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  1. I do not found any special design software or coding program that can give a site good SEO value. SE optimization depends as follow: Getting first page on MAJOR search engine depends on website's importance and total amount of back links. But back links should be relevant with anchor text link. You need to increase your site's importance in the eye of search engine spider. By adding keywords in site's title, meta description and meta keyword you can do this. If you increase home page's keywords density it will be a plus point. Also set up some web2 dir like blog in your site to make a tie with the keywords for SE optimization. However you also need to do the following for TOP-10 ranking plus good trafic: 1. Adding url to search engine 2. Directory Submission 3. Article and press-relies Submission 4. Building link with "anchor text" in forum by giving threat and reply 5. Building link with "anchor text" in Blog by giving post and comment. 6. Social bookmarking. 7. Social networking and comment post.
  2. Promoting a site with duplicate content is not worthy. So we should try to promote our site with original and unique content but where you will get original content? You can create it of your own. If you can not do it of your own then lots of programmer, writer and designer are searching jobs in freelancing sites. You can hire one guy from there for your own content making. Google and other major search engine admin team link unique content for a sites best optimization so always try for original content and left plagiarism or copy paste.
  3. Now a days Web Design Job is the most growing field then other job fields. What is our opinion about this?
  4. Our wide range of service includes e-commerce solutions, custom web designing, website development, logo design, flash designing, SEO, search engine marketing, graphic designing and other web application services, which are required for running online businesses successfully.

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  5. I need help or your suggestion for doing this. What are the processes for adding payment system by master card or debit card in a website? I mainly want it for online hotels booking and online car rental. I have credit/debit cart to take payments. People will not redirect to from my site to paypal or other site to complete the payment. I want everything will be done from my site. Is there anybody please teach me how to add credit card payments, directly from my site, they will enter their credit card details and pay.
  6. Hi, welcome to this great forums. Continue your membership by giving relevant reply on post. To get maximum opportunity from this forum use this forum as much as you can but by obeying forum's rules and guidelines.
  7. Hi, welcome to this great forums. Continue your membership by giving relevant reply on post. To get maximum opportunity from this forum use this forum as much as you can but by obeying forum's rules and guidelines.
  8. Here is my way. I myself find easiest when it comes to skin others may have better ways is to get the the eye dropper tool, find a patch of skin that has not blemishes or anything and select the colour, then get a brush, change the opacity of it.
  9. Hello give me the URL of your travel template.
  10. Forum members and the browser can get benefit from this download opportunity. So it is a great chance for the internet user. Hurry! to get it!
  11. Hello coollew, Can you supply me any travel related template ?
  12. Search engine will indexed your new site automatically. But to perform it quickly you can submit your site to search engine manually. Here is a example link "www. google. com /addurl/" to add your site.
  13. If above tips are not working then: 1. Start the wizard "System Restore" from start menu> accessories> system tools. then click/check on "Restore my computer to an earlier time" >next> choice a date before you installed the DW.> next > next > read the warning message and if you think it is ok then go foreword. 2. Not solving the problem yet? So after all you need to re setup or re install your pc operating system. Thanks.
  14. There are a few things to remember when doing a batch image resize operation. Firstly, the same restrictions apply as when you are doing it manually. If you make an image much bigger than it was originally, you will notice a quality degradation. Generally there's no problem making images smaller, but a loss of quality when blowing up images is unavoidable, since the image does not gain any new data, it just stretches what's there! Secondly, and especially if you are using the 'Constrain Proportions' option, if you have a mix of portrait and landscape images, be careful! If you specify the width for example, and then set Photoshop resizing, the portrait images will end up larger than the landscape images. It might be an idea to separate out the two types and batch resize them in two separate groups. Lastly, when you hit that 'Ok' button, be prepared to stop using your computer while Photoshop performs the batch resize. To re-dimension the images Photoshop must open each file, and this can be quite a big operation. You can do other things while Photoshop performs a batch image resize, but I've found that if there are a lot of images, especially if they are large files, then it can cause Photoshop to freeze or crash, so it's best just to be patient where possible. Once you have selected a set of images to batch resize using one of the methods above, you need to refer to the third frame in the box, titled 'Image Size' First tick the box that reads 'Resize Images'. This will enable the frame. You now need to tell Photoshop what dimensions and resolution you would like the new images to have. These options work just like those found in the 'Image Size' dialog box available from the 'Image' menu. Generally I like to specify the width and height in pixels. If you wish to do the same, make sure "Pixels" is selected in both drop down boxes. Then you can enter your values. If the 'Constrain Proportions' check box is not ticked, you will have to specify both dimensions. This will resize all images according to those dimensions, even if this distorts the image. If 'Constrain Proportions' is ticked, then you can only specify one dimension. Using this method, you specify either a width or a height, and each image is scaled so that it matches the dimension you specified, and its other dimension is such that the image is still in proportion. Finally you need to specify a resolution. This is the only noticeable difference from the 'Image Size' dialog box. Here you can only pick from a number of preset resolution values, instead of being able to specify any resolution you like. Remember that the resolution is stated in Pixels Per Inch (ppi) not Dots Per Inch (dpi).
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