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  1. URL: http://goo.gl/whWkD I'm using this to test: http://goo.gl/EXEkV I have several issues to sort through, but right now my main concern is the "Call us" sentence under the social icons. I cannot figure out how to get it to center under the icons. Any ideas??
  2. Well, I logged in and poked around and the only thing that comes to mind is that you need a header.php file. Since you aren't finished with the videos, maybe your theme is incomplete right now. Something I notice when going to the stylesheet link ( http://thorirvidar.com/wp/wp-content/themes/120312_template/style.css ) is that you can view the source of the page and see the entire index.php file. You shouldn't be able to do that. Here's an example of how a properly working WP theme's stylesheet should look when you go straight to the file (it's mine): http://goo.gl/T6yCp
  3. Was the tutor just starting out with an index and stylesheet to later be cut up into the various WP files? I kind of think it wasn't a working theme just yet....
  4. I haven't checked out the WP videos here, so I'm not sure why you don't have a header.php file. Every theme I've ever created or worked with has always had one. (http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development) Did the videos specifically tell you not to include one? If you would like to create a temporary user for me (with admin access) and then PM me with the login, I'd be happy to log in and take a look.
  5. Since the Twenty Ten theme works, it's definitely a problem with your link. Can you post the full content of your header.php file?
  6. How odd. Can you post the entire contents of your .htaccess file so we can take a look?
  7. Thanks so much, Ben! I totally missed that 940px on the wrap. I cannot wait to get this done. It's a PSD to WP job and I can't stand the design!! Thanks again.
  8. URL: http://goo.gl/87Hc1 Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why the slideshow on the home page is not centered. I've been fiddling with it off and on all morning and can't get it to cooperate. Also, how can I keep the navigation buttons for the slideshow always visible? They appear briefly when the image shifts, but then they're hidden. TIA for any help!
  9. URL: http://goo.gl/8Dx81 Okay, I've been messing with this for way too long.... At the bottom of each blog post is a Leave a Comment link with a little leaf on the left. WHY is that leaf showing twice???
  10. That works better. Thanks, Eddie! I've been staring at this for too long. I didn't want to extend the menu items all the way over like that, but my client is insisting. They will just have to NOT change those links!! Thanks again.
  11. Okay, I just reworked the padding so that it will extend all the way, but I'm concerned that it will not work in all browsers. Can you guys check and let me know if the nav stays on one line for you? Thanks!
  12. URL: http://goo.gl/FYNQH I can't seem to figure this out. It should be easy! Is there a way to make the hover color extend all the way to the right when you hover over "Our Clients"?
  13. Yeah, this is a Genesis theme. The nav is hard coded, though. I really struggled with it last time and you all helped me. It's in there but just commented out since it was making a mess of everything. Sorry about that! Actually, the Coupon page is being removed, but I forgot to remove it from the code. --- Sorry about that, guys! I posted and ran and didn't give much info. Bad me! It's been so crazy here. Anyway, I am going to try to get this finished today. Thanks for your help!
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