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    A Trashing PHP Video

    What is a Big Mac? Is that like the Denali Mac we have here? 😋 <?start='useless_culture_lesson'> Seriously, our McDonalds does not carry Big Macs, just Denali Macs, as in the Mountain and state park. </end> 😂
  2. For those of us still using Windows 7 or Office 2013, you should know that End-of-Life for these products is 2020 (Jan. 2020 for Win 7). That means after that date there will no longer be updates and patches released for them. However this month is of course the end of the Fiscal Year, so to re-allocate assets, Windows will be pulling out of support roles in things like forums next month. Help is still available as long as the programs/OS are still live, you will just have to get help from other users in places like forums. Microsoft walks away from Windows 7, Office 2013 support forums https://www.computerworld.com/article/3281044/microsoft-windows/microsoft-walks-away-from-windows-7-office-2013-support-forums.html
  3. Microsoft seems to have learned it's lesson after the slap in the face changes they hit us with a few years back with the new ribbon and all. This time rather than all changes being thrown into one surprise box new office tool, they will be phasing them in through Office 3016 and Office 365. I do not see anything to complain about right off this time, and part of the change will be an "Upcoming Changes Button" so you can see what to expect next. They are doing it much smarter and the changes for the most part seem to have mostly reason and not just change for change's sake. The article discusses the changes, but the video shows them. I am including the YouTube link from the article so you can go straight to it. YouTube: Updates to the Microsoft Office user experience BusinessInsider.com: Microsoft Office is getting a redesign — check out the biggest changes in the apps
  4. LSW

    Let’s discuss Windows 10

    Above I mention Cortana as a security concern in Windows 10. This is another example: Cortana Software Could Help Anyone Unlock Your Windows 10 Computer
  5. I have mentioned this before and must do so again so that you understand what we are speaking about when discussing Security vs. Privacy. Also let me state that I often come across a bit judgmental, that is not my intention here. Win 10 is a very solid and well secured OS, but not good for those looking for privacy and anonymity. Privacy vs. Security At a quick glance you will think that they are more or less the same, and that would be the case if we were speaking of material privacy. If your Laptop is secure than your Private photos remain private. But in cyber security we are speaking of privacy as a concept, not a thing. In this case it breaks down like this: Security: This generally speaks to your machine, hardware and software. It deals with Trojans, worms, viruses, adware, malware, ransomware, as well as system vulnerabilities like un-patched or old software, old anti-virus signatures. Keeping permissions tight, keeping access blocked, etc. Privacy: In this case we are talking about you rather than your things. Privacy is about protecting your data, not giving out your SSN, not posting embarrassing photos, not letting other know what you are doing. It is about the information and actions and beliefs that make up you. The basis of all cyber security considerations is which of these two things is most important to you? It is not about choosing one or the other, they are very much entwined, but you will always have to choose between which one weights more in your worries. That decision will often form your choices. If you are a political dissident, if you have a secure PC, but you announce your name online you will be arrested and jailed and any adversary with your hardware will eventually crack it. If you protect your identity online, the government will not who to arrest and not get your machine. So, Privacy is more important, though you would protect your PC too. Windows 10 – Go for it or hold off? So, we come back to Windows and my question above: What do you care more about? If you go out and get a new PC, it will likely have Win 10. The question is then, do I simply accept IU am forced to have Win 10? Do I wait until the next generation of Windows? Or do I simply purchase or change my OS to another type, Like Linux? Here is a break down for you and why the question is so important. I will go Positive first as I am not trying to influence you as it is a personal choice, you just need to understand what is at stake. Security Win 10 is getting some praise by the traditionally anti-Microsoft security experts. 10 is proving to be a major change for Microsoft, it is solid and far more secure than any other Windows in history. Remember that Windows has always been “Dumbed Down” for the users. They want it ridiculously easy to use so you’re the user do not have to think, just point and click. This however has resulted in decisions that, although making your life easier, also made the system massively insecure. Granted, it was also conceived in a time period where nobody saw a real need for security. Here are just a couple reasons I can think of off the top of my head why Windows has finally become more secure. Security and ease of use rarely go hand in hand. Virtualization-based security: Greatest thing to hit Windows since they started using Windows. Most of you know what virtualization is. You install a Virtual Machine and then you can run any type of Operating System (OS) on that machine. So, you boot into Windows, open your VM and you can run a Linux computer on your Windows machine as an example. Win 10 uses a version of this to run much of it’s security virtually, so even if a hacker gets into your admin account, that does not give them the needed permissions to change many major settings. This is a major change for Microsoft and something the security field has been preaching for years. Virtualization is one of the keys to security keeping different parts of the system separate from each other. You can imagine it as a virtual sandbox. Defender Application Guard for Edge: This is another example of Virtualization. Cyber security is a technical field mostly and I try to keep from getting to deep in the technical stuff with you as most of you may want to be safer but now follow the technical stuff. Basically, Application Guard decides if the web site you visit can be trusted. If it is Edge shows it as usual, if not, you still see it as usual, but the web site is shown in a virtual browser and anything bad it includes is unable to infect your browser or the machine. Here is a Happy & Bubbly video on how it works for users. Device Guard: Virtualization again shows its power with this tool. It uses the “Zero Trust Model” where everything is considered untrustworthy. You then “Whitelist” apps you trust or know where they came from. Traditional security counts on having a signature of “Bad” software, so new threats are not recognized as threats. This way everything is considered a threat until proven otherwise, so new threats do not get through. All software must be signed, from Microsoft, the developer, or now you can vouch for software you trust. Using virtualization keeps any malware that reaches the system from running code that will write or change code to the Kernel of the OS programming. Device Guard will also work hand in hand with AppLocker which is in Windows since Vista and can be used to limit permissions to applications. How Windows Defender Device Guard features help protect against threats NOTE: Currently Device Guard only works on High-end editions like Enterprise, Business and maybe Education editions. It does require some hardware etc. that supports the technologies used. Many producers have signed on to support this technology, but they have not shipped such machines, so at this time the average Home edition user will not be able to take advantage of this tool. High-end computers may be able to if they run high-end editions. There are more things making Win 10 the most secure operating system form windows yet, these are just a few real worthwhile mentions. You can see more at: What's new in Windows 10. Privacy This is a completely different matter. As mentioned above, ease of use & security rarely works well together, nor does ease of use and privacy. Here I look at it from both a security point of view and generationally. I am an old guy, so I come from a different world and cannot understand all this linking of stuff. A Phone and a camera are two different things, so why combine them, which was my opinion with the iPhone 1 announcement. Along those lines, why would I go on Facebook and post a selfie of me and my dinner while telling everyone following me what I am eating and at what restaurant at this moment. Who cares? And why would I want to follow anyone anyways? But the millennials and later, it is simply the way things are and what you do. Win 10 is made in the image of Millennials, or at least what Microsoft thinks they want (rather than need). The result is, we get things like the required addition of a Microsoft controlled email to use the OS fully. More and more Microsoft in creeping into our private lives. Win 10 is riddled with Apps that identify you, they track you, they call home and let MS know where you are, what you like, and much more data about you which MS then uses to target you for advertising and among other uses, makes a profit off you. This is why you must decide what is more important, a secure OS or an OS that phones home without your knowledge and permission to tell businessmen everything about you just so you can use Skype with fewer clicks. That is the reason it all depends on you, if you want security and do not care about secret communications between your machine and MS, you just want easy access to all your social tools, then Win 10 will work for you. If your privacy is important and you don’t like this idea of MS possibly spying on you, then go with another OS or wait and see if we privacy advocates can force MS to back off and respect our privacy in the next OS. Here are some privacy examples for you: Synchronization is the default. Everything synchronizes with Microsoft to include, web sites you visit, passwords, personal data, browser history, hotspots, software settings etc. Do you trust MS with your user IDs and passwords? Do you visit sites that maybe you do not want others, especially strangers to know you visit? Each instance of Win 10 gets a unique Advertising ID to customize advertising you receive to your interests. They do not do this to be nice, advertisers pay them good money to target you with their advertising based on what you surf to or for. Cortana Data Collection, seriously, was your life so difficult before Cortana? To serve you it must learn about you. To work and meet your requests Cortana (and Siri etc.) collect data such as device location, information & location history, your contacts, voice input, search history, calendar details, content & communication history from messages and app, key strokes, debit & credit card details, movies you watch and music you listen too, as well as info about your device to name a few. When you agree to use Win 10 you are agreeing with sharing your data with Microsoft and how they will track you. Read their privacy statements and service agreements. You have some great services to gain, but it will cost your privacy, so be sure it is worth it for you. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/servicesagreement/default.aspx https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement/ So, decide if you want an Easy to use/Semi-secure/Gadget driven link to your online life or if you are more worried about Security AND Privacy. Many of you do are not much worried about your privacy and that is fine if it works for you and you can feel more secure with Windows 10 than you should feel with whatever Windows you use today. If however your privacy is important to you, stay away from Win 10 as long as possible and seriously consider Linux or even Mac.
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    Patch Tuesday Updates (Windows)

    April & May 2018 Patch Tuesdays both pushed out over 30 important security patches out. June 2018 patches include only 11 critical updates, but those 11 are just as important and should be updated immediately. https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/microsoft-june-security-patch.html
  7. For those of you who have never noticed, the second Tuesday of the month is so called "Patch Tuesday" where Microsoft pushes out it's patches and updates. I will be posting notifications here as a reminder when there are important ones released. Remember that one of the base ways to protect yourself from malware and hackers is to keep all your software and Operating System (OS) up to date.
  8. For the Tech-Types: U.S. Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer - Summit https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/summit-fastest-supercomputer.html
  9. LSW

    Current Threats

    Facebook bug changed 14 million users’ default privacy settings to public https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/facebook-privacy-setting.html According to Facebook chief privacy officer Erin Egan, the bug was live for a period of 4 days between May 18 and May 22, which was caused while the company was testing a new feature.Egan said the Facebook team fixed the bug within 4 days on May 22 and changed the default audience setting back to what it was previously set by the affected users. So, the posts you shared with your friends after May 22 would not be affected.
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    Current Threats

    The following threads will be updated info on current threats to you. For now you must scroll down to find the newest until we find a better way.
  11. LSW

    Current Threats

    Adobe Issues Patch for Actively Exploited Flash Player Zero-Day Exploit https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/flash-player-zero-day-exploit.html The stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-5002, impacts Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome, and can be exploited to achieve arbitrary code execution on targeted systems.
  12. Hi Brian, good to have you. I did delete your link as we do not allow them for new members until we can be reasonably sure they did not join just to spam us. Ensure your link is in your profile and anyone with time to have a look can go there to get it. Once you have posted more questions and subjects, we will allow active links. That said, good call adding the space, helps avoid spam bots going to your site. This is nothing personal, just a policy and we are glad to have you here. LSW
  13. Update Google Chrome Immediately to Patch a High Severity Vulnerability https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/google-chrome-csp.html
  14. LSW

    Mac Mojave OS News

    All New Privacy and Security Features Coming in macOS 10.14 Mojave Apple will let users run iOS apps on macOS
  15. LSW

    Drupal Users need to update now.

    Over 115,000 Drupal Sites Still Vulnerable to Drupalgeddon2 Exploit https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/drupalgeddon2-exploit.html
  16. Hackers Have Started Exploiting Drupal RCE Exploit Released Yesterday https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/drupal-rce-exploit-code.html If you have not updated Drupal recently, good idea to do in sooner than later.
  17. Here's How to Download All the Data Apple Collects About You https://thehackernews.com/2018/05/download-apple-account-data.html
  18. LSW


    If it is Drag n' Drop, do it yourself. I certainly would not pay someone calling themselves a web developer for that. Those sites exists to allow you to do it yourself without a professional involved. Those of us who actually went to school to learn web design and what goes into it sort of cringe at the idea. You have no idea about the code background either, is it accessible for those with disabilities? Autistic, poor vision/blind, dyslexic? Will it be secure or leave you open to legal action under the new EU GDPR regulations? Off the top, to me it sounds like a lot of money for something you can do and who is to say this person even knows what they are really doing? Do they know CSS and HTML5 enough to modify it? Fix it when it gets broken? I feel someone who does not know how to code a site by hand has no business using drag n' drop. If you can do it by hand and do it that way to speed it up and you trust the software to do almost a good a job as you would by hand... then it is forgivable. Does that price include hosting? That makes a difference as well.
  19. I am posting this as I feel it is an important issue. You may not have heard of it or simply not really know what it is about. Briefly, the Net Neutrality rules state that High-speed Internet is a utility that all Americans have equal right too. My Internet has to be the same speed as yours. If this is removed, it will mean, for example, that my ISP could charge services for speed. You may watch Netflix at high-speed because they paid for it and Hulu did not so it keeps buffering and snagging etc. Another form of this is poor people get slow speed internet (remember that from the 80's?) while rich people can afford high-speed Internet. The claim is that it will make new jobs, but how often is that the fact? The truth is the ISP and others stand to make lots of money serving the richer and the poorer will get a poorer internet experience. This is coming to a vote soon. Trump wants it gone and it is an Obama legacy. Whether it is to wipe away another Obama legacy, or to increase the wealth of his big business buddies or if Trump really believes it will make new jobs, I do not believe it to be a win for the people and most people do not seem to believe so either. The Internet is now a human right and all should have equal access to it in my opinion. I cannot support ending Net Neutrality anymore than I could support censorship like the Great Firewall of China. If you are an American, read these and do your own investigation and then if you agree, sign a petition or call/write your congressional and house representatives and let them know you do not agree. The vote is before the Holidays. Burger King explains Net Neutrality The New Net Neutrality Rules (From 2016) What Net Neutrality Rules Say I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality A Lump of Coal in the Internet’s Stocking: FCC Poised to Gut Net Neutrality Rules Most Americans Support the Net Neutrality Rules that Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill Investigate it yourself and make an informed decision as to if you think it will benefit the people. Just please do it soon.
  20. LSW

    The Issue of Net Neutrality

    Good news on the Net Neutrality Issue, the Senate has voted to repeal Pi's decision. But it is not over yet, although the Senate voted to repeal it, the House of Representatives has not yet and the timer to do so is ticking down. For those of you who really care, pop off another letter or phone call to your representative and let them know a vote must take place and what you expect that vote to be, they are supposed to represent us and not big business. As for the Senate... the vote was 52 to 47, we won the vote, but only be 5 votes which I find to be a sorry margin indeed. But hey, horse shoes and hand grenades...
  21. Twitter: We Goofed; Change Your Password Now https://www.databreachtoday.com/twitter-we-goofed-change-your-password-now-a-10972
  22. Microsoft Patches Two Zero-Day Flaws Under Active Attack https://thehackernews.com/2018/05/microsoft-patch-tuesday.html
  23. LSW

    How To Use Boxes Instead Of Tables

    Just as a general rule to consider, Tables are only to be used for housing data, basically spreadsheets etc. Back in the middle ages of the 80s and 90s there was not a graphic way of placing web elements so tables were creatively misused. They did in fact limit what designers could do. The correct way to handle this is with CSS. You can place anything anywhere you want by simply creating empty boxes and filling them with data, images, or more boxes as you like where you like and this is really the best way to do it. It can e tricky to learn, but not really hard, you simply have to get used to thinking that way and in pixels. One benefit as well is doing so in this manner, it will leaver your source code and data cleaner. Those with disabilities will find the web site easier to navigate, including those with vision issues and search engine spiders. All your "Look and feel" elements can be placed in a separate external CSS file, separating your web site information from the web site graphical look and feel (this is what makes it better for disabilities and spyders). Also, you can then swap out the CSS file and change the look and feel of the web site with little to know changes to the actual HTML file if it is well planned and designed. If this is an issue that needs correcting fast than Daniel's code should work. But in the long run you will want to learn CSS and eventually change the site to boxes instead of tables. But to not fear creating sites in phases. Phase one - get it up there, phase two - clean it up and improve it.
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    Cybersecurity News

    Please bare with me as I figure out how best to handle the articles for easy viewing. As for now, I am closing this Topic in order to create replies that deal with each possible subject and will just edit that topic with new articles as I get them. If you have an article you feel should be added, just let me know.
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    Cybersecurity News

    Twitter News Twitter is Testing End-to-End Encrypted Direct Messages [5/8/2018] Twitter - We Goofed, Change Your Password Now [5/4/2018] Twitter Sold Data to Cambridge University Psychologist [5/1/2018]