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  1. Responsive Web Design

    Hello, I have a few sites up, is it really necessary to re design them responsive wise? Also, is there anything that could say compile your existing code to enable a responsive site? Thank you as always, Best wishes Graeme
  2. Firefox Add On

    Hello All, I used to have an amazing toolbar at the top of Firefox browser that helped when designing web sites, it showed source, Div dimensions and other information, how can I get this add on again, thank you as always, bst wishes Graeme
  3. Web Version

    My apologies, I mean 'mobile site' & 'full site' Graeme
  4. Web Version

    Hello All, I have a web site with a style sheet included for mobile devices etc, I have seen a link that says 'web version click here' how can I do that please? Thank you as always, Graeme
  5. Responsive Web Design

    Thank you, is there a convertor to calculate say pixels TO EM etc?
  6. Responsive Web Design

    Woops, *code
  7. Responsive Web Design

    Can I come back to this post please? Is there any specific vide to include in the style sheet to initially make it look good on hand held devices for an original site that I have designed?, Best wishes, Graeme
  8. Hello All, Trying to study this and I am kind of getting there! Can you just add code to your current style sheet that will allow the dedign to adapt to hand held devices? Thank you, Graeme
  9. Hello All, I'm following a tutorial on designing a responsive web site, do I need two sites, one for say the web and one for phones? Thank you as always, Graeme
  10. Hello All, Not too sure if I am in the right area here but, Can anyone explain what are storyboards & sitemaps in a web design process, I have read up a little and are they the same thing or two very separate ones whereby you would need both for a web site design. Also, is wire framing used to design the story board? Many thanks as always, Graeme
  11. Seo & Another Question!

    Thanks Steffens, it's to sell some merchandise on an entertainers web site, Graeme
  12. Hello All, How can I localise a web site for Google? Do I just put the areas I would like to be found in the Meta Tags, Title & Content or is there a better way? Also, can anyone recommend some good E-Commerce software? Many thanks as always, Graeme
  13. Safe Font

    Thank you, I used Canandra and thought it was ok till I viewed it on a phone! I'll use Georgia Georgia It is generally wide spread now I believe and it was developed to be readable from screens or print. [it posted twice so I deleted the other version]
  14. Safe Font

    Hello All, Is there a standard font that I could use that is quite quirky!? I would like to use it in the standard CSS file, Thank you as always, Graeme