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  1. Square image

    I'm not familiar with Xara but usually, there is a box about locking aspect ratio where you resize things. However, if you're changing the dimensions of an existing rectangle to create a square, you'll distort things. Maybe you can provide more detail about what exactly you're trying to do?
  2. Super Beginner

    Oh, and BTW, the .. take you from whatever folder you're in to the next higher level folder. so for example, if your document is under 'meet', then the '..' would take you to pitterpatter. If you had ../.. then it would take you from 'meet' directly to the root directory.
  3. Super Beginner

    You are having this problem with the index.html which is directly under pitterpatter? remove the 2 dots from the path. If that doesn’t do it, remove the / also
  4. Super Beginner

    Your folder CSS is capitalized, but in your path you use lower case css. Files are case sensitive. Best to pick lowercase and always stick with it.
  5. Need Help! Why aren't these links working!

    Are you really sure that you have uploaded the file you are linking to and it’s in the right folder? Can you post a screenshot of your online directory?
  6. Need Help! Why aren't these links working!

    Are you viewing the pages you are working on on the www or just your computer?
  7. Need Help! Why aren't these links working!

    Have you verified that there is no typo in the file name and that the review html is definitely saved to the same folder? Are you working online? If so, have you made sure tre review file has actually been uploaded?
  8. It took me a few tries to realize it's not "booster & bonfire"..... Those guys won't work, we are trying to sell an existing inventory of t-shirts.
  9. I'll check it out. We don't expect people to just find it there, the link will be posted to the website and the Facebook pages the organization has. Thanks!
  10. I need to set up an online store to sell t-shirts for a not-for-profit to assist with their fund-raising. I don't necessarily want to sell on Facebook, since not everybody has Facebook. There's Shopify, Etsy might be an option. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?
  11. I think my Wordpress site was hacked....

    Hi LSW, I made copies of the files before I deleted them. I'll be busy reading all the recommended info over the weekend.
  12. I think my Wordpress site was hacked....

    Thanks - it seems that deleting the three bad files did the trick, but I will read the articles you pointed out.
  13. I think my Wordpress site was hacked....

    Ok --- testing worked, I tried to thank Anadar for the excellent recommendation, and it somehow caused a disturbance in the force..... got
  14. I think my Wordpress site was hacked....

    Thanks, Anadar. I'll look into it. I did delete the three offending files, and things seem to work fine. That tells me that the entire files were somehow added to my server, instead of the hackers adding malicious code to an existing file. I was not able to upload the txt file (no idea why that would not work), so you guys can see what they put there, but I was able to PDF it and that uploaded. Anybody have any insights what this was supposed to do? Infected File (pdf format)