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  1. Andrea

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    ...also, even if you needed to include tja padding, you would only consider the right and left, not top and bottom. And I jut see the answer should be 40..... why is that? (It’s been a while for me, what am I overlooking?)
  2. Andrea

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    The pudding is inside the width, so you would add a right and left margin of 50px each.
  3. Andrea

    Why does my href tag not work?

    Do you have all these files in the same folder? I'm not sure why the links here in your post show up as html.html - that's one too many
  4. Andrea


    Also, is the hover the only thing not working?
  5. Andrea


    It looks right - any chance your actual page is online and you can link to it so we can see the whole thing?
  6. Andrea

    Picture resize

    Are you talking about the header photo of the house that currently has the logo and 'book it now' plastered right over? Also --- in the text right under this photo, southern is misspelled - it's missing the 'u' and should not be capitalized.
  7. Andrea

    Font Background Color in Wordpress?

    I would love to try and help you out - however, I'm still not clear what exactly you want. I gather some posts on the website you provided the link for - but which posts? Where? What? Would applying a class to whichever parts you want highlighted do it? My mindreading skills unfortunately are not nearly as well developed as my sarcasm skills :-) --- However - aside from your background question, looking at your site briefly, I noticed all kinds of grammar and punctuation issues. You might want to get someone to look things over - stuff like that leaves a very unprofessional taste in one's mouth. Here's a short list of things I noticed: Logo on top usually takes on to the home page - yours is not a link On your landing page, under 'Get in touch' it says: We are based in [geolifycontent id="18283"]. The line height under Dedicated IT Australia is larger than the rest - looks mismatched. The big 'Though our 16 yrs of experience ....' probably should be 'ThRough our... and I'd spell out years and put a comma after experience. At the bottom "Bad SEO practices is missing a 'to' between lead and Google. On my browser (Chrome on PC) in the blue 'Our Offer' box, it cuts off the end of the word 'commitment' Good luck with things - looking forward for some more details from you, so we can help better.
  8. Andrea

    Font Background Color in Wordpress?

    Your posts where?
  9. Andrea

    Font Background Color in Wordpress?

    You mean upon hover - or how/when do you want the color change?
  10. Andrea

    Square image

    If that didn't make any sense, send your original image and let me know what you're aiming for, and I'll be happy to cobble together a step by step of what I would do.
  11. Andrea

    Square image

    Ok - I had tried on iPad and phone, and it didn't work, but got it to play on my PC. See the lock to the right of where you're entering the dimensions - uncheck that. However, as I said before, if you force resizing like that, you'll end up distorting your image. How bad depends on how much. Better is to keep the lock on, find the smaller of the dimensions and resize just that - letting the other dimension proportionately resize itself. Then crop the image to the final size you want.
  12. Andrea

    Square image

    As far as I know, mp4 is an audio file. I get no audio, just see a jpg inside a graphic editor. So either you need to improve your communicarption skills or I have to improve my mind reading skills ..... I’d love to help if I can, but so far, I’m not getting what you are trying to do.
  13. Andrea

    Square image

    Im not getting anything from the link. Briefly looks like a sound file wants to play, but quickly shows me a marked out speaker. im totally unclear what you are trying to do.
  14. Andrea

    Square image

    I'm not familiar with Xara but usually, there is a box about locking aspect ratio where you resize things. However, if you're changing the dimensions of an existing rectangle to create a square, you'll distort things. Maybe you can provide more detail about what exactly you're trying to do?
  15. Andrea

    Super Beginner

    Oh, and BTW, the .. take you from whatever folder you're in to the next higher level folder. so for example, if your document is under 'meet', then the '..' would take you to pitterpatter. If you had ../.. then it would take you from 'meet' directly to the root directory.