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  1. Heck that an't old: I remember crawling out of the ocean,growing legs and learning how to breath air!
  2. coollew

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    CAPSLOCK- Preventing Login Since 1980.
  3. coollew

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    Before computers: Having a 3.5 in. floppy was something you kept secret :-)
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    .ninja{ color:black; visibility: hidden; }
  5. Hi Andrea I like your design very much ! I'm scratching my head a little also about that little gap, but it still looks good that way to me. I do have one concern the code at the bottom of your html linking to the style sheets should be in the <head>. Also I like your current profile photo much better that the last
  6. Hi Are you guy's still excepting free web template submissions? I have a few in the cue and it has been a while,just asking
  7. Hi all I have uploaded a couple of free html5 and css3 responsive website templates for anyone who finds them useful . as soon as they are approved you can find them in the downloads section.
  8. I must say I am very impressed . Been playing around with some of the layouts very straight forward . Ill bet Stefan has a video on this. Has anyone else gave it a shot yet?
  9. I am interested also in helping out.
  10. This link should help. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/activity/
  11. Yes replace all I did not have the width and height assigned (sorry) try again i edited the code above.
  12. Yes the code for the flash should work the way i wrote it for ya I didn't have the flash file to test. I no longer use flash but it worked for me in the past. As Andrea said you have a lot of issues to address, in my opinion you should review them and take one thing at a time. Time constraints prevent me from helping as much as i would like. p.s.I prefer j query over flash for your purpose .
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