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  1. Heck that an't old: I remember crawling out of the ocean,growing legs and learning how to breath air!
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    CAPSLOCK- Preventing Login Since 1980.
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    Before computers: Having a 3.5 in. floppy was something you kept secret :-)
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    .ninja{ color:black; visibility: hidden; }
  5. Hi Andrea I like your design very much ! I'm scratching my head a little also about that little gap, but it still looks good that way to me. I do have one concern the code at the bottom of your html linking to the style sheets should be in the <head>. Also I like your current profile photo much better that the last
  6. Hi Are you guy's still excepting free web template submissions? I have a few in the cue and it has been a while,just asking
  7. Hi all I have uploaded a couple of free html5 and css3 responsive website templates for anyone who finds them useful . as soon as they are approved you can find them in the downloads section.
  8. I must say I am very impressed . Been playing around with some of the layouts very straight forward . Ill bet Stefan has a video on this. Has anyone else gave it a shot yet?
  9. I am interested also in helping out.
  10. This link should help. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/activity/
  11. Yes replace all I did not have the width and height assigned (sorry) try again i edited the code above.
  12. Yes the code for the flash should work the way i wrote it for ya I didn't have the flash file to test. I no longer use flash but it worked for me in the past. As Andrea said you have a lot of issues to address, in my opinion you should review them and take one thing at a time. Time constraints prevent me from helping as much as i would like. p.s.I prefer j query over flash for your purpose .
  13. Might i suggest that you wrap your text in <p> tags like this (<p> text is hidden here</p>) and assign margins and padding to the content p. in your css.
  14. The reason the document could not be validated is because it contains a (byte order mark).-not visible. which can be removed using (programmers notepad) I did this for you and uploaded it to my server. here is the w3c validation page. http://validator.w3....=Inline&group=0 Here is the code on my server, you can start over with this code at least you can validate and fix problems. http://www.coollew.com/test.html Also this is how to write your flash code so it validates. <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="banner.swf" width="921" height="200"> <param name="movie" value="banner.swf" /> <param name="quality" value="high"/> </object>
  15. Also the image of the store is 2848x1876 2.40 mbs. way to large to use on a web page. the space it is contained in is about 350x350 it doesnt need to be larger than that and will load much faster. I like the look very much :-)
  16. Hi Constantine A good understanding of html and css is all you need for your purpose . But I have to say myself and others who build and give away html-css templates do so so you can do exactly what you wish to do, get a website up and running. It can be this easy: Find a template you really like change out the images insert your text and links. With a good understanding of html and css this is a very painless task.
  17. Very Cool! I love it when things work out and you are very welcome
  18. I think what you want to do is skew the images: How you skew your image to make it appear foreshortened depends on your program. If you're using Inkscape, click the "Object" menu's "Transform" command, then click the "Skew" tab. Type in numbers roughly between 5 and 15 for the "Vertical" and "Horizontal" text boxes to specify the skew angle, then click "Apply." The image you loaded will display the skewed effect. If you're using GIMP, click the tool palette icon shaped like a trapezoid to run the "Shear" tool, then drag on the image to skew it. For Photoshop, click the "Edit" menu's "Free transform" command, then right click your image. Click the "Skew" or "Perspective" commands, then drag the handles on the bounding box surrounding the image to preform the skew. For paint.net, select zoom and rotate in the layers drop down menu. I quickly did this one in paint.net
  19. I greatly exaggerated the amount that needs to be cropped a little goes a long way, and sometimes you have to prepare the image to accommodate the cropped area.using this method. And i do understand your concerns as per your example which contains text and columns and at the present time i do not have an answer.But I will look into it.Maybe one of the photoshop gurus around here could be more help.
  20. I used the line tool made it very wide (40). aligned it in this case left to right. then i selected these areas with the magic wand tool.then the eraser tool,save as png.
  21. Hi I do not own photoshop but i have done this before using paint.net a free software. the method in doing this is probably the same or at lest give you some inspiration on doing it in photoshop. In a nutshell you gather your images and make them the same size. Then the images are cropped in this fashion,making the top and bottom portions transparent. Then open a new canvas much larger than the images and open each image in a separate layer and position them as you like. Hope this helps.
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