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  1. If you do not understand why I think the repeal of Net Neutrality by the FCC is bad for us, or you simply do not understand what Net Neutrality is all about, Burger King will help you understand it while you wait on your whopper: Video from Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurgerKing/status/956166686054408192 You can see more on the subject here: The Issue of Net Neutrality
  2. Cybersecurity News

    Skype Microsoft Won't Patch a Severe Skype Vulnerability Anytime Soon [2/14/2018]
  3. Microsoft Issues Security Patch Update for 14 New Critical Vulnerabilities https://thehackernews.com/2018/02/microsoft-patch-update.html
  4. Hello world!

    No, not at all. Found it funny considering yourself to old at 40 something. I think that age thing is a myth and a crutch used by older generations. Then again... what people see in social media is truly beyond me. Why would I care where you are or doing right now or what your food looks like. I am more interested in why you updating everyone that you are not home, come rob me? Maybe there is an age limit... anyone have a crutch I can borrow? Python really is easy, you would not be feeling so positive if it were Java most likely. But once you comprehend one language, you will note traits in all others. Stef is a good teacher. I learned Python back in 2000 and used to write code in my head speaking it to get my kid to sleep, worked like a charm... even I fell asleep during it! I like Python and keep nagging my boss to ditch Java for it.
  5. Hello world!

    Oui! Who are you suggesting is old here!? I will have you note young whipper-snapper that I am in my 50s and entering Cybersecurity by golly! 40s, ha! Many here may consider me an @$$, but none think of me as an old @$$... at least I don't think so. Seriously though, I don't think Stephan was Python when we met, he was a serious Java type. I think he is older than you, or at least close. Andrea will kill me if I suggest she is anything older than 29, then there was Limey, not sure where he disappeared, retired military, then got into IT. Actually I think you may fit in near the average age here. Not that many teens, I would say that back in the 90s and early 2000s our average age was 30s. So welcome to the forum and mind you don't trip over my walker young man.
  6. Super Beginner

    Good to hear. This forum was opened for beginners, not experts. Most of the regulars here like Andrea got their start building web sites by coming here. I am one of the few who actually learned this in a school, but even then I have picked up many tricks here and actually taught myself stuff while helping others. So never apologize for dumb questions, we all started out there and asked our own fair share. This is what Killersites was started for. Cheers!
  7. Your Windows Security Updates Might Stop!? https://www.stationx.net/windows-security-updates-might-stop/ The the Excel sheet he links to to see if your AV is covered or not.
  8. WordPress Update Breaks Automatic Update Feature - Apply Manual Update https://thehackernews.com/2018/02/wordpress-update.html
  9. Top web browsers 2018: Microsoft's IE and Edge shed share as Chrome gains https://www.computerworld.com/article/3199425/web-browsers/top-web-browsers-2018-microsofts-ie-and-edge-shed-share-as-chrome-gains.html
  10. Oh, OK. That taxes me out then. Good luck with it.
  11. Although I consider Pi a Trump stooge for his actions destroying Net Neutrality, nice to see he is none simply a "Yes Man." He is at least picking the right side of this fight in my opinion. Of course this does not Verizon in any way like the Net Neutrality decision. FCC Head and Wireless Lobby Oppose U.S. Bid to Build a 5G Network https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-29/u-s-is-said-to-consider-building-5g-network-amid-china-concerns
  12. Cybersecurity News

    Lenovo Vulnerabilities Hard-coded Password Lets Attackers Bypass Lenovo's Fingerprint Scanner [1/29/2018]
  13. Nearly 2000 WordPress Websites Infected with a Keylogger https://thehackernews.com/2018/01/wordpress-keylogger.html I hope none of you are using other peoples computers to make money for yourself. It is unethical and you deserve what you get in the end.
  14. You might want to pass this to any soldiers you know regardless of the country. Internet of Things (IoT) people, the Internet and your friends do not need to know where you are and what your are doing. Fitness apps, GPS geo-logging on photos you take, it all gives out info bad guys do not need to know. US soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information by jogging https://www.adn.com/nation-world/2018/01/28/us-soldiers-are-revealing-sensitive-and-dangerous-information-by-jogging/
  15. Career paths for Python on Linux?

    I think it is a good call. I really liked Python and I have been dealing a bit with Debian and Kali and like them well enough, just takes getting used to when you have always worked with Windows. Helps that the GUIs have improved since the first time I opened one.