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  1. Hey thank you very much guys....
  2. Will I be able to create the illusion that the sites are not using sub-domains? I prefer: store1.com & store2.com Not: store1.main.com & store2.main.com Will I need to use REST or other web services to do that? I basically want to create the illusion that the sites are independent of each other on the back end, but I want the users to log in with only one Username and Pass? But thank you for the reassurance.
  3. hi, I am building a web application for my dad's & uncle's 7 jewelry stores. I am adding a small social component to them, and i do not want to build seven different web app. Would it make sense to use an n-tier application to centralize some of the databases (user, images, etc). Are there any specific pitfalls i should worry about. Thank you in advance
  4. I am thinking about reducing my developers workday to 6 or seven hours and making the last 2 - 1 hr everyday time for them to learn more about the specific programming language or a new language or something else that can benefit the company. I figure they get to beef up their resume, but I don't know how they would feel about that or whatever. Would they feel like this is interrupting their workflow. Since most of you are programmers, what says you? or should it be a day thing. mondays are crappy, should it be mondays? I'd even throw in the brain foods. I just want to optimize those brains. help
  5. Does anyone have a suggestion on what is the best agile methodology for a start-up to use. Scrum XP Lean etc etc I figure its probably easiest to implement such things at the birth of a company, to get it on the right track, and increasing its chances of surviving. Any ideas or suggestions would be nice.
  6. ok, that is good to know. And i would be fine with the changes reflecting on both applications. Just knowing that the possibility exist helps a whole lot. Thank you.
  7. This totally will expose my naivete but the show must go on. Is it ever possible for two applications on seperate server to access the same database. Example: I own a store and recently purchased a competitors store. They both have essentially the same contents but they are on different servers. Let's say i want to have the two e-commerce apps share one database instead of managing two, is it an easy fix? would i be inviting security and performance issues? A high level view i suppose would be: MVC1---[Database(s) ]---MVC2 Oh and it gets better what if the conditions for store1 & store2 are php and asp respectively. I am assuming some kind of abstaction layer, but you guys are the experts. THANK YOU for looking
  8. merilan


    hi all, PEAR has been throwing me off for a while. I keep reading books over and over, but they are making references that I am not accustomed to. I am not accustomed to working with the archaic structure of windows command line. Is there a video tutorial out there. If not, is there an idiot proof tutorial. Thank you all as always
  9. hi, i am looking to purchase a merchant account subscription, but it looks like its going to be a pain. i think paypal pro looks the best but i don't know if they approve new businesses. authorize.net looks scary and i keep reading nightmare stories. is there a reliable merchant solution out there, where i can process cards online without millions of hidden fees, or am i just SOL. this feels like i am looking for a proper web host all over again. best
  10. you are exactly correct. i feel silly now. thank you
  11. hey all, I am sure you all know that wamp and other xamp configurations comes with they own sets of headaches. I am trying this new ide phpstorm, and i have no idea how to use it with a wamp environment. do I even need wamp, have anyone ever used phpstorm or something related? I cant run my php codes in the browser. a lil help please.
  12. I am creating a service company that is dependent on a web app. it was suggested to me to hire a company to create the initial web app and hire developers to maintain and upgrade it. Is it better to get a team together and create the app from scratch, or is it reasonable to start with something made to my approximate specs that is functional, and continuously update it with a smaller team. The pros as I can see them are: 1. cutting development cost 2. eliminating part of the cycle 3. experience The cons: 1. finding the correct firm to develop what i need/want 2. being charge excessively for the wrong product 3. limitation on desired software What says you guys?
  13. Does anyone know how to install SMARTY in a W A M P configuration. I included the path to the SMARTY library in PHP's ini files but that did not do much. I am still getting errors... man why do these installation processes have to be so annoying. Thank you
  14. Are there any good pear video tutorials out there, or PEAR installer video tutorials. I just bought the book, but i need to do some quick work. If anyone knows where I can find one, it will be much appreciated.
  15. Well I do agree with the statement that web design is a growing field, and I would say web design and development. There are two significant problems though with the growth. Many employers do not understand what it is that they need, and the actual cost of implementing what it is that they want. Many designers/developers are quick to take on a contract and provide a solution according to the specification of the employer. Despite matching the specs to the 't', the employer will not be satisfied. Many developers will take on these contracts knowing full well that it is not what the client needs, because its easy money, and someone else is going to do it. Many clients will ask you to create a website like priceline.com for them, not knowing that it often takes a team to create such sites. It is my personal opinion that websites (I am referring to anything web 2.0) need to be run like a sailboat, with a crew. The internet, like the ocean is constantly changing. Employers need to hire a crew to navigate the choppy waters (designers, developers, database admins). Its really pointless to put up a website (once again I am using website and webapp interchangeability) if you don't have at least a team of two to monitor and update. I know some will say one person is enough, but that is for a low low low traffic site. The other problem is the web is expanding into the realm of the mobile phone, and next the tablet pc. They do have browsers but now you have to optimize your design for these new environments. I believe that the demand is going to move more towards application development than webdesign. Because the business needs to go to where the customers are. We all know that by next year the prices of these tablets and other handheld net devices are going to drop, and wimax networks are expanding nationally (in the US) through Clearwire and the other telecoms. So the demand for webdesigners may be increasing, but as sarina28 mentioned it is better to have those skills as part of your toolset than rely on the growing demand. Because we are way beyond the golden ages of receiving a $100,000 salary for knowing HTML. It would seem that the effects of moore's law has other far reaching consequences. As processing speeds continue to double over a relatively short time, our knowledge as designers and developers needs to also grown to keep up with the changing market. Its no longer safe to just know html javascript and css as a designer, you need to pick up some templating knowledge also (smarty). Nor is it safe to just know php and msql, you better figure out how to use cake or zendframework or pear and add prototype and scriptalicius to that tool-set also. What I am saying is, things are getting very complicated very quickly. And employers don't really know what they need so i don't know if that growing demand is necessarily beneficial to us or the clients.
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