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  1. Drupal user Alerts

    Please see the recent alerts in my security forum and update:
  2. Drupal Users need to update now.

    Make this thread: "Drupal Users need to update.. again!" Another Critical Flaw Found In Drupal Core-Patch Your Sites Immediately https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-site-vulnerability.html
  3. Drupal Users need to update now.

    Here is another article on the hacker attacks now happening against Drupal. Hackers Exploiting Drupal Vulnerability to Inject Cryptocurrency Miners https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-cryptocurrency-hacking.html
  4. Quick and Dirty Definition: The Internet of Things (IoT) is everything else connected to the internet that is not a traditional computer or optional tool (like printers). This means watches, washing machines, refrigerators, robots, vacuum cleaners, security cameras, baby phones, BBQ thermostats, water sensors, light bulbs, pace makers, insulin injectors, cars etc. etc. etc. You may have devices you connect to the internet that makes your life easier without thinking security... the issue is, is the manufacturer thinking security? You know OS developers worry about hackers, you know your router and your PC and your Tablet and your Phone have security settings... but does that light bulb? Was the manufacturer of your coffee pot worried about security? The answer is usually no. Manufacturers of security cameras are not controlled, so their is almost no protection built in. Jogging soldiers and airman have been found to be giving away important data on our bases due to apps tracking them as the jog. Robotic vacuum cleaners are collecting data on the layout of your house and the data is being sold. I present you with a new example of this: Casino Gets Hacked Through Its Internet-Connected Fish Tank Thermometer https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/iot-hacking-thermometer.html
  5. Hackers Have Started Exploiting Drupal RCE Exploit Released Yesterday https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-rce-exploit-code.html If you have not updated Drupal recently, good idea to do in sooner than later.
  6. Popular Android Phone Manufacturers Caught Lying About Security Updates https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/android-security-update.html
  7. Cybersecurity News

    Facebook News Facebook Plans to Build Its Own Chips For Hardware Devices [4/19/2018] Vulnerabilities Facebook's Zuckerberg Pledges Worldwide GDPR Compliance [4/16/2018] I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes. [4/11/2018] Can Facebook's new hires take on troll farms and data privacy? [4/11/2018] Facebook's Zuckerberg Takes First Drubbing in D.C. [4/11/2018] Facebook Offering $40,000 Bounty If You Find Evidence Of Data Leaks [4/11/2018] How to Find Out Everything Facebook Knows About You [4/11/2018] Senators Raise Issue of Regulating Facebook [4/11/2018] Facebook Password Stealing Apps Found on Android Play Store [1/19/2018] Beware of Cryptocurrency Mining Virus Spreading Through Facebook Messenger [12/22/2017] Wait, Do You Really Think That’s A YouTube URL? Spoofing Links On Facebook [11/1/2017] How to Hack Someone's Facebook Account Just by Knowing their Phone Numbers New multi platform malware/adware spreading via Facebook Messenger - Securelist Scam Alert: Your Trusted Friends Can Hack Your Facebook Account
  8. Pre-Installed Malware Found On 5 Million Popular Android Phones https://thehackernews.com/2018/03/android-botnet-malware.html
  9. Cyber Security is a branch of it's own and I have been studying it for over a year now. Not only do they not need to know everything, but it would leave them no time to actually build web sites. Security is mostly the realm of ISPs, servers and hosts, but it is not something that you can ignore simply because you are "Simply the web developer". If they get hacked and it suggests it is do to something you did not do or did wrong, not good for your business. So aside from making sure some simple rules are followed, it is a good idea to know that any Hosts you may suggest to a customer is trustworthy too. This is just 4 things web developers can do, I could suggest a lot more but that is more the hosts job. I am a former web developer and these are things I did not consider back then.
  10. FYI Yahoo Users

    Federal Judge: Yahoo Breach Victims Can Sue https://www.databreachtoday.com/federal-judge-yahoo-breach-victims-sue-a-10712
  11. Windows 10 'S Mode' Coming Soon - For Security and Performance https://thehackernews.com/2018/03/windows-10-s-mode.html
  12. Also good if you want to play with Linux and get used to it before switching, but Kali has lots of apps not normal on Linux distributions and used only for security work/hacking. Run 'Kali Linux' Natively On Windows 10 - Just Like That! https://thehackernews.com/2018/03/kali-linux-hacking-windows.html
  13. Just an article that I thought some of you may find useful speeding up your wi-fi networks. 5 things that will slow your Wi-Fi network by NetworkWorls Magazine https://www.networkworld.com/article/3256026/lan-wan/5-things-that-will-slow-your-wi-fi-network.html
  14. If you do not understand why I think the repeal of Net Neutrality by the FCC is bad for us, or you simply do not understand what Net Neutrality is all about, Burger King will help you understand it while you wait on your whopper: Video from Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurgerKing/status/956166686054408192 You can see more on the subject here: The Issue of Net Neutrality
  15. Cybersecurity News

    Skype Microsoft Won't Patch a Severe Skype Vulnerability Anytime Soon [2/14/2018]