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  1. Hello, How can I change the sublime color scheme to be the same as to Stef's in the html and css course. Ive tried all the default ones and cant find a match. Thanks, Colin
  2. Yep. I figured an easier way. Open the CSS in sublime/code editor and modify it from there.
  3. In the CSS3 PRO course: Lesson 3 Google fonts Im trying to modify the css page but am not able to replace or erase any of it. Stef does this in the video. The only way I can manage to do it is by opening the css page in text edit. Im a nube structure-ch3.css
  4. Yo fellow coding nerds! My name is Colin. Im a videographer here in Steamboat Springs. Ive just recently gotten into coding. The best book ive read recently "Sapiens" by Harari Have been listening to Vitalic a lot lately Im a sporty nerd. Love riding my bike, Nordic skiing, skateboarding, Tennis, moving my body. Glad to be here. Grateful for Uncle Stef.
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