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  1. LSW

    Drupal Users need to update now.

    Drupal Releases Core CMS Updates to Patch Several Vulnerabilities https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/drupal-security-update.html
  2. LSW

    The Issue of Net Neutrality

    Mitch McConnell declares net neutrality bill "dead on arrival" in the Senate https://www.salon.com/2019/04/10/mitch-mcconnell-declares-net-neutrality-bill-dead-on-arrival-in-the-senate/
  3. LSW

    Current Threats

    Popular Video Editing Software Website Hacked to Spread Banking Trojan https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/free-video-editing-malware.html
  4. LSW

    Adobe Patches:

    Adobe Releases Security Patches for Flash, Acrobat Reader, Other Products https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/adobe-security-updates.html
  5. LSW

    Patch Tuesday Updates (Windows)

    Microsoft Releases April 2019 Security Updates — Two Flaws Under Active Attack https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/microsoft-patch-updates.html
  6. LSW

    Current Threats

    Researcher Reveals Multiple Flaws in Verizon Fios Routers — PoC Released https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/verizon-wifi-router-security.html
  7. Microsoft Releases First Preview Builds of Chromium-based Edge Browser https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/chromium-edge-browser.html
  8. If you run or build eCommerce sites, here is an article to be aware of: In-Depth Analysis of JS Sniffers Uncovers New Families of Credit Card-Skimming Code https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/js-sniffers-credit-card-hacking.html
  9. LSW

    Current Threats

    Millions of Facebook Records Found Unsecured on AWS https://www.databreachtoday.com/millions-facebook-records-found-unsecured-on-aws-a-12337
  10. LSW

    Current Threats

    WordPress iOS App Bug Leaked Secret Access Tokens to Third-Party Sites https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/wordpress-ios-security.html
  11. LSW

    Cybersecurity Articles

    AV-Test compares 19 Antivirus Tools: Windows Defender Reaches Maximum Detection Score https://blog.knowbe4.com/av-test-compares-19-antivirus-tools-windows-defender-reaches-maximum-detection-score
  12. YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Letting Toxic Videos Run Rampant https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-04-02/youtube-executives-ignored-warnings-letting-toxic-videos-run-rampant
  13. LSW

    Current Threats

    This Evil New Child Porn Phishing Attack Could Absolutely Ruin Your Life https://blog.knowbe4.com/heads-up-this-evil-new-child-porn-phishing-attack-could-absolutely-ruin-your-life
  14. LSW

    Current Threats

    Warning: ASUS Software Update Server Hacked to Distribute Malware https://thehackernews.com/2019/03/asus-computer-hacking.html