

    indexOf is a function built into JavaScript that finds the position of a text in a string of text. In your example, index is just a variable.
  17. administrator

    A Trashing PHP Video

    LOL! Yea. PHP is like McDonalds ... people trash it but it is still the biggest! ... Let's be honest, Big Macs are really tasty. Stef
  18. administrator

    insert multiple checkboxes into database crud script

    Hi, People wont' debug a big chunk of code like that. So you have to narrow it down. That said, remember that HTML form widgets are just text strings to insert ... which you can do with PHP. So for each record you return, you include a new checkbox.
  19. administrator

    Offline access to the course

    That is the StudioWeb quizzing component. So you watch a video and then get quizzed, get instant feedback, ask for hints, get scored. Stef
  20. administrator

    For loop code didn't work like in chapter 7, lesson 4

    It is in the above code snippet.
  21. administrator

    Offline access to the course

    StudioWeb (htmlnirvana) is for the foundation training and it is interactive with quizzing. The projects is just the icing on the cake ... if you will. It is just takes you to the next step in certain areas. The biggest value is in the interactive training.
  22. Depends on the company you are working for. Check job listings and see what they are looking for in terms of education.
  23. administrator

    Tests and quizzes

    Email me at stefan at studioweb and include your purchase email address and I will set you up.
  24. administrator

    curly brackets! in CRUD..

    Hi, Your code doesn't look right. PHP code-blocks always start and end like so: <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?> So this is incorrect: