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  1. HTML actually defines what content would be included in the web page while CSS defines how that content would be presented on the web page.
  2. Use google analytics. It doesn't tell you which robot/spider visited your site but still gives good information about your site.
  3. Great advice stefan. Looks inspiring to me. Thanks.
  4. w3schools is good. I am also using it to learn HTML and CSS. Can't we use the same line break in HTML4.01 too? I am talking about br / line break.
  5. So it was because of slash and the HTML doctype that was causing the problem. OK that was new to me.
  6. Great post by Kyle. Helped me to clear a lot of misconceptions.
  7. ok thanks for reply but if you found something let me know please
  8. not working from my side now
  9. there are many online sites which can convert your file into PDF easily without any cost. So no need to pay anything just Google it got to go.
  10. check on the internet you will find an advance script with complete tutorial so you can setup the script by your self easily. I have learn a lot from these type of tutorial from the internet [Personal experience].
  11. I think XP is the agile methodology for a start-up
  12. We'll i think No you cant do that. Few years back i had the same situation and talk about my developer about this and he said no we cant connect both database if they are on different server.
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