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  1. Hi, Recently,I'm building my personal website. I haven't finished yet, but I still want someone to take a look at this website www.yuzhao1986.com . the problem is , when using IE browser, there are always borders on the menu... this is really driving me crazy, i spend hours on this but still no luck. i wonder if anyone can help me. thanks... enjoy the rest of your day
  2. BTW, you mean the videos package right? those don't need password to watch, just the e-mail address. I know what you mean cause I used to purchase the wordpress package. But then I found killersite university. $99 bucks for all videos. I just hate myself to be so stupid to purchase the single package for $50 !!!
  3. Thanks a lot. Problem solved. I just waited for about 30 minutes to see the videos.
  4. Thanks Ben. I think problem solved. I just keep trying and half hour after the purchase I can get to the videos. Maybe the system just need some time to setup my account. But i highly recommend to have a notice for the customers like "it may take up to 30 minutes before you could watch the videos ". But still, nice videos!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here... and I have a stupid question for you guys. Did any of you purchase the 12 months access to the killersites university (the $99 one). Cause I just did. And I can't login with it....I try several times using different browsers. and also reset the password. I got new password via e-mail witch means I do purchase it successfully. But every time I tried to login with my e-mail and password. it won't let me in and just keep me in the same login page... I called for help and there was no one answered. Would you please help me out?
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